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Protected Symbol
Production information
First appearance The Space Getaway (only appearance)
Last appearance
Inspiration The name "Aquagon" from one of the LEGO Hero Factory characters
Mr. Arrow from Treasure Planet
Character information
Full name Astrogon
Other names The space smuggler
Personality Greedy, violent, fear-mongering
Species Xenomorph
Allies Space smugglers (formerly)

Skales (formerly)

Enemies Frank
Gender Male symbol
Status Deceased

Astrogon was the secondary antagonist in the 2013 Life's a Fish and Then You Fry fan fiction story The Space Getaway. Astrogon was a soldier xenomorph who rebelled against his hive's queen and became the leader of a group of criminal space smugglers.

Astrogon is a typical Xenomorph alien who wears a tethered purple vest, seemingly similar to that of Scroop. Astrogon also wears thick black gloves without any fingers.


The Space Getaway

When the alien Frank tried to escape off of a spaceship that was sent to take him home from planet Earth, he accidentally landed on a large space smugglers' ship. When one of the smuggler crew's members, Skales, tried to squeeze Frank to death, Astrogon made his first appearance which forced Skales to stop.

When Astrogon and the rest of his smuggler crew travel to the planet Mars to steel food supplies, Astrogon puts Skales in charge of his air system which was connected to his spacesuit. However, Skales sees this as an opportunity to get rid of Astrogon and turns off his air system which causes Astrogon to die in space. After he finished dying, Skales cut Astrogon's air cord to be rid of any evidence and told the rest of the crew that he forgot to attach his air cord in the first place.


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