Welcome to the Life's a Fish and Then You Fry Wiki FAQ! Here you will find questions you may ask after visiting this site that I am more than willing to answer. If you have a question that is not posted here, please leave a message on my message wall.

Questions you may ask

  • Question: "Why did I create this fan fiction wiki?"
  • Answer: I created this fan fiction wiki because I felt it best to express the ideas and thoughts that have crossed my mind over the years. I also wanted to showcase my artwork, call me "full of myself" if you want to.
  • Question: "Why the bizarre name of the wiki?"
  • Answer: I do not even know myself. I thought of the name when I heard of the phrase "life's a bitch and then you die". I did not want to make the phrase sound vulgar, so I changed it to a pun. This pun being "life's a fish and then you fry". Now that I have come to think about it more, the phrase I created sounds a little bizarre to me. I may change the name of the wiki to suit it more professionally in the future.
  • Question: "Why are all pages protected?"
  • Answer: All pages are protected to avoid the risk of vandalism, as there have been many issues with this on Wikia. I may host a fan fiction encyclopedia on my own domain one day to avoid running the risks of vandalism and copyright/licensing of others' and my own work.

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