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Mind of Evil
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Vital statistics
Story written by Chakor Channing
Ryderfor (assistant writer)
Other names Evil Mind

Mind of Evil is a Life's a Fish and Then You Fry fan fiction story finished on July 27, 2014. In the story, Frank makes a deal with his ally Randall Boggs to defeat the evil Professor Pericles, who is the leader of secret organization known as Raptor, from launching satellites armed with destructive lasers. Pericles plans to use the lasers to destroy the world's satellites and replace them with his own, making the people of the world at his mercy. There is also a backstory in the film, revolving around Pericles having kidnapped Randall in the past to create a cloaking laser to hide the Raptor headquarters. Randall helps Frank in his attempt to defeat Pericles as revenge.

Unlike many other stories featuring Frank, Mind of Evil will not feature Kamalia Phellan. Kamalia is however, mentioned several times during conversations by Frank. The story contains the most canonical characters of any Life's a Fish and Then You Fry film to date, such as Nigel, Eduardo Perez, Professor Z, etc.


19 years prior to the events in the story, Professor Pericles is freed from captivity in the Crystal Cove Animal Asylum for the Criminally Insane by his henchman Eduardo Perez. The two escape in a black van and leave behind several smoke grenades to hide the scene and their escape.

19 years later, Pericles sends Eduardo to capture Nigel at Tulio's aviary in Rio de Janeiro. Eduardo arrives at the aviary in a black and gray 2014 Freightliner Argosy and uses a large missile (given to him by Pericles) to break into the aviary. Eduardo finds Nigel's cage and takes the cage, with the lovesick frog Gabi inside the cage as well. Eduardo escapes and smuggles the animals on board a plane to the United States.

Many hours later, the plane arrives at an airport in Miami, where Eduardo meets with Professor Z. Professor Z drives them back to Pericles' Lair, where Nigel is freed from his cage and introduced to Professor Pericles. Pericles explains that he has built a factory into the Raptor headquarters and built rockets with satellites and launchpads, and he plans to launch his satellites into space and use them to destroy all of the other satellites orbiting Earth using lasers attached to his satellites. Pericles' satellites are programmed to control electronics manufactured by his organization Raptor, thus planning to replace major businesses such as Microsoft and Apple with his own products. Thus, making the world at his mercy, as Pericles believes people have become too stupid and dependent on technology to go without their computers, cell phones, global positioning systems, etc. All of these products are manufactured by Raptor.

Nigel agrees to help Pericles, who appoints Nigel the secondary leader of Raptor. Gabi, who is still in love with Nigel, follows him where ever he goes. Annoyed by this, Nigel asks Pericles if he could keep Gabi under control. Pericles agrees and locks Gabi in a containment facility within the Raptor headquarters. Gabi, heartbroken, swears revenge on Nigel.

Several weeks later, Frank the alien meets with his friend Randall Boggs in a local Applebee's restaurant in northern Florida. As Frank and Randall are talking, Randall sees Eduardo Perez at a table. Randall recognizes Eduardo from when he was kidnapped by Pericles seven years ago to study his color-changing skin and create a cloaking device for the Raptor headquarters. Remembering this, Randall is convinced that Pericles is not far away and sees this as an opportunity to exact revenge on Pericles for kidnapping him. Randall whispers about this to Frank, trying not to attract Eduardo's attention. Eduardo does not recognize Randall. After Randall explains what happened to him and Pericles' plan to launch the satellites (which Randall found out about while he was kidnapped), Frank agrees to help him. Eduardo leaves the restaurant and Frank and Randall follow him in Randall's car as Eduardo is driving back to the Raptor headquarters in his black van.

Later that night, when Eduardo arrives at the Raptor headquarters, Frank and Randall park their car at a closed mall nearby. Randall sees Eduardo's car vanish into nowhere and figures that Pericles now has his lair hidden by the cloaking device. Randall turns invisible and follows Eduardo. Randall discovers a massive parking lot in the Raptor headquarters, of which entry is protected by a password entered through a small computer. While invisible, Randall begins typing and pressing several other keys on the computer and eventually makes it past the firewall. Randall calls for Frank to follow him into the lair and the two soon reach the surveillance room, which is guarded by a system of computers programmed to recognize the postures of only those registered permission into the lair by Pericles.

After pondering over what decision he should make, Randall turns invisible again and destroys the surveillance cameras monitoring the room. Figuring that there is only a mater of time before Pericles is alerted of their entrance, Randall begins hacking one of the computers in the room and eventually reaches the program being used to launch and command his satellites. Randall now knows that if he is to stop Pericles from launching the satellites, he must find the room where they are being controlled. Randall, while still invisible, instructs Frank to hide in the surveillance room while he searches for the launch control room. However, Nigel and Eduardo arrive in the surveillance room and capture Frank to take him to Pericles. Pericles had earlier seen the surveillance footage before the camera was destroyed by Randall.

