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Protected Symbol
Chakor Rendall Logo
Production information
First appearance A Life's a Fish and Then You Fry Valentine's Day (only appearance)
Last appearance
Inspiration Chakor Channing
Mohawk from Gremlins 2: The New Batch
Character information
Full name Chakor Rendall
Other names
Species Werewolf
Enemies Kamalia Phellan
Gender Male symbol
Status Deceased

"Kamalia, is this... you know who?"

—Tyler and Kamalia Phellan referring to Chakor Rendall

Chakor Rendall was created when the body of Chakor Channing was cremated in a funeral home after his death in The Terror of Flight 13.


When fire was set to Chakor Channing's body in the process of cremation, it caused the body to become slimmer, more lifeless, and the skin was turned to a grayish color. Chakor Rendall awoke when the first full moon after his cremation and he crawled out of his grave. Chakor Rendall began stalking the citizens of his hometown at night and would hide in the shadows during the daytime. Chakor Rendall's appearance is similar to Chakor Channing's, yet also very different. The fire burns had caused his skin to become very lifeless, he obtained very dark and raw bangs under his eyes, his bones were visible, and he had only a few thin hairs scattered around his body.

Chakor Rendall is believed to be Chakor Channing's soul reincarnated in the remains of his cremated body, although the possibility of Chakor Rendall being a completely different soul or spirit is not eliminated. Since Chakor Rendall went after Kamalia Phellan and knew where to find here, it is likely that he is indeed the soul of Chakor Channing.

A Life's a Fish and Then You Fry Valentine's Day

After realizing that it is his least favorite holiday; Valentine's Day, Chakor Rendall sees it as an opportunity to finally exact revenge on his former friend Kamalia Phellan once and for all so that his soul can finally go to rest. Chakor Rendall sneeks into a Valentine's Day dance at the local school and hides in await for Kamalia and her date.

When Kamalia and her date Tyler arrive at the dance, Chakor Rendall leaps out from his hidding place behind the gym bleachers and brutally attacks Kamalia before she has time to respond and start a wolf fight. However, Tyler runs out of the school and down to the police department and talks the policemen into arriving at the school where Kamalia is found badly wounded, however not dead. The dance continues as Kamalia, Tyler, and the policemen stay on close guard.

Chakor Rendall now knows that he will not be able to escape so easily and uses his supernatural black magic powers to create purple smoke as a diversion and escape. However his plans are foiled when he exits the school and finds Kamalia and Tyler waiting for him. Chakor Rendall finally decides its time for him to go to rest and kills Kamalia quickly and not long after Tyler who tries to kill him with a silver bullet. After killing both of his enemies once and for all, Chakor returns to the cemetery and buries himself in his grave.

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