Welcome to the Life's a Fish and Then You Fry Wiki! As you, the reader, are likely aware, this encyclopedia is for fan fiction written by Chakor Channing (and is therein a copyright to Chakor Channing). To make things short, this is not a community wiki, this is a private wiki. If you have any comments regarding pages for stories, characters, etc., you can post them on my message wall. Note: I will remove comments posted by anonymous users, you must log in with a valid Wikia account to post a message.

Below you will find basic guidelines about this site. I highly recommend reading through these guidelines thoroughly before you being reading articles on this wiki.


  • Editing

You cannot edit any pages on this wiki, as they are protected from editing by users who are not administrators of this wiki in specific. The articles on this wiki are intended to showcase their original fan-made information written by Chakor Channing. If you are somehow able to edit and publish your edit(s), you will be blocked from editing on this wiki.

  • Canon and fanon

The term canonical, often called "canon" for short, refers to material that is existing in real-world media such as novels, films, etc. The original definition of canonical is of religious properties. The term "fanon" is short for fan fiction. Whilst you are reading through articles on this wiki, you may notice that some material and articles are marked as containing canonical information. These articles are about characters or other material existing in real-world media. Articles that are marked as "original" are completely fan fiction.

  • Copyrights

The original subject of a canonical article is a copyright of its respective owner(s). For example, Scroop is a copyright of Walt Disney Pictures. Fanon articles are a copyright of Chakor Channing, and this should be noted as you will be contacted in regards to copyright violation if you steal the information or plagiarize it onto this or any other website(s).

In addition, artwork images on this site created by Chakor Channing are as well a copyright to Chakor Channing. Posting of these images on any other website without permission will result in contact regarding copyright infringement.

  • Comments

Article comments are disabled due to risks of vandalism. If you want to leave a comment in regards to any information written by Chakor Channing, then you can leave a message on my message wall or you can send a message to me on Twitter or Facebook. Posting of any comments to me that are rude, offensive, or contain profanity will result in being blocked from contacting me on any of my social accounts.

I prefer that long conversations between you and myself are continued onto Twitter or Facebook, and not Wikia.

  • Advertisements

Wikia displays advertisements on pages of their sites when you browse the site in question without being logged in. When you log in, the only page where Wikia displays advertisements is on the home page, which is still an extreme annoyance that slows down the performance of your computer. If you want to get rid of these advertisements completely, you can install a Firefox add-on known as Adblock Plus. Adblock Plus is a wonderful program that blocks all advertisements from Wikia, Twitter, YouTube, etc. Notice that you can only use Adblock Plus if you have Mozilla Firefox as your browser. Personally, I hate the fact that Wikia has to run advertisements, and if the situation were in my control this would not be happening.

To download Adblock Plus, you can go to your Firefox "Add-ons" page and search for "Adblock Plus". Once you have found Adblock Plus, you can click "Enable". No restart is required to enable Adblock Plus. You can also download Adblock Plus for Firefox by going to

If you are using Google Chrome, there is no safe way to block advertisements from Wikia. I advise that you download Mozilla Firefox from and follow the directions above. Firefox is as well a far superior browser to Chrome and is much safer for your computer.

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