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Kamalia vs. Shredder
Kamalia vs. Shredder
Chronological information
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Vital statistics
Story written by Chakor Channing
Other names Kamalia vs. the Shredder

Kamalia vs. Shredder is a 2014 Life's a Fish and Then You Fry short fan fiction story. The story's plot details a vicious fight between Kamalia Phellan and the recently escaped Shredder in New York City.


After attempting to poison the population of New York City, the infamous masked warrior and former leader of the Foot Clan known only as the "Shredder" escapes from prison along with his armor with the help of a mysterious unseen entity. Now free from custody, Shredder begins tearing through New York City on a conquest to find the possible residuum of his toxin left at his former henchman Eric Sacks' company. One night, seeing Shredder attacking innocent civilians of the city, Kamalia Phellan (now working at a casual café in New York City) heads for home after work and transforms into her werewolf form to fight off Shredder.

The same night, as Shredder is meandering the remains of the steeple from Sacks' tower containing the toxin, Kamalia appears and declares that she will stop Shredder from extracting the toxin from the steeple. Shredder laughs in sarcastic disbelief and retorts "How do you intend to defeat me, mongrel?". Kamalia, offended by Shredder's question, leaps at him in an attempted attack. However, Shredder aims and fires three blades from his right arm at Kamalia, of which Kamalia barely manages to dodge and results in the blades leaving small scars along Kamalia's stomach. Having fended off Kamalia, Shredder continues to tear apart the steeple and eventually intends extract the residuum of the toxin from within.

Now in hiding from Shredder, Kamalia begins thinking of a plan to take Shredder by surprise. After waiting for several minutes of holding her breath at risk of breathing the air contaminated by the recently released toxin, Kamalia takes a risk of leaping at Shredder from behind. As Kamalia prepares to leap at Shredder, Shredder himself bares the blades from his left arm at the approaching Kamalia. While leaping, Kamalia manages to slice off Shredder's blades with her claws. Now without any weapons aside from his own armor, Shredder begins fighting Kamalia with his own bare hands.

After a long half hour of fighting with each other, Kamalia succeeds in knocking Shredder's helmet off of his head. Feeling defeated, Shredder remarks "Very impressive for a mongrel, but you and I both know that I will win in the end.". Kamalia takes a breath and retorts "Not around here you won't!". Kamalia forcefully kicks Shredder in the chest and sends him into the remains of the steeple, killing Shredder with his own toxin as he screams in agony. After Shredder finally dies, Kamalia escapes the scene as the NYPD arrives at the remains of the steeple.


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