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Protected Symbol
Chakor Channing Logo
Production information
First appearance Life's a Fish and Then You Fry: The Movie (pilot)
Last appearance The Truth
Character information
Full name Chakor Channing
Other names Chakor
Personality Sadistic
Species Human (formerly)
Home Nightmare Hill
Allies Kamalia Phellan (formerly)
Ivan Vanko (formerly)
Tyler (formerly)
Skales (formerly)
Aliens (formerly)
Enemies Kamalia Phellan
Gender Male symbol
Status Deceased

Chakor Channing (full name and/or real name unknown) was portrayed as one of the main characters in early "Life's a Fish and Then You Fry" fan fiction stories written by the Wikia user Chakor Channing. He is portrayed as having a very vague history prior to his appearances in the stories.



The appearance of the character is dependent on the artwork of Chakor and the stories in which he appears.

Chakor Channing is very wolf-like since he is a werewolf. However, since Chakor is nearly always in werewolf form, some people think that he might be some other type of supernatural creature rather than a werewolf, which only changes when there is a full moon. Chakor has many aged features such as thin skin, bloodshot eyes, and also discolored skin because of his heart problems.

He has yellow eyes like a typical wolf, sharp teeth, pointed, ears, and long dark gray hair like that of the character Israel Hands from the novel Treasure Island. He has thin skin due to his age and his fingers are long and skinny with sharp black claws. He wears a black robe with purple trimming as his regular cloths and a purple robe with black trimming for pajamas.


Chakor Channing is very depressing, sadistic, revengeful, and is completely obsessed with taking revenge on Kamalia Phellan, as well as Kamalia herself. Chakor is never sympathetic and has a hatred for the feeling of romantic love. Chakor has attributed signs of the ability to be loving of family, albeit never romantic love. It is assumed that Chakor's hatred for romanticism comes from him having lost Kamalia as a friend. Whenever anyone mentions Kamalia in Chakor's presence, he is quick to anger, will yell at the person(s), and/or give them an impolite "go away" gesture. Chakor is very sadistic and enjoys other peoples' pain, misery, and discomfort. Since Chakor lost Kamalia as a friend, he has found pleasure in observing disagreement, argument, or even hatred between two or more people.

Despite Chakor's aggressive and hateful persona, he is very deceptively intelligent and a master of manipulation. Although he is fearsome in appearance, many people perceive Chakor as either weak or having a minor lack of intellection. In reality, Chakor has become highly skilled at computer programming, machinery, and using vocabulary thought to be complex or not existing in the modern society. Chakor is also bilingual and speaks English and intermediate Latin, Spanish, Russian, and German. Chakor uses this to his advantage to secretly manipulate other people with their false perceptions of his knowledge.


The idea to give the character the same name as the writer of the stories was decided because the character obviously needed a name, but many other real world names that had been taken into consideration "just didn't work" and "didn't sound right". The word "chakor" is thought to be Hindu language referring to a species of bird. Despite the many possible meanings of the names, the character actually has no connection to these meanings.


Out of 10:

Intelligence: 9.2
Strength: 7.9
Speed: 8.6
Stamina: 7.9
Courage: 7.9



Life's a Fish and Then You Fry: The Movie

Chakor Channing resided in a creepy, old, and large house on Nightmare Hill. Chakor's friend Hannah the dog offered him control of the werewolves, but in her passing Chakor has become rather greedy and cruel to others. In the first movie Frank the alien crash landed in his yard while Chakor played a sad tune on his pipe organ. When Vice President Litch knocks on his door Frank sneaked into the house while Chakor was talking to Litch. When Chakor finds Frank hiding under his pipe organ, Frank tells Chakor his story. Chakor then summons the Ghost Train to help transport Frank to Area 51.

While on broad the Ghost Train, Chakor and Frank get a unexpected surprise Litch who chase's after them in an airplane. When Chakor puts the Ghost Train in flight mode, Litch has a harder time chasing after them and fires one of the plane's missiles, crash landing the Ghost Train in Area 51. After the crash Chakor rushes to the Area 51 warehouse to get to the flying saucer inside. However, Litch attempts to shoot Chakor and a battle between the two adversaries begins. When Chakor's shadow staff runs out of energy, Litch tries to shoot him once more. Before Litch has time to shoot Chakor, the ghost of Chakor's dog Hannah appears and kills Litch by choking him to death, saving Chakor. Chakor and Hannah then begin to hold hands as Chakor's legs combine to form a ghost tail. Now a free soul, Chakor and Hannah's ghosts fly into the sky together as Frank operates the saucer and returns home.

