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This article, Nigel, contains information regarding a canonical subject from an existing feature film or franchise. However, the canon information has been mixed with "fanon" information (fan-made information). Therefore, the information in this article cannot be used for reference.

Protected Symbol
Nigel Logo
Production information
First appearance Rio
Last appearance Mind of Evil
Character information
Full name Cocks "Nigel" Cockatoo
Other names Nigel
Bob (as a disguise alias in Rio 2)
"Nige", to Gabi
Personality Evil
Species Sulphur-crested cockatoo
Home Rio de Janeiro
Raptor headquarters in Miami (formerly)
Allies Marcel (formerly)
Tipa (formerly)
Armando (formerly)
Mauro (formerly)
Marmosets (formerly)
Charlie (formerly)
Professor Pericles
Professor Z
Eduardo Perez
Enemies Blu (formerly)
Jewel (formerly)
Gender Male symbol
Status Alive

"Well, for the first time, I don't think 'pretty bird' is the right word."
—Nigel upon seeing Professor Pericles

Cocks "Nigel" Cockatoo[1], better known simply as Nigel, was the primary antagonist in the 2011 animated film Rio and its 2014 sequel Rio 2. Nigel is the secondary antagonist in the Life's a Fish and Then You Fry fan fiction story Mind of Evil as the secondary leader of Raptor, along with Professor Pericles (the main antagonist and first leader of Raptor), Professor Z (the tertiary antagonist), and Eduardo Perez (the quaternary antagonist).

Nigel was a television superstar in a fictional action film called "Fly Hard", as a poster for the film was seen in Rio. Nigel was later replaced with a parakeet, ending his acting career and turning him evil. Nigel is well known for his catch phrase "pretty bird", which he used to taunt the birds of beauty caged by his former owner Marcel, the leader of a bird smuggling group in Rio de Janeiro.


Nigel is a large Sulphur-crested cockatoo with bloodshot eyes, patches of missing feathers under his right eye and on the left side of his chest, and sharp talons. Nigel has a patch of yellow feathers behind his head which he can naturally raise to make himself appear larger, like a cobra raising its hood. Nigel has a large set of wings and tail feathers. After the feathers on his torso were plucked off, Nigel was forced to wear a gold Elizabethan vest with green trimming to hide his missing feathers.


Ever since being replaced by a parakeet and being fired from his acting career, Nigel is against all birds of beauty, or as he calls them "pretty birds". Nigel is very sadistic and enjoys to see other birds suffer from being ugly, and suffer from injuries. In addition, Nigel is also cannibalistic and eats chicken meat, clearly displaying an intense hatred for birds. In Rio 2, Nigel is working as a fortune teller with many Shakespearean phrases, which he commonly uses throughout the film. Another attribute that shows Nigel's hatred for other birds is the opening scene in Rio 2 where he holds a bird skull in his talons. Nigel does not find pleasure in romantic love and is quite annoyed and disgusted with Gabi's compassion for him. Since Nigel despises any bird considered beautiful, he finds pleasure in working with Professor Pericles because he considers Nigel somewhat pretty, as Pericles is far uglier.



In Rio, Nigel is first seen in a aviary run by Tulio in Rio de Janeiro as he is giving a tour of the aviary to Blu's owner Linda. Nigel gives Blu and evil look as Linda walks by with Blu in a cage. Later the same night, Nigel attacks Tulio's guard Sylvio while he and Linda are out to dinner. Nigel applies a cloth to Sylvio's mouth which causes him to pass out. Nigel takes the keys to the aviary to allow a boy named Fernando to enter and capture Blu and Jewel in a cage. Nigel later appears at the smugglers' hideout when Jewel attempts to escape. Nigel quickly grabs Jewel by the throat, pinning her to the ground as he taunts her. Nigel's taunting his quickly interrupted by the smugglers' leader Marcel, who insists Jewel be kept alive. Later the same night, Marcel leaves the hideout and orders his two henchmen Tipa and Armando to feed Nigel. Tipa cowardly holds a chicken leg to Nigel, who is perched on a goose head mounted to the wall as a trophy. Nigel strikes for the chicken leg in an attack form, nearly frightening Tipa and Armando to death. Nigel then begins eating at the chicken leg while Tipa, with good reason, calls him a cannibal in disgust.

