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This article, Mohawk, contains information regarding a canonical subject from an existing feature film or franchise. However, the canon information has been mixed with "fanon" information (fan-made information). Therefore, the information in this article cannot be used for reference.

Protected Symbol
Spider Mohawk
Mohawk Logo
Production information
First appearance Gremlins 2: The New Batch
Last appearance Quest of Time
Character information
Full name Mohawk
Other names The Spider Gremlin
Personality Sadistic
Species Mogwai (formerly)
Home Clamp Center (formerly)
The Great Chamber of Time
Allies Gremlins (formerly)
George (formerly)
Lenny (formerly)
Daffy (formerly)
Brown gremlin (formerly)
Enemies Frank
Gender Male symbol
Status Presumed deceased

"Gizmo caca!"

Mohawk was one of the main antagonists in the 1990 feature Gremlins 2: The New Batch and the secondary antagonist in the 2013 Life's a Fish and Then You Fry fan fiction story Quest of Time, alongside his master Shadow; the main antagonist and creator of the third batch of gremlins. Shadow ordered the newly resurrected Mohawk and the newly created gremlins to find the Staff of Time for his own uses, to which Mohawk carried out with the pleasure of wreaking havoc and destruction.

The most distinguishing attribute of Mohawk is his large mutated spider legs, cephalothorax, and abdomen in place of his short gremlin legs, earning him the namesake of the "Spider Gremlin". This was the result of Mohawk intentionally ingesting a serum comprised of spider DNA created by scientists at Clamp Center.


As a Mogwai, Mohawk attributed many major differences from the others. His primary fur color was black along with several patches and stripes of white. Mohawk's eyes were mostly red and orange in color with black eye pupils. His ears resembled small bat wings and he had sharp teeth, as opposed to the common Mogwai's human-like teeth. His namesake comes from the Mohawk-like hairstyle that runs from the top of his head to his back.

As a gremlin, Mohawk was also majorly different from other gremlins, attributing a much more fearsome and demented appearance. His skin was more reflective and brighter than other gremlins. His Mohawk became sharp fin-like spikes and his ears had black stripes while maintaining the bat wing appearance. Some of Mohawk's scales were black and he had a sand yellow underbelly. His eyes were still red and orange and he had very sharp teeth. Mohawk had thick spikes on his cheeks and shoulder blades. Mohawk also had red fins that resembled his Mohawk which sprouted from his shoulders and the back of his legs.

After Mohawk drank a beaker of spider serum, his upper torso remained the same shape and appearance. However, his legs were replaced by eight spiky spider legs, a cephalothorax, and an abdomen.


Gremlins 2: The New Batch

Mohawk is born from Gizmo after he gets wet from a leaking drinking fountain in Clamp Center. Mohawk lands in a trash can of paper and is the last of the Mogwai to reveal himself to Gizmo. At the split second Mohawk lays eyes on Gizmo, he calls for the other Mogwai (George and Lenny) minus the other Mogwai named Daffy and they lock Gizmo in an air vent. Shortly after, Mohawk is seen with George and Lenny at an ice cream bar in Clamp Center. There, Mohawk feasts on a pile of ice cream toppings and eats after midnight. Daffy, who was mistaken for Gizmo by Kate, later joined them and ate in the bar as well. Thus, resulting in all of the Mogwai forming cocoons and turning into gremlins.

After hatching from his cocoon as a gremlin, Mohawk stayed behind while the other gremlins wreaked havoc on Clamp Center. When Mohawk finds Gizmo investigating the newly hatched gremlin cocoons, Mohawk taps Gizmo on the shoulder and begins violently abusing him off-screen. Mohawk also tortured Gizmo by zapping him with electrical wires. When Billy Peltzer attempts to warn technicians in Clamp Center about the newly spawned gremlins from George, Lenny, and Daffy running a muck in the building, Mohawk bursts from a computer system and attacks a technician until eventually applying a violent punch in the face. Mohawk begins tearing at wires until Billy takes out a large flashlight and drives Mohawk away with the bright light.