Hearts to Ashes

In Hearts to Ashes, Chakor Channing is put to rest inside a cemetery mausoleum by his former friend Kamalia Phellan, who Chakor turned into a werewolf many years ago. However, when the alien Frank comes to visit Kamalia in her hometown, Frank reads a resurrection chant from one of Kamalia's many supernatural study books and unintentionally brings Chakor Channing's vengeful ghost back to life from the grave. Chakor Channing, now seeking revenge on Kamalia, terrorizes the entire town in search of her. Kamalia had made a clever escape during the resurrection ceremony.

Chakor gives up on finding Kamalia himself and hypnotizes a hansom young man named Tyler (Kamalia's true love interest) to bribe her into coming with him to a "special place". Chakor's plan works, Tyler kidnaps Kamalia and takes her into the near by deep forest where Chakor's wedding ritual with Kamalia takes place. Chakor knocks out Kamalia with an unconscious supernatural gas which causes her to go into a sleeping trance. However, the spell Chakor placed upon Tyler wears off. Tyler, realizing what he has done, attempts to stop Chakor from bonding with Kamalia. Chakor chases Tyler through the forest and eventually corners him, preparing to kill him by firing a sphere of supernatural energy at him. However, Kamalia awakens from her trance and destroys Chakor's ghost by using a burning sage herb.

The Terror of Flight 13

Chakor boards his yearly flight to Florida with Frank who claims that it is back luck for them to fly on an airplane with the number of thirteen. However, Chakor says that Frank is a "superstitious lughead" and tells him not to worry. However, when Frank spots a hideous gremlin on the plane's wing when he looks out the window, Frank tries to wake Chakor up, however as soon as he wakes up, the gremlin disappears and Chakor once again tells Frank that he is too superstitious. Frank then decides that he is seeing things and closes his window's curtain and takes a sleeping pill. However, Frank awakes to the sound of breathing and opens his curtain to find the gremlin opening one of the plane's motors. But when Frank tries to tell his story to Chakor, the gremlin once again disappears.

After hours of madness of the gremlin appearing and disappearing, and later Frank shooting the gremlin before it can kill one of the plane's pilots, Chakor and Frank finally arrive in Florida. However, when Chakor Channing returns on his flight back to his home, Nightmare Hill, he finally dies of serious depression of losing Kamalia Phellan while he is playing his pipe organ.

A Life's a Fish and Then You Fry Valentine's Day

Main article: Chakor Rendall

Although Chakor Channing has died many times and has always come back up until The Terror of Flight 13, he returned in A Life's a Fish and Then You Fry Valentine's Day by the name of Chakor Rendall, a reincarnation of Chakor Channing.

Chakor Rendall was created when the body of Chakor Channing was cremated in a funeral home. However, when fire was set to his body, it caused it to become skinnier and more lifeless and become a grayish color much like that of Chakor Channing's appearance in the Hearts to Ashes series. Chakor Rendall awoke when the full moon came. He crawled out of his grave and began stalking the citizens of his hometown at night and would hide in the shadows during the daytime. Chakor Rendall makes his first and only appearance in the upcoming Life's a Fish and Then You Fry film; A Life's a Fish and Then You Fry Valentine's Day. Chakor Rendall's appearance is similar to Chakor Channing's, yet also very different. The fire burns had caused his skin to become very lifeless, he obtained very dark and raw bangs under his eyes, his bones were visible, and he had few hairs on his body that were very far apart from each other.

After realizing that it is his least favorite holiday; Valentine's Day, Chakor Rendall sees it as an opportunity to finally exact revenge on his former friend Kamalia Phellan once and for all so that his soul can finally go to rest.

Chakor Rendall sneaks into a Valentine's Day dance at the local school and hides in await for Kamalia and her date. When Kamalia and her date Tyler arrive at the dance, Chakor Rendall leaps out from his hiding place behind the gym bleachers and brutally attacks Kamalia before she has time to respond and start a wolf fight. However, Tyler runs out of the school and down to the police department and talks the policemen into arriving at the school where Kamalia is found badly wounded, however not dead. The dance continues as Kamalia, Tyler, and the policemen stay on close guard.

