This article is for the individual character. For the species, see Gremlins.
Protected Symbol
TOF13 Gremlin
Production information
First appearance The Terror of Flight 13 (only appearance)
Last appearance
Character information
Full name None
Other names Gremlin
Species Gremlin
Gender Male symbol
Status Unknown

The gremlin is a character who made an appearance in the Life's a Fish and Then You Fry film The Terror of Flight 13. This gremlin, as well as the story in which it is involved, is a parody of the famed Twilight Zone episode Nightmare at 20,000 Feet.


The gremlin is a grotesque creature. It has a mostly skull-shaped head with eyes that have snake-like pupils. The gremlin has goblin-like pointed ears that rise over its scalp. It has a mouth full of extremely sharp teeth and a tail that is longer than the rest of it's body. It has double-jointed legs and arms with sharp black claws. Most of the gremlin's bones can be seen through its thin skin. It has mostly greenish-brown colored skin.

Its skin is extremely thin, and the creature's blood veins can be seen through directly through said skin. Since its veins appear to be black, the creature may have black blood.


The Terror of Flight 13

The gremlin is seen sneaking onto an airplane at an airport at 4:08 AM, easily managing to avoid attracting the attention of the airline workers.

Frank and Chakor Channing arrive at the airport and board flight number 13 to Florida, and after the plane takes off at 9:00 PM, Frank catches a glimpse of the gremlin on the wing. Believing that he is only seeing an illusion caused by the approaching thunderstorm, Frank pulls his window curtain down, closes his eyes, and tells himself that it's all in his head, while the gremlin meanders the wing.

However Frank's curiosity gets the best of him, and he opens the curtain to find the gremlin pulling out one of the metal boards on the plane's wing, seemingly to tamper with the engine. Out of fear of crashing, Frank decides to shoot the gremlin with his non-metal handgun that he sneaked past the airport security system. Frank opens his window and shoots the gremlin, only to find that the gremlin has vanished. Whether or not the gremlin was killed by Frank or if it vanished before Frank opened fire is unknown.

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