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This article, Professor Pericles, contains information regarding a canonical subject from an existing feature film or franchise. However, the canon information has been mixed with "fanon" information (fan-made information). Therefore, the information in this article cannot be used for reference.

Protected Symbol
Professor Pericles2
Professor Pericles Logo
Production information
First appearance Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated
Last appearance Mind of Evil
Character information
Full name Professor Pericles
Other names Monster
Professor Crazy Bird
Personality Evil
Speaks in German
Species Parrot
Home Crystal Cove
Raptor headquarters in Miami (formerly)
Allies Ricky Owens (formerly)
Brad Chiles
Judy Reeves
Cassidy Williams (formerly)
Fred Jones, Sr. (formerly)
Skullcattle (formerly)
Kriegstaffa Bots
Scooby Doo (formerly)
Ivan Vanko (formerly)
Professor Z
Eduardo Perez
Enemies Ricky Owens
Cassidy Williams
Scooby Doo
Shaggy Rogers
Fred Jones
Daphne Blake
Velma Dinkley
Fred Jones, Sr.
Randall Boggs
Gender Male symbol
Status Alive

"Raptor shall rain supreme!"
—Professor Pericles upon launching his satellites

Professor Pericles was the secondary antagonist in the second season of the television series Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated and the main antagonist in the 2014 Life's a Fish and Then You Fry fan fiction story Mind of Evil. Professor Pericles was the leader and founder of a secret organization known as Raptor and worked with Nigel (the secondary leader of Raptor and secondary antagonist of the story), Professor Z (the tertiary antagonist), and Eduardo Perez (the quaternary antagonist) to complete his "plan".


Professor Pericles is a dark orchid purple parrot with red feathers at the end of his tail and wears a purple ascot. Pericles has a large head, despite his brain being no larger than a cashew, with white aged hair on the top of his head, as well as white sideburns. Pericles has black shadow around his eyes and has a black beak with purple nostrils. Pericles has a scar on his right eye, created by Mayor Fred Jones, along with a completely white eye with a gray pupil (due to his eye injury). Pericles' left eye is normal with a green iris and black pupil. The rest of Pericles' body is smaller than his head with dark orchid feathers and wings with lines of black feathers. Pericles has black feet