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Protected Symbol
Brak and Gun
Production information
First appearance Space Ghost ("The Lure")
Last appearance Quest of Time II
Inspiration 1960's space theme stereotypes
Character information
Full name Brak
Other names
Personality Evil, ruthless, arrogant, cunning, sly
Species Cat-like alien
Allies His brother, Sisto
Enemies Space Ghost
Gender Male symbol
Status Alive

"I don't like taking orders! But I must admit, I'm really enjoying this!"
—Brak during his attack on the spaceway

Brak is a cat-like alien space pirate who was hired by Shadow to start an attack on the spaceway (a futuristic vision of a highway) as a distraction for the peace-keeping grey aliens so that Venom and Carnage could steal the Staff of Time for Shadow. Brak uses no natural weapons and heavily relies on firepower of all sizes to execute his plans. Brak will even use seemingly less harmful weapons, such as sleeping gas as seen in the Space Ghost episode "The Looters". Brak is an expert on weapons and designs some of his own, which he sells on the black market to the highest bidders. Brak often keeps the most powerful of his weapons for himself to use during his robberies.

Brak was originally a character in the 1966 Hanna-Barbera cartoon series Space Ghost. Brak was also parodied in such shows as Space Ghost Coast to Coast, The Brak Show, and Cartoon Planet.


Brak is cat-like in appearance. His primary skin/fur color is orange and black. Brak has black around his his green eyes that also covers his nose area, making for the appearance of a mask. From the front, Brak appears to have cat-like ears, though from the back these ears appear to meet into one piece. Under said piece, Brak wears a flap that gives the appearance of hair. Brak also has very large fangs on his lower jaw, making for the appearance of an underbite. Brak wears a black uniform with a blue "X" covering his torso. Brak also wears orange gloves and high blue boots.


"And remember, Sisto - failure to carry out my orders means your death!"
—Brak to Sisto, clearly demonstrating his sadistic personality

Brak is greedy and only cares about one thing: money. His experience with making weapons comes from his desire for money, as he grew up with experience in the black market and learned that he could sell his weapons for top dollar. Brak is sadistic, as proven in the first episode of Space Ghost in which he appears when he holds Jan hostage to stop Space Ghost from interfering with his robberies and threatens to kill his own brother Sisto should he fail to carry out his orders. Brak enjoys giving orders, but obviously doesn't like to take them. As such, he will only work for money and will often betray the people who hire him after he is paid.


Space Ghost

"The Lure"

In "The Lure", Brak has his brother Sisto fake a wreck near Ghost Planet, drawing Jan near him. Sisto knocks her out with a Hypo-Gun and brings her back to Brak's ship, where he plans to keep her hostage to stop Space Ghost from interfering with his plan to robe a shipment of gold passing through Cosmos-4. When Space Ghost and his sidekicks come to rescue Jan, Brak drops a cage on them and escapes with Sisto. But the two fly into a swarm of piranha mites, presumably killing them.

"The Looters"

It is revealed that Brak and Sisto evaded death in the piranha mite swarm, as the two robe another shipment of gold by using sleeping gas to knock out the pilots of the shipment. Brak later takes the gold to his secret hideout, which is a cavern full of stolen treasures. Brak crosses paths with Jan again when he and Sisto discover her trying to message Space Ghost. Brak and Sisto hold Jan hostage, but Space Ghost arrives. Brak and Sisto take refuge in "ray shelters" and begin a lengthy battle with Space Ghost, but the cave collapses, presumably trapping the two inside.

Quest of Time II

Brak was hired by Shadow to start an attack on a spaceway to serve as a distraction for the grey aliens. This leaves the Staff of Time unguarded on the alien planet, where Shadow sends Venom and Carnage to steal it. While Brak originally had no reason to be attacking the spaceway, he took advantage of his location and blew up several banks along the spaceway and stole millions, along with various credit card identities as well. After the space police proved to be no match for Brak's heavy firepower, the grey aliens arrived to stop him. Brak kept the aliens at bay with several of his weapons, including a sonic boom canon. Brak also blows up the flying saucers that the grey aliens arrived in, leaving them stranded on the spaceway.

Only armed with small ray guns, the aliens decide to wait until Brak runs out of ammunition to attack him. With the aliens unable to defeat him, Brak makes communication with Shadow regarding the status of the Staff of Time. Shadow replies that Venom and Carnage have arrived on the planet where the staff is hidden, and that he needs Brak to hold off the aliens a little while longer.

While Brak is still keeping the aliens at bay with his firepower, one of the aliens, named Mike, gets an idea to lure Brak away from his spaceship. Brak stops shooting for a few minutes and loads the money that he stole from the banks into his ship, but Mike shouts out insults about Brak, which causes him to shoot at Mike.

While Brak is chasing Mike, the remaining aliens destroy the lock to Brak's ship's storage compartment and take the stolen money, planning on returning it to the banks. The aliens also shoot Brak's ship, destroying the engine. Brak eventually shoots Mike, severely wounding him. With his ship now destroyed and having used the last of his ammunition on Mike, Brak is arrested by the space police. It is only until after Brak is arrested that the aliens realize he had no reason to be attacking the spaceway, and they return to the alien planet to find the Staff of Time gone.


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  • In "The Lure", Brak had two guards/henchmen that were (more or less) identical to Sisto.
  • Due to being voiced by Keye Luke, Brak has a vague Chinese accent in the original 1966 Space Ghost series.
  • Brak has been proven nearly impossible to defeat and kill, having survived the events in two of the Space Ghost episodes.

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