Life's a Fish and Then You Fry: The Movie
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Life's a Fish and Then You Fry: The Movie is a Life's a Fish and Then You Fry pilot fan fiction story written in early 2012.


The story starts on Nightmare Hill the home of the king of the Underworld Chakor Channing (who is a werewolf) when Chakor’s gang members, Chanderanath Channing and Channderanath Migan drag the home town bank president to Chakor’s mansion style House. Chakor makes a deal with the bank president for him to give Chakor all the money in the Bank, but Chakor betrays the bank president and shoots him. Meanwhile Frank the alien has crashed his flying saucer at the bottom of Nightmare Hill, automatically alerting the U.S. Government of his crash.

Frank the alien knows he is in danger, so he try’s to find the nearest shelter which is Chakor’s House at the top of Nightmare Hill. Frank walks to the top of the hill as Chakor is playing his pipe organ. A few minutes later Chakor’s arch enemy the vice president of the United States, Litch (who is a descendent of those who put Chakor in charge of permitting lost souls to cross over to the Underworld) arrives at Chakor’s to swear him to secrecy about the crash, but Chakor refuses. Shortly after, Chakor kicks Litch out of his House and he finds Frank the alien hiding under his pipe organ. Before Chakor has a chance to kill Frank, Frank explains that he crashed. Chakor, knowing he may die if he doesn’t help Frank get home (because the Government will know Chakor has Frank) for once steps out of the Shadows and summons the Ghost Train to get Frank to Area 51, where the only working alien saucer is.

Chakor and Frank the alien board the Ghost Train but shortly after Vice President Litch chase’s after them in his Limo which loses the Ghost Train in less than five minutes. Chakor kicks off the Ghost Trains driver the Swamp Creature and puts the Ghost Train in its flight mode but Litch is rescued by a government helicopter and chases after the Ghost Train once more Litch fires one of the helicopters missiles and crash’s the Ghost Train in Area 51 which is not what he wanted to do. Chakor and Frank survive the crash and rush to the Area 51 saucer storage warehouse but Area 51 guards rush out to try and stop Chakor and Frank. Chakor use’s his shadow staff to defeat the Area 51 guards. As Chakor and Frank enter the Area 51 saucer storage warehouse Litch lands his Helicopter and pulls out his Hand Gun to try to stop Chakor. Chakor and Litch have one last fight as Frank the alien climbs into the alien saucer and try’s to get to work. When Chakor’s shadow staff runs out of energy Litch try’s to shoot Chakor the ghost of Chakor’s long gone pet Hannah the dachshund creates a gray storm vortex as the sun was coming up and chokes Litch to death and saves Chakor. As Hannah holds Chakor by the hand Chakor starts to become translucent like Hannah and his legs combine to form a ghost tail. Frank the alien gets his saucer to work and is off to the mothership. Chakor and Hannah fly up into the air as the sky clears up to see the orange sunrise and so Chakor is no longer king of the Underworld but he is now finally happy.

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