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This article is for the species gremlins. For the character, see Gremlin (individual).
Gremlins Logo
Production information
First appearance Gremlins
Last appearance Quest of Time
Inspiration Gremlins myths from World War II
Character information
Full name None
Other names "Little monsters"
Personality Violent
Species Gremlin
Home Kingston Falls (formerly)
Clamp Center (formerly)
Great Chamber of Time (formerly)
Allies Stripe (formerly)
Mohawk (formerly)
Brain Gremlin (formerly)
Brown gremlin (formerly)
Enemies Billy Peltzer
Kate Peltzer
Murray Futterman
Gender Varies
Status Deceased

The gremlins are the primary antagonists of the 1984 horror comedy feature Gremlins and its 1990 sequel Gremlins 2: The New Batch. The gremlins are antagonists in the 2013 Life's a Fish and Then You Fry fan fiction story Quest of Time.


Gremlins are generally dark green in color with yellow underbellies. Gremlin eyes are usually blood red with black pupils. The gremlins have spike-like pricks above their eyes and across the sides of their cheek muscles. There are also larger spikes on their shoulders, making them resemble armor. Gremlins also have three larger spikes growing from their chins. Gremlins have large and pointed goblin-like ears. Gremlins attribute long arms with shorter feet, thus making them walk similar to a gorilla. However, most gremlins usually walk on two feet. Gremlins have pointed black claws and three fingers and toes.


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Named gremlins

  • Gremlins
    • Stripe - the leader of the first batch of gremlins.
    • Haskins - a gremlin who was once a Mogwai who met his end by being blown-up in a microwave. Haskins had no name in the film, and his name was made by fans and used on a NECA figure of the character.
    • Earl - a Mogwai who was given a blood test by the character Dr. Roy Hanson and later ate after midnight and turned into a gremlin. He later gave Hanson a needle as revenge for the first time.
    • Clorr - a member of the first batch of gremlins who was exposed to sunlight. Clorr only appeared in the original Gremlins novelization, and not the final film.
  • Gremlins 2: The New Batch
    • Mohawk - the reincarnation of Stripe who drank a beaker of spider serum and became the spider-gremlin.
    • Brain Gremlin - the leader of the second batch of gremlins who drank brain serum and became very intelligent.
    • George - a very ugly looking gremlin who is always seen with Lenny.
    • Lenny - a goofy gremlin who is always seen with George.
    • Daffy - a crazy and goofy-acting gremlin who's eyes are always spinning around.
    • Greta - a female gremlin.



These gremlins are the result of a furry furby-like species know as the Mogwai being fed after midnight, which is one of the three rules on keeping these creatures. The other rules are: don't get them wet or else they will multiply and don't expose them to bright light, especially sunlight because it will kill them.

The first of these creatures appeared in the original 1984 film Gremlins when the character Billy Peltzer accidentally dropped a glass of water onto his Mogwai Gizmo which caused him to spawn five new Mogwai, including the film's main antagonist, Stripe. Stripe, along with the other Mogwai, hatched a plan to trick Billy into feeding him and the other Mogwai after midnight by unplugging his alarm clock, of which Billy was convinced and fed them chicken. This resulted in the Mogwai forming cocoons and later hatching as gremlins. All of the gremlins, except for Stripe, were killed by Billy's mother; Lynne when they attacked her kitchen.

Stripe escaped and leaped into a swimming pool at the local YMCA which caused a whole new horde of gremlins to spawn which wreaked havoc on the town of Kingston Falls under Stripe's leadership. All of the horde that Stripe spawned were killed in an explosion that Billy and his girlfriend Kate set of at the local theater while the gremlins were watching Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Stripe escaped into a nearby Montgomery Ward store where he and Billy fought until Stripe was killed by Gizmo.

Gremlins 2: The New Batch

A new batch of gremlins are born in Clamp Center when Gizmo, while meandering in an office where Billy left him, get wet from a leaking drinking water fossett. Of this new batch of Mogwai consisted of Mohawk, George, Lenny, and a googly-eyed hyperactive Mogwai named Daffy. After locked Gizmo in an air vent at Mohawk's orders, he and the other Mogwai minus Daffy went to an yogurt stand in the Clamp Center food court and ate after midnight.

The next morning, the Mogwai emerged from their cocoons as gremlins. While Mohawk later found Gizmo and spent most of his time torturing him, the other gremlins attacked a cooking show being recording in Clamp Center. George and Lenny put cooking pans in a microwave, which caused an explosion that activated the emergency water sprinklers. The three gremlins got wet from the sprinklers and spawned hundreds of new gremlins who soon wreaked havoc on Clamp Center, waiting for the sun to set so that they could invade New York City.

One of the gremlins drank a brain hormone from the Splice O' Life laboratory and became increasingly intelligent, able to speak in complete English sentences. This gremlin was dubbed the "Brain Gremlin", who became the new leader of the new batch of gremlins in place of Mohawk, who was still torturing Gizmo.

After Mohawk was done being amused by torturing Gizmo, he found Billy and attempted to shoot him with an Uzi machine gun, though he somehow managed to miss. Mohawk then took a beaker of spider serum from Splice O' Life and drank the serum, causing his legs to mutate into a large spider body complete with eight legs. Mohawk later caught Kate Peltzer and Marla Bloodstone in a web that he spun, then Gizmo emerged from an air vent and shot an arrow lit on fire at Mohawk, burning him to death.

The remaining gremlins prepared to leave Clamp Center, with the Brain Gremlin singing New York, New York in celebration. Billy, Kate, Marla, Gizmo, and Murray Futterman arrived and Futterman sprayed all of the gremlins with a water hose, causing them to spawn more gremlins, all a part of Billy's plan to destroy the gremlins. When Futterman stops running the hose, Billy releases an electrified gremlin (who he had earlier captured in a telephone system when the creature invaded Mr. Clamp's office). When the electric gremlin is released, the other gremlins begin to die and melt into pools of green liquid. All of the gremlins are eventually destroyed, except for a female gremlin named Greta, who marries Forster.

Quest of Time

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For more images of the Gremlins, click here

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