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Hearts to Ashes
Hearts to Ashes
Chronological information
Previous story Life's a Fish and Then You Fry: The Movie (pilot/not existing in the same universe)
Next story The Terror of Flight 13
Vital statistics
Story written by Chakor Channing
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Hearts to Ashes is a Life's a Fish and Then You Fry fan fiction story of late November 2012. Hearts to Ashes is also the first of the fan fiction stories to feature Kamalia Phellan.


Chakor Channing is put to rest in a building in a local cemetery by his love and former friend Kamalia Phellan whom Chakor turned into a werewolf years ago. However, when the alien Frank and his friends come to visit Kamalia in her hometown, Frank preforms a resurrection ceremony and unintentionally brings Chakor Channing's revengeful ghost back to life from the grave. Chakor Channing, now seeking revenge on Kamalia, terrorizes the entire town in search of Kamalia whom had made a clever escape during the resurrection ceremony.

Chakor gives up on finding Kamalia and hypnotizes a hansom young man named Tyler (Kamalia's true love interest) to bribe her into coming with him to a "special place", as Chakor told him. Chakor's plan works, Tyler kidnaps Kamalia and takes her into a nearby deep forest where Chakor's wedding ritual with Kamalia takes place. Chakor knocks-out Kamalia and causes her to go into a sleeping trance with his magical steam that he creates using his fingers.

However, Tyler snaps out of Chakor's spell. Realizing what he has done, Tyler attempts to stop Chakor from bonding with Kamalia. Tyler distracts Chakor by making insulted comments to him, enraging Chakor and leading him to chase Tyler through the forest. Tyler is eventually cornered by Chakor after he finds himself in a dead end of the trail in the forest. Chakor prepares to kill Tyler by using a firing sphere of dark energy, however Kamalia awakes from her sleeping trance and destroys Chakor's ghost by throwing a burning sage herb at his apparition (which had been given to her by Frank earlier after the resurrection ceremony).



  • Hearts to Ashes was originally intended to take place after the events in The Terror of Flight 13, as this is why the chronological events in both stories don't make any sense.
  • This is the first story to use Kamalia Phellan as a character.
  • Pumpkinhead was considered for a role in the story, where it would serve as the secondary antagonist. Chakor would have sent Pumpkinhead to kidnap Kamalia, instead of hypnotizing Tyler into doing it. Pumpkinhead would have later been destroyed with burning sage.

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