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Protected Symbol
Production information
First appearance Transformers: Age of Extinction
Last appearance Mind of Evil
Inspiration Galvatron from the original Transformers series
Optimus Prime
Character information
Full name Galvatron
Other names
Personality Merciless
Species Transformer (man-made)
Home KSI (formerly)
Beijing (formerly)
Pericles' lair in Miami (formerly)
Allies Joshua Joyce (formerly)
KSI Transformer drones (formerly)
Stinger (formerly)
Two Head
Raptor (in secrecy)
Eduardo Perez (in secrecy)
Enemies Optimus Prime
Gender Male (masculine programming)
Status Alive

Galvatron is the true main antagonist in the 2014 film Transformers: Age of Extinction and a minor antagonist in the 2014 Life's a Fish and Then You Fry story Mind of Evil, serving as one of Raptor's many 2014 Freightliner Argosy models in secrecy in order to obtain the blueprints used to create the laser satellites designed by Professor Pericles. Galvatron is neither against nor affiliated with Raptor and seeks to obtain the satellite blueprints to create a new weapon for himself.

Galvatron is a man-made Transformer created by Kinetic Solutions Incorporated (KSI) and its founder Joshua Joyce using a programmable matter used to created Transformers, dubbed and trademarked "Transformium" by KSI, and the data extracted from Megatron's severed head in the Battle of Chicago, hence Galvatron is the recreated form of Megatron. Galvatron also possesses the ability to split apart into a cloud of Transformium and reassemble himself in an alternative mode.


Galvatron was originally modeled after Optimus Prime, therefore his hands, shoulder armor, blue plates of armor, alternative Freightliner truck mode, and other elements resemble that of Optimus. Because Galvatron was created using data extracted from Megatron's severed head, many of his other features and construction strongly resemble Megatron, as Megatron's consciousness possessed the body of Galvatron. These elements include his head, menacing face, torso, silver armor plates, and vaguely his legs. Galvatron has a large circular element emitting a yellowish-orange glow in the center of his chest and back, of which a reason for this element existing has yet to be explained. Connected to Galvatron's circular chest piece are many blue wires, which also cover several small parts of his body and joints.

Galvatron's head is the attribute of his body most resembling Megatron, although unlike Megatron, Galvatron has larger eyes that glow a red/orange color to match his chest piece. Unlike Megatron, Galvatron appears to attribute quadrilateral teeth rather than fangs. In addition, Galvatron has horns extending from his head which add to his menacing appearance. Galvatron bares shoulder armor strongly resembling the armor used in Optimus Prime's older alternative truck mode, most likely due to early Galvatron prototypes being modeled after Optimus until Megatron's consciousness gained control. Galvatron's limbs consist of large armor plating in the colors metallic silver, dark blue, and several small parts of a bronze/gold color. Galvatron's fingers are also a square/quadrilateral shape, as opposed to Megatron's claws. Galvatron's alternative 2014 Freightliner Argosy mode is black and gray with blue LED lights, seemingly to match his color scheme.


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After Optimus Prime severed the head of Megatron in the Battle of Chicago, the head and other Transformer parts were scavenged and recovered by KSI to create man-made Transformer prototypes, with many of the prototypes being modeled after already existing and deceased individual Transformers. Learning of KSI and Cemetery Wind's alliance with Lockdown in order to obtain a cyber-forming device known only as the "Seed", Megatron secretly manipulated KSI technicians and founder Joshua Joyce to create a new body for him to possess, as well as other prototype Transformers to rebuild the Decepticon army for him to command. Galvatron would eventually rebel against KSI and use his army of prototypes to take the Seed for himself and simultaneously wipe out millions of humans.

Galvatron was reverse-engineered by using data extracted from the severed head of Megatron. Unknown to KSI technicians, Megatron was still alive as a non-functioning and immobile head. As data was extracted from Megatron's head to create Galvatron, Megatron's spark ghost possessed the prototype bodies of Galvatron and hence gave the bodies many twisted elements of Megatron. However, Galvatron was originally modeled as a replacement for Optimus Prime by Joshua Joyce, and since the early prototypes bared resemblance to Megatron instead of Optimus, Joyce had the four earlier prototypes dumped. The fifth prototype of Galvatron continued to adopted many elements of Megatron.