Blu and Jewel later try to escape from the smugglers' hideout, and the noise they create in the process attracts Nigel's attention. While Tipa and Armando are watching a football game on television, Nigel perches on the remote, turning off the television to attract Tipa and Armando's attention. As Tipa and Armando try to snatch the remote from Nigel, he leads them to the room where Blu and Jewel are trying to escape. When Nigel tries to attack Blu and Jewel, they escape and Nigel is hit with the bird cage they were held in. As Blu and Jewel, chained together, are trying to outrun Tipa and Armando, Nigel continues to pursue them. As Nigel prepares to grab Blu and Jewel with his talons, he mistakenly hits a power line, causing a temporary blackout all over Rio de Janeiro. Nigel later awakens in an alleyway from his fall and shock from hitting the power line, where he is surrounded by chickens. Nigel is quick to yell "Get out of here, you putrid poultry!", scaring of the chickens and clearly displaying his hatred for birds. Nigel flies back to the smugglers' hideout while continuing to be zapped from his crash into the power line.

Marcel later puts Nigel in charge of finding Blu and Jewel to sell them on the black market, believing Tipa and Armando are far to dim-witted to get the job done after they failed to recapture them. For help in finding Blu and Jewel, Nigel confronts a large group of marmosets led by Mauro. Mauro demands a payment in return for helping Nigel find the birds, to which Nigel grabs Mauro with his talons and drops him from the air. Nigel then saves Mauro from falling in return for him and the marmosets service. Nigel then sends to marmosets out to find Blu and Jewel, threatening to drop them all from the air if they fail to do so.

Nigel later appears at the alleyway where Mauro and the marmosets attempted to capture Blu and Jewel. Nigel looks over the trashed alleyway where there was a fight between the birds and the marmosets and exclaims and disgust. Nigel finds Mauro and demands to know what happened. After realizing Mauro is too unconscious from the fight between the birds and the marmosets, Nigel grabs a small green bird named Tiny and begins to squeeze her as he demands to know what happened to Blu and Jewel. Tiny tells Nigel that the blue birds escaped and went to Luiz. In addition, Tiny tells Nigel that they said he was "very nice". Nigel is quick to call Tiny a liar and throws her to the ground. Nigel then continues to pursue Blu and Jewel. The following night, Nigel captures Jewel and cages her in a chicken float in the Carnival parade with the other birds the smugglers have captured, planning on Blu coming to find Jewel. Sure enough, Blu arrives in the float and attempts to free Jewel. Blu is then captured and caged by Nigel, who takes both samples of their feathers to show to Marcel, proving that he was successful in recapturing the two birds.

Later that night, Nigel and the smugglers head to a landing field after escaping through Carnival, where they plan to board the captured birds onto a large propeller plane and smuggle them to the United States.[citation needed] Nigel catches Fernando trying to free Blu and Jewel, making a loud screeching noise at him and alerting Marcel and the smugglers. Nigel and the smugglers are successful in boarding the caged birds on the plane and escape.

Blu manages to open the boarding door in the back of the plane, freeing the caged birds. Nigel and Marcel hear the alarm alerting them of the open door while the plane is in flight. Nigel grabs Blu by the throat with his talons and Jewel tries to attack him, only for Nigel to throw her to the wall. A cage falls on Jewel's wing, making her flightless, much to Nigel's pleasure. As Nigel has Blu pinned down, Blu takes a fire extinguisher on a rope and straps the hook around Nigel's leg. Blu then pulls the trigger to the fire extinguisher, sending Nigel flying into the plane. As Nigel flaps his wings in the air, one of the plane's propellers comes in direct contact with Nigel. Nigel's contact with the propeller shaves the feathers on his torso clean off and causes the plane to crash, allowing Blu and Jewel to escape. Nigel is later revealed to have survived the crash. Mauro then takes a picture of Nigel with his feathers shaved off in surprise, much to Nigel's embarrassment and Mauro's pleasure.