Randall finds the satellite control room, which is being guarded and controlled by Professor Z. While invisible, Randall knocks Professor Z unconscious and destroys the cameras monitoring the room. Randall then hacks one of the computers in the room and begins reprogramming the satellite launch controls. While attempting to reprogram the controls, Randall unsuspectingly learns that Pericles plans to launch his satellites tomorrow morning. Learning this, Randall picks up his pace as he continues to attempt to reprogram the controls.

Meanwhile, Frank is being interrogated by Professor Pericles, with Nigel and Eduardo by his side. Out of fear, Frank explains that it was Randall who told him of Pericles' plan to destroy Earth's satellites. Pericles, angered by this, demands to known where Randall is hiding. Frank explains that he honestly does not know of Randall's whereabouts. Pericles points a gun at Frank's head to force him to tell of Randall's whereabouts, and soon after an alarm in the room goes off. Nigel checks the computer from which the alarm is emitting and tells Pericles that the satellite launch control room surveillance cameras are malfunctioning. Figuring that Randall is in the launch control room, Pericles decides to investigate for himself and exits the room on his mobile bird perch.

Randall continues his attempt to reprogram the launch controls, but has no luck in successfully reprogramming the controls. After several more minutes of painfully attempting to reprogram the controls, Pericles arrives and confronts Randall, who is forced to reveal himself from his invisible camouflage. Randall, disgusted at Pericles, explains that he is here for revenge and to do the right thing by saving the world from Pericles' wrath, in order to make up for all of the villainous things that Randall has done in the monster world. Pericles aims a gun at Randall and demands him to cease his attempts at reprogramming the controls. Randall slowly backs away from the computer and Pericles begins rewriting the launch commands, ignoring the unconscious Professor Z lying on the floor next to them.

Frank eventually finds a way to escape by knocking Eduardo unconscious and scaring off Nigel with a gun from the security weapons box. Frank heads down the hallway and eventually finds the satellite launch control room, where Pericles has successfully finished rewriting the launch commands and has Randall tied to an office chair with thick rope. Frank points his gun at Pericles as Pericles has his gun pointing at Randall. Pericles offers a choice: either Frank allows Pericles to launch the satellites and Randall lives or Pericles kills Randall with his gun and Frank can continue his attempt to stop Pericles. Randall waves his head up and down, as a way of telling Frank to allow Pericles to shoot him in order to prevent the satellites from being launched. As touched as Frank is by Randall's sacrificial choice, he drops his gun to the floor and declares that Pericles has won.

A large smile grows upon Pericles' face as he lets out an evil laugh of triumph and presses a button on his remote control to charge the satellites. As the sun rises, the satellites charge for launch from the launchpad. Meanwhile, unknown to anyone else in the Raptor headquarters, a mysterious robot-like arm breathes electrical energy into a computer connected to the Raptor mainframe in the basement. Frank then apologizes to Randall, who is still tied to the office chair as a precaution. After the satellites finish charging, Pericles declares "Raptor shall rain supreme!" and presses a button on his remote control to launch the satellites. Over forty satellites takeoff for space from the launchpad as Frank and Randall watch in horror from a set of large wall windows, with Pericles watching from the same windows in pure delight and triumph.

As the satellites launch, they all stop motionlessly and begin to crash land into the Raptor headquarters. Pericles lets out a scream of horror as he escapes along with Frank, Randall, and the now conscious Professor Z and Eduardo. Meanwhile, Nigel escapes and saves Gabi from the incoming satellites. Gabi then forgives Nigel for ordering her to be locked in a containment facility. With Frank, Randall, Pericles, Professor Z, Eduardo, Nigel, and Gabi having escaped from the Raptor headquarters, the satellites crash land into the headquarters one at a time in a firework-like explosion which destroys the cloaking laser and reveals the true appearance of the lair for a short glimpse. Pericles and his henchmen watch in horror as Frank and Randall watch in delight, with the world now saved from Pericles' evil plans.

Seeing the explosions, the Miami authorities arrive at the scene and arrest Professor Pericles, Eduardo, and Professor Z. Nigel has now decided that he finds pleasure in a romantic relationship with Gabi. Nigel, now having grown his feathers back, flies home to Rio de Janeiro with Gabi on his back. Pericles is eventually returned to the Crystal Cove Animal Asylum for the Criminally Insane, having Pericles believed to be excessively dangerous and intelligent to be kept prisoner in a normal jail. Professor Pericles declares that this is not the last the world has seen of him as he is transported back to Crystal Cove.

Two days later, Frank and Randall meet in the Applebee's restaurant again and discuss their success in defeating Professor Pericles. In the conversation Frank congratulates Randall on successfully reprogramming the launch commands, only to find that Randall did not have a chance to finish rewriting the launch commands. This leaves Frank and Randall pondering why the satellites changed course and crash landed into the Raptor headquarters. Meanwhile, the Freightliner Argosy previously driven by Eduardo appears to be driving itself down an unmarked derelict road in Florida. The Freightliner then splits apart into a cloud of cubes of reforms into a large menacing robot whose right hand reforms into a canon. The robot declares "I am Galvatron!" as the story closes.



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