Mohawk later tortures Gizmo using various supplies in Clamp Center, including making photocopies of Gizmo using a photocopier, ripping off his fur with Velcros, and finally tying Gizmo to a toy train track and ramming him with a toy train. Having had enough amusement from torturing Gizmo, Mohawk escapes to the Splice O' Life laboratory with the rest of the gremlin army and attempts to shoot Billy with an IMI Uzi - 9x19mm sub machine gun. Albeit Mohawk accidentally shoots another gremlin with the bullets rather than Billy. After failing to shoot Billy, Mohawk takes a beaker of blue serum labeled with the silhouette of a spider.

In an empty corridor, Mohawk drinks the serum, which results in his legs becoming the body of a spider complete with eight legs, a cephalothorax, and an abdomen while his gremlin torso remains in place of a spider's head. Mohawk later creates a cobweb in the corridor off-screen. Marla Bloodstone, an employee at Clamp Center, later finds herself caught in Mohawk's web. Kate arrives to help Marla, however Mohawk appears from the corridor and begins to walk towards them. As Mohawk prepares to kill Marla and Kate, Gizmo arrives from an air vent and shoots a lit arrow at Mohawk. Mohawk is hit with the arrow and begins to burn to death, allowing Marla, Kate, and the newly arrived Billy and Murray Futterman to escape. Finally having killed Mohawk, Gizmo and his friends watch as Mohawk burns to death.

Quest of Time

After being burned to death by Gizmo, Mohawk's remaining carcass is retrieved by two other gremlins and brought to the Great Chamber of Time where he is put in one of the columns holding the chamber up. The green liquid in the column helps to restore Mohawk's life. He is eventually released by an unknown entity dubbed "Shadow" and is placed in command of a horde of gremlins, who were recently created by Shadow.

After being placed in charge of the gremlins by Shadow, Mohawk sends them out to find the Staff of Time at Shadow's orders. After the gremlins failed to retrieve the staff (which ended up being stolen by Frank), Mohawk took matters into his own hands and infiltrated the secret base of Frank and the rest of the aliens who saught to keep the order of time balanced. Mohawk enters the main engine room of the base and destroys the engines, forcing the aliens to stay on Earth. Mohawk then spun a large web through a corridor as a trap for the aliens.

Frank's computer tells him that there is a breach in sector fifteen and Frank goes down to investigate. Frank then discovers the web that Mohawk built and the skeletons of other aliens, which Mohawk had recently eaten as meals. Mohawk sees Frank and stalks him from the ceiling until he exclaims "Hello, 'drunky'", in a sinister and distorted voice, to Frank. Frank shoots Mohawk with a ray gun, of which Mohawk proves far faster and able to dodge the blasts with ease.

Eventually, Frank escapes and fixes the motors of the base. Frank then takes off into space with the Staff of Time on board, as well as Mohawk (unknown to Frank). Shortly afterwards, Mohawk attacks Frank and chases him out of the ship. After Mohawk and Frank struggle with each other for a few seconds, Mohawk finds himself floating off into space as he growls in agony. Mohawk floated into space because there was no gravity on the ship. However, Frank manages to stay on board because he was wearing special gravity boots which allowed him to stick to the ship.


  • In Gremlins 2: The New Batch, Mohawk is voiced by Frank Welker.
  • Mohawk has two similarities to Scroop:
    • Mohawk and Scroop both have arachnid bodies in place of their legs and have a torso in place of a spider head. Albeit Mohawk and Scroop both have an abdomen, only Mohawk has attributed the capability of creating cobweb.
    • Mohawk and Scroop both meet similar fates at the hands of the protagonists (Frank and Jim Hawkins), as they both float into space because of a lack of gravity. While floating into space was Mohawk's final defeat, it was not Scroop's final fate. Scroop returned in The Milky Way Triangle as a minor character, while Mohawk is to never return.
  • Joe Dante, director of Gremlins and Gremlins 2: The New Batch, claims that Mohawk is the reincarnation of Stripe, the main antagonist and leader of the gremlins in the first film. Although this is never mentioned or confirmed in either of the films, one can presume Mohawk has a relation to Stripe because they both had hair on their heads as Mogwai and had an intense hatred for Gizmo.
  • Mohawk, like all of the other gremlins and Mogwai, is never once mentioned by his name in his film. Only audiences who have seen the first film can infer that Mohawk has a connection to Stripe.


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