Rio 2

In Rio 2, Nigel first appears giving a Shakespearean speech while holding a bird skull in his talons, to which Gabi closely observes from inside a jar. Nigel is now working as a fortune teller in the streets of Rio and is unable to fly due to injuries from the plane crash in the first film. When Nigel sees Blu and Jewel with their children fly overhead of him, he wastes no time in deciding to go after them in revenge. Nigel breaks Gabi's jar in the process of escaping from the market and frees a silent anteater named Charlie, who he recruits as his minions.

Nigel follows Blu and his family to the Amazon on a boat, where they are planning to meet a tribe of endangered Spix's macaws. Nigel, Gabi, and Charlie board the boat and Nigel explains his plan to attack Blu and his family at midnight while they are sleeping. Soon later, Nigel falls asleep after midnight, to which Gabi takes notice and tries to wake him up. Gabi takes advantage of Nigel being asleep and sings a love song expressing her feelings for him. Soon after, Nigel wakes from his sleep claiming he had a nightmare (most likely due to Gabi's song, as Nigel is not fond of romantic love). When Gabi prepares to poison Blu, Nigel stops her, claiming Blu is his to kill. As Nigel prepares to seemingly kill Blu with his talons, the boat's horn is accidentally activated by Charlie, who got his nose stuck in a bottle trying to eat an ant. This forces the Nigel and his minions to flee from the boat.

Nigel uses Charlie as a raft and follows Blu and his family to the Amazon rain forest. When they reach land, Nigel orders Charlie to climb and strap his tongue around a tree, allowing Nigel to search for Blu from higher ground since he is unable to fly. This leads to Nigel's discovery of the Spix's macaw tribe. A few days later, Nigel sees a blue bird perched on a tree branch in the rain forest. Believing this bird is Blu, Nigel violently swoops in and tries to attack the bird, only to discover the bird is not Blu nor even a Spix's macaw. Nigel discovers that he has actually landed in an audition for Carnival hosted by Rafael the toucan, Nico, Pedro, and Carla. Nigel, while under the disguise as a bird named Bob, wins the audition. After discovering that everyone will be at then new show, Nigel plots to kill Blu by using a porcupine quill laced with Gabi's poison during the performances. Nigel later makes a brief appearance as he walks past Blu in preparation for the show, to which Gabi takes notice of Blu and tries to inform a seemingly distracted Nigel. Nigel, aware of Blu's presence, ignores him intentionally in order to help hide his true identity.

The next day, during the battle between the Spix's macaws and the illegal loggers, Nigel attempts to use Charlie's snout to fire the poison quill at Blu, but misses. The leader of the illegal loggers, Big Boss, tries to blow up the trees as a back-up plan after his men fail to fight of the Spix's macaws. Blu steals the lit dynamite from Big Boss as he is followed by Nigel, who climbs a rope Blu is carrying with him. Nigel reveals himself to Blu after the leaf he was using as a mask to cover up the distinguishing missing patch of feathers under his right eye falls off as they are falling down when he tugs on the dynamite. After the dynamite explodes, Nigel tries to attack Blu as they are hanging upside down from vines. When Gabi sees Nigel and Blu fighting, she orders Charlie fire the quill at Blu. However, the poison quill misses Blu and mistakenly hits Nigel. Believing he is dying, Nigel gives a Shakespearean death speech while perched on a branch. Nigel then falls from the branch and lands on a bed of flowers after seemingly dying. Gabi then appears to commit suicide by drinking her own poison.

However, one of Blu's children named Bia points out that Gabi is not poisonous at all, although she was told by her parents. After hearing this, Nigel wakes from his apparent death and tries to attack Blu one last time. Gabi, now knowing that she can touch Nigel, drags him away with affection against his will. Later near the end of the film, Tulio reveals that he found Nigel and Gabi in the rain forest and the two are taken back to Rio de Janeiro for observation at the aviary.

