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Frank in France
Chronological information
Previous story Battle for the Scarab Jewel
Next story Mind of Evil


Vital statistics
Story written by Chakor Channing
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Frank in France is a 2013 Life's a Fish and Then You Fry short fan fiction story featuring Frank the alien and his friend Randall in the country of France. The story revolves around Frank and Randall playing games of roulette in Monte Carlo.


Frank the alien meets with Randall Boggs in Monte Carlo where they begin betting money by playing games of roulette. Frank eventually runs out of money and bets his yacht, of which he loses miserably. Randall demands the keys to the yacht and Frank takes him to meet the yacht's crew, who are appalled by Randall's appearance. Randall agrees to allow Frank to continue living on the yacht if he is his personal assistant. The two head to another casino in Monte Carlo where Randall plays a game of roulette with another yacht captain and bets his yacht. Believing that Randall might give him back his yacht in return, Frank helps Randall win the game by using his extraterrestrial powers to make the odds in his favor, unknown to Randall. Randall wins the game, as well as ownership of the other captain's yacht. The two soon begin winning more roulette games in Monte Carlo.

Frank later challenges Randall in the Great Monte Carlo Yacht Race, now having two yachts to race each other. This time, Frank uses his powers to make Randall loose, unknown to Randall again. However, Randall cheats and uses a short cut to win the race.


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