Transformers: Age of Extinction

Galvatron first appears when Joshua Joyce is giving Darcy Tyril a tour of KSI and explaining their work with Transformium. The nearly finished Galvatron body appears as Joyce again raves about the robot adopting the elements of Megatron. Tyril also gets to see the severed head of Megatron in person.

After Optimus Prime and the Autobots left KSI after their attempted raid, Cemetery Wind operative Harold Attinger ordered Joyce to deploy Galvatron and the KSI prototype Transformer Stinger to destroy them. Once activated, Galvatron pretended to obey the commands of KSI, while having showed signs of free will in the process. Once his robot mode was activated, Galvatron slashed through two civilian cars, much to the surprise of Joyce and other KSI technicians. Galvatron then activated his canon and fired missiles at the coming Autobots, buying time for Stinger to go after them. Galvatron transformed back into his Freightliner mode and fired missiles at the Autobots, this time without the command of KSI. Off-screen, Galvatron transformed into his robot mode and went after Optimus. Bumblebee fired missiles at Galvatron who, now in his robot mode again, split apart into a cloud of Transformium while having dodged the missiles and reassembled into his Freightliner mode. This left Bumblebee surprised.

Galvatron went after Optimus and fired more missiles at the Autobot leader, hitting a civilian car in the process. Galvatron transformed into his robot mode and began to fight Optimus, with Optimus having the upper hand of the fight at first. Optimus impaled Galvatron through the glowing circle in his chest and declared that Galvatron had no soul. Galvatron retorted that having no soul left him with no fear in exchange and pinned Optimus to the ground. Optimus turned the tables and pinned Galvatron to the ground, who continued struggling with him. As Galvatron seemed defeated, Optimus was hit with a blast from the newly arrived Lockdown's canon. As Lockdown approached Optimus, Galvatron transformed into his Freightliner mode and escaped back to KSI headquarters. Galvatron's signs of autonomy beyond the control of KSI were later regarded by Joyce as critical flaws.

Galvatron and the other KSI prototype Transformers were later transported to Beijing. Soon afterwards, Galvatron reactivated himself and hacked into the other prototype Transformers. Once he had them forced to do his bidding, Galvatron ordered the KSI prototypes to find the Seed (which was given to Cemetery Wind by Lockdown earlier) so that he could execute his plan to simultaneously wipe out millions of humans and announce his return. When Optimus and the other Autobots arrived on the scene with the Dinobots (who were earlier freed from Lockdown's ship), Galvatron coward behind several buildings and ordered his KSI drones to continue the fight. Galvatron was saved by the arrival of Lockdown (who earlier noticed that Optimus had escaped his ship with the Dinobots), which drew the attention of Optimus. Having had his army of drones slayed by the Autobots and the Dinobots, Galvatron declared his rebirth and swore that he would meet Optimus Prime again as he escaped for parts unknown.

Mind of Evil

Galvatron appears at the beginning of Mind of Evil disguised as a 2014 black and grey Freightliner Argosy driven by Eduardo Perez, although shows no sign of his presence and poses as an ordinary man-made truck.

When Professor Pericles launches his satellites into outer space, Galvatron (unknown to Pericles) hacks into a system of computers connected to the Raptor mainframe and copies blueprints used to design Pericles' laser satellites. Galvatron would later use the satellite blueprints to create a new weapon for himself. Coincidentally, when Galvatron hacks into the mainframe, this causes an error in communication with the launch command computers and the satellites. This causes the satellites to immediately travel off course and crash land straight into the Raptor headquarters. Galvatron escapes before the destruction of the headquarters, unknown to anyone else who survives the explosions.

Galvatron later appears driving down a derelict road in his Freightliner mode and splits apart into a cloud of Transformium. Galvatron then reforms into his robot mode and declares "I am Galvatron" as the story closes.


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  • In Transformers: Age of Extinction, Galvatron is voiced by Frank Welker. Frank Welker also voiced Megatron in the original 1980's television series The Transformers.

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