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Frank's Adventure of Ninjago

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Frank's Adventure of Ninjago
Frank's Adventure of Ninjago
Chronological information
Previous story We Are Not Alone
Next story Battle for the Scarab Jewel


Vital statistics
Story written by Chakor Channing
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Frank's Adventure of Ninjago is one of the final Life's a Fish and Then You Fry stories preceded by We Are Not Alone. The story is told in two parts.


Part I

Frank and Kamalia Phellan escape from the alien Mothership after defeating Grey and crash land in the Northern lands of Ninjago. Frank and Kamalia escape from the vehicle shortly before two Serpentine, Mezmo and Bytar find the escape pod and report the crashed object to their leader Skales, who also escaped from the Mothership and used Grey's stolen power staff to revert him back to his normal power.

Frank and Kamalia travel by foot to the Mega Monster Amusement Park where Kamalia asks a local cotton candy vender for directions back to the United States. Kamalia loses Frank after he starts fooling around on some of the rides. Kamalia chases Frank up a Ferris wheel in which they both crash to the ground where they see a video of Skales threatening to bomb Ninjago. Frank demands that he and Kamalia try to stop Skales before returning home of which Kamalia agrees.

Mezmo and Bytar return to Skales, who ordered them to return to the escape pod to steal it's alien technology, where Skales re-engineers his bombs into super powerful alien weapons by using technology stolen from the escape pod. Kamalia and Frank see another video of Skales who threatens to bomb the beach of Ninjago on the first day of summer and the two head of the beach (since the first day of summer was in fact that day). Frank and Kamalia arrive on the beach to warn the citizens, but are captured by Skales and the Serpentine on a Rattlecopter and taken to an oil platform.

Part II

After defeating Skales, Kamalia and Frank run out of fuel in the Rattlecopter and crash land in the Sea of Sand where they find the Anacondrai Serpentine tomb along with Pythor who locks both of them inside while searching for the other Serpentine. However, Kamalia uses her strength to break free from the tomb and both her and Frank are captured by members of The Ten Rings and taken to The Mandarin where Frank tells of his meeting Skales and Pythor. The Mandarin, fearing that Pythor may become a better terrorist than him if he is to get his hands the alien technology-powered bombs that Skales never activated on the oil platform, threatens to kill Kamalia if Frank does not help him find Pythor and the Serpentine. Frank agrees and heads out in a helicopter to find the Serpentine.


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