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Protected Symbol
Fort Myers Maneater
Bengal Tiger Logo
Production information
First appearance Frank Goes to Florida (only appearance)
Last appearance
Inspiration Bengal tiger from Maneater
Character information
Full name None
Other names Bengal tiger
Fort Myers Maneater
Sanibel Maneater
Personality Aggressive, vicious, hungry, cunning, smart
Species Bengal tiger
Home Naples, Florida (formerly)
Sanibel, Florida
Fort Myers
Allies Its family (formerly)
Naples Zoo zookeepers (formerly)
Enemies All individual humans
Kamalia Phellan
Officer Barns
Officer Johnson
Gender Male symbol
Status Alive

This Bengal tiger, also known as the Fort Myers Maneater and the Sanibel Maneater, is the main antagonist in the 2015 Life's a Fish and Then You Fry fan fiction story Frank Goes to Florida.


Frank Goes to Florida

The Bengal tiger was kept in captivity at the Naples Zoo as one of the few Bengal tigers held in captivity there, bucking tradition of their usual rare Malayan tigers. This tiger was abused and starved at the zoo by an amateur zookeeper, who constantly forgot to feed the tiger. One day, starving and desperate for food, the tiger kills and eats said zookeeper and escapes from captivity. A day to night curfew is set in place in Naples and Fort Myers until the tiger is killed.

The tiger later appears at a luxury trailer park in Fort Myers, where the alien named Frank and his friend Kamalia Phellan the werewolf are spending a week long vacation. When Frank and Kamalia cook dinner, the tiger smells their hamburgers cooking and silently stalks them from behind the tall pushes and thick palm trees.

The next morning, the residents of the park explain that their dogs had been barking last night, assuming that it was because of the presence of the escaped tiger. The same morning, Frank decides to take Janet out for a walk, a poodle who he is looking after while her owner Janus is away. While out for their walk, Janet starts barking at a fence, smelling that the tiger had been there the previous night.


For more images of the Bengal tiger, click here

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