Mind of Evil

In Mind of Evil, Professor Pericles sends his henchman Eduardo Perez to capture Nigel and take him back to his secret headquarters. Eduardo arrives in a 2014 black and grey Freightliner Argosy and uses a large missile (given to him by Pericles) to break into the aviary. Eduardo uses several gas grenades to knockout the security guards and takes the cage Nigel and Gabi are trapped in with him before he leaves. At first, Nigel is against Eduardo and believes he has captured him for the purpose of either selling him on the black market or doing him harm. Gabi is very terrified as well and hides under Nigel's legs while she is inside the cage. Eduardo soon arrives at the local airport where he sneaks Nigel and Gabi on the plane taking them to Pericles' headquarters in the United States. During the flight to the United States, Nigel attempts to break open the cage using his beak to twist the bars. Nigel twits the bars out of shape, but has no luck in escaping.

Many hours later, the plane arrives at an airport in Miami where Eduardo meets with Professor Z and sneaks Nigel and Gabi back to Pericles' headquarters. Eduardo removes a blanket from Nigel's cage once they are inside and Nigel meets Professor Pericles for the first time. Nigel is at first disgusted with Pericles' methods of transporting him to the headquarters and demands to be released. Nigel and Gabi are then released from their cage by Eduardo. After Pericles explains is plan to destroy the world's satellites and replace them, Nigel is more than happy to help. Pericles then explains the purpose of his organization to Nigel and appoints him the secondary leader of Raptor. Nigel and Pericles shake talons.

Gabi, also free from the cage, continues to follow Nigel where ever he goes, as she is still in love with him. Nigel, annoyed by this, asks if Pericles could keep Gabi under control. Pericles agrees and locks Gabi in a containment facility within the Raptor headquarters. Gabi, heartbroken, swears revenge on Nigel. Nigel seems skeptical of Gabi actually doing him harm, and continues about his conversations with Pericles.

When Frank and Randall Boggs infiltrate the Raptor headquarters, Nigel and Eduardo capture Frank and bring him to Professor Pericles as Randall is attempting to reprogram the satellite launch commands in the satellite launch control room. Nigel watches as Pericles demands to know where Randall is hiding from Frank. An alarm sets off from a computer and Nigel informs Pericles that the cameras in the launch control room are malfunctioning. When Pericles goes to investigate, Nigel stays behind with Eduardo to keep an eye on Frank. Shortly after, Frank manages to knock Eduardo unconscious and fend Nigel off, who flies out of the room for parts unknown.

After Pericles launches the laser satellites, Galvatron hacks into the Raptor mainframe which causes the satellites to go off course and crash into the Raptor headquarters. Before the satellites crash into the headquarters, Nigel decides to save Gabi from the crash by freeing her from the containment facility. Having saved her life, Gabi forgives Nigel for ordering her to be locked up. Having grown back most of his feathers and regaining his flight ability, Nigel flies home for Rio de Janeiro with Gabi on his back. What becomes of Nigel and Gabi after this is unknown.


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  • In Rio and Rio 2, Nigel is voiced by Jemaine Clement.
  • Nigel also serves as the main antagonist in Angry Birds Rio.
  • Nigel is similar to Scar in two ways:
    • Both Nigel and Scar force groups of other animals to do their work. For example, Nigel recruited a group of marmosets to find Blu and Jewel and Scar made friends with a trio of hyenas in the outlands to cause a stampede of elk.
    • Both Nigel and Scar have Shakespearean references. For example, Nigel is seen holding a bird skull in his talons in the opening of Rio 2 and Scar is seen holding an animal skull in his paws when he has Zazu trapped in a cage made from animal ribs.
  • Ivan Vanko owned a pet Sulphur-crested cockatoo, the same species of bird as Nigel. Other than both being the same species, the two birds are in no way connected.


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