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Protected Symbol
Production information
First appearance We Are Not Alone (only appearance)
Last appearance
Inspiration Grey aliens
King Candy from Disney's Wreck-It Ralph
Character information
Full name Chakor Channing (real name)
Other names Grey
Personality Greedy, cruel, selfish, revengeful, power hungry, arrogant, full of himself, pretends to be flamboyant and enthusiastic
Species Werewolf (originally)
Grey alien
Home Nightmare Hill (formerly)
Allies Skales (formerly)
All aliens
Enemies Frank
Kamalia Phellan
Gender Male symbol
Status Deceased

Grey was the main antagonist in the 2013 Life's a Fish and Then You Fry fan fiction story We Are Not Alone. He is the ruler of the aliens and is named after the alleged species of alien called the greys. Grey was the physical disguise and alias of Chakor Channing.


Grey has a slender body with slightly muscular arms and legs. Grey wears a black jumpsuit-like uniform, unlike the rest of his kind who are always seen without any clothing whatsoever. Grey has a large head with absolutely no hair, like the rest of his body, with two large completely black eyes with no visible irises or pupils. Grey has two serpent-like nostrils rather than a human nose and has a small mouth which he almost always wears a confident grin. Grey sometimes wears a golden crown with two horn-like ornaments and an aqua blue jewel embedded in the center of the crown.

Grey has two large hands and feet of which he wears no shoes or foot covers. Yet, he wears a jumpsuit-like uniform which is a symbol of his rank. Grey has no visible fingernails or toenails on his hands or feet. His skin is more of a dark sand color rather than grey, as his name implies.


Grey uses a seemingly flamboyant and positive persona to disguise his true nature. Grey frequently pretends to be enthusiastic about the future of the aliens to build up their faith in him. Grey attempts to avoid acting like a monarch, though he clearly is one in the eyes of many of the aliens.

Grey, like his true identity, is a master manipulator able to use the needs of the aliens as a means of forwarding his own selfish goals. As an example, Grey taught many of the aliens how to live together and share their resources, and as such the aliens do see him as a true leader. When Grey feels as though he is losing the loyalty of the aliens, he will use his history of teaching them to live together as a means of convincing them to maintain their loyalty to him. Therefore, Grey makes the other aliens feel as though they need him, and without him their world would fall into chaos.

Grey often shows a dark side when meeting with his henchmen Skales, as Skales is the only one on the Mothership with any knowledge of Grey's true identity. Grey is both confident and fearful when working with Skales, knowing that Skales could potentially pose a threat to exposing his true identity and also that Skales has proven himself a loyal partner in conflict between the aliens.


We Are Not Alone

Grey first appeared in the story when Frank and Kamalia Phellan were brought to him after arriving on the aliens' Mothership after Frank lost his cup of wine at a rocket launching station in Cape Canaveral, Florida. Kamalia chased after Frank to stop him from getting in trouble with the station's security guards, but this resulting in Frank and Kamalia being trapped in the rocket where Frank chased after his rolling wine cup. Frank and Kamalia were later pulled to the aliens' Mothership by a tracker beam and brought to Grey by the aliens' general. Grey told his fellow aliens that Kamalia was welcome as long as she did "try anything funny". Frank, however, Grey did not welcome because Frank is actually thought of as a criminal in his race. Grey ordered that Frank be locked in prison for the rest of his life. Kamalia, however, told Grey that she would not stay unless Frank could be with her until Grey and the aliens provided them with a ship to return to Earth. Grey agreed and soon went back into his secret office with his servant Skales.

Grey later felt that his true identity could be exposed if he acted like himself in front of Frank and Kamalia (since he had known them both before as Chakor Channing). Skales saw this as a weakness to Grey and threatened to expose his true identity if he did not appoint Skales the new leader of the aliens. Grey pulls out a laser gun and threatens to shoot Skales if he does not quit his attempted mutiny. Skales agrees and Grey leaves his office to find that Frank and Kamalia have short circuited the Mothership's motor in order to escape the ship.

Grey soon heads to the Mothership's engine room in a flying saucer and begins to fight with Kamalia. Little did Grey know that Kamalia was fighting him as a distraction while Frank was preparing a flying saucer for takeoff. Skales sneaked into Grey's office while he was fighting Kamalia and stole his power staff which was disguising him as an alien. Hence, revealing his true form to Kamalia. Kamalia is shocked to find that Grey is really her old enemy Chakor Channing and begins an argument with him about whether or not Kamalia had actually "betrayed" Chakor. Kamalia then retorts to Chakor that she never actually betrayed him and kicks him into the Mothership's engine, burning him to death and killing him once and for all as he screams in agony. The Mothership crash lands shortly before Frank and Kamalia escape in a flying saucer. Grey's survival is unlikely.


  • Grey was inspired by King Candy from the 2012 Disney film Wreck-It Ralph.
  • The crown that is sometimes worn by Grey, as mentioned in the appearance section above, is seemingly inspired by the helmet worn by Marvel character Loki Laufeyson. Their similarities are mainly the golden horns that appear on both crowns.
  • While it is clear that Chakor Channing used the staff to physically disguise himself as Grey, it is never explained as to how he obtained the staff nor how it can change one's physical appearance.
  • Grey could have once been the legitimate leader of the aliens and had his identity stolen by Chakor, although it is never confirmed in the story.

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