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This article, Frank, contains solely original content written by Chakor Channing. Therefore, the content is a copyright of Chakor Channing and no other users are permitted to change the content or use the content on any other websites. If you have any questions, please contact me. For more information, see the guidelines.

Protected Symbol
Production information
First appearance Life's a Fish and Then You Fry: The Movie
Last appearance Mind of Evil - and ongoing
Inspiration Roger from American Dad!
Character information
Full name Unknown
Other names Wine-O
Species Alien
Home Mars
Gender Male symbol
Status Alive

Frank is the main protagonist depicted in many Life's a Fish and Then You Fry fan fiction stories written by Chakor Channing. Frank is portrayed as an extraterrestrial from Mars who was banished by his own species to Earth as a punishment for alcohol consumption, which is considered illegal by his species. In early stories, Frank was depicted as a friend of the Chakor Channing character. Following Chakor's demise, Frank has since been chaperoned by Kamalia Phellan, who Frank looks to as his "best friend".

In later stories, Frank reconciles with his species, as in Quest of Time when he and his race have to hide the Staff of Time from the evil entity Shadow and his gremlins.


Life's a Fish and Then You Fry: The Movie

Frank accidentally crashes his flying saucer in Chakor Channing's yard on Nightmare Hill and sneaks into Chakor's house while Chakor is talking to Vice President Litch and hides under Chakor's pipe organ. When Chakor comes back inside, he finds him and almost kills him, until Frank explains his crash. Chakor then summons the Ghost Train to help Frank get to Area 51 so that he can find a new flying saucer and get back to his home planet. He and Chakor then arrive at Area 51 after a long chase with Litch. While Chakor is battling Litch, Frank gets into the saucer in the Area 51 warehouse and tries to get it to work. He finally activates the saucer after Chakor's battle with Litch and heads for his home planet.

Hearts to Ashes

In Hearts to Ashes, Frank comes to visit Kamalia Phellan and then later on preforms an ancient chant that (little to his knowledge) awakened Chakor Channing as a ghost. Frank later seen back at Kamalia's home after she and Tyler defeated Chakor. Frank then leaves Kamalia's home, wishing her good luck and that she will need it.

The Terror of Flight 13

Frank boards an airplane on a flight to Florida with the flight number of thirteen and tries to convince Chakor Channing that it is bad luck to board a plane with number thirteen. Chakor then tells him that he is a superstitious "lug head" and tells him that everything is going to be okay. Several hours after taking off, Frank spots a hideous Gremlin on the plane's wing through his window. He tries to tell Chakor. But, Chakor is asleep. Frank then calls the flight attendant. However the Gremlin disappears. Frank then thinks that he is seeing things and tries to go to sleep. However, he opens his window to find the Gremlin pulling out one of the plane's metal boards. He finally decides to shoot the Gremlin. Frank opens his window and tries to shoot the creature. However, he loses sight of the Gremlin just as the plane lands Florida. Frank then settles down on a beach and starts to enjoy a martini.

The Milky Way Triangle

Frank returns the Staff of Time to the planet "Zachron" and now returns to the the planet Mars. However, Frank and the other aliens end up with their ship caught in an asteroid field. Scroop then appears on the aliens' ship and warns Frank that he and the other aliens have entered the Milky Way Triangle. Scroop then disappears while evilly laughing.

Frank and the other aliens try to get out of the asteroid field. However, this causes the aliens' ship to crash on a distant planet in the heart of the Milky Way Triangle. The aliens are then captured by cannibal aliens which try to eat Frank and the other aliens for dinner. Frank then a attempts to escape the cannibals by making of beam of light with his ray gun that the cannibal aliens had yet to take. The cannibal aliens are attracted by the beam of light which allows Frank and the others to escape.

Frank and the other aliens find another alien ship and a temp to work it. After awhile of trying to work the ship, Frank finally takes a piece of metal out of the motor and the aliens take off. They soon escape the Milky Way Triangle and start to land on Mars. Shortly before landing, Frank is confronted by Scroop again and Scroop tells Frank that he is lucky to have survived his voyage through the triangle. Scroop then once again disappears while laughing. Frank then says "Well... that was weird."

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