Chakor Rendall now knows that he will not be able to escape so easily and uses his supernatural black magic powers to create purple smoke as a diversion and escape. However his plans are foiled when he exits the school and finds Kamalia and Tyler waiting for him. Chakor Rendall finally decides its time for him to go to rest and kills Kamalia quickly and not long after Tyler who tries to kill him with a silver bullet. After killing both of his enemies once and for all, Chakor returns to the cemetery and buries himself in his grave.

We Are Not Alone

Main article: Grey

In the story We Are Not Alone, Chakor Channing appears as Grey, the main antagonist. He is the ruler of the aliens and is named after the alleged species of alien called the greys.

Grey first appeared in the story when Frank and Kamalia Phellan were brought to him after arriving on the aliens' Mothership after Frank lost his cup of wine at a rocket launching station in Cape Canaveral, Florida. Kamalia chased after Frank to stop him from getting in trouble with the station's security guards, but this resulting in Frank and Kamalia being trapped in the rocket where Frank chased after his rolling wine cup. Frank and Kamalia were later pulled to the aliens' Mothership by a tracker beam and brought to Grey by the aliens' general. Grey told his fellow aliens that Kamalia was welcome as long as she did "try anything funny". Frank, however, Grey did not welcome because Frank is actually thought of as a criminal in his race. Grey ordered that Frank be locked in prison for the rest of his life. Kamalia, however, told Grey that she would not stay unless Frank could be with her until Grey and the aliens provided them with a ship to return to Earth. Grey agreed and soon went back into his secret office with his servant Skales.

Grey later felt that his true identity could be exposed if he acted like himself in front of Frank and Kamalia (since he had known them both before as Chakor Channing). Skales saw this as a weakness to Grey and threatened to expose his true identity if he did not appoint Skales the new leader of the aliens. Grey pulls out a laser gun and threatens to shoot Skales if he does not quit his attempted mutiny. Skales agrees and Grey leaves his office to find that Frank and Kamalia have short circuited the Mothership's motor in order to escape the ship.

Grey soon heads to the Mothership's engine room in a flying saucer and begins to fight with Kamalia. Little did Grey know that Kamalia was fighting him as a distraction while Frank was preparing a flying saucer for takeoff. Skales sneaked into Grey's office while he was fighting Kamalia and stole his power staff which was disguising him as an alien. Hence, revealing his true form to Kamalia. Kamalia is shocked to find that Grey is really her old enemy Chakor Channing and begins an argument with him about whether or not Kamalia had actually "betrayed" Chakor. Kamalia then retorts to Chakor that she never actually betrayed him and kicks him into the Mothership's engine, burning him to death and killing him once and for all as he screams in agony. The Mothership crash lands shortly before Frank and Kamalia escape in a flying saucer. Grey's survival is unlikely.

The Truth

Chakor Channing will return in The Truth as a young child and later a teenager, until eventually he reaches adulthood. How Chakor came to become an enemy of Kamalia Phellan and how their rivalry came to debut will be revealed in the story.


Forms of Chakor Channing
Name Description
Chakor Channing Chakor Channing's original form as a werewolf with yellow eyes, dark gray hair, gray skin and clothed with a black robe with purple indigo trimming. Chakor is most well known in this form and would often smoke a pipe.
Chakor Rendall An incarnation of Chakor Channing created as the result of cremation, bringing Chakor back to life as a zombie-like werewolf creature dubbed "Chakor Rendall" in the pilot story A Life's a Fish and Then You Fry Valentine's Day. His last name "Rendall" (an alternative spelling of "Randall" with the first "a" replaced with an "e") is never mentioned in the story. It is also rumored that Rendall is actually Chakor's original middle name.
Grey It is unknown how Chakor Channing/Chakor Rendall created this form of himself, but it is known that he used it to pose as the leader of the alien species that Frank came from. It is unknown why Chakor wanted to be the leader of the aliens or the goals he wanted to achieve using this form. Chakor most likely chose this form to gain power and control. This form was his disguise of a typical grey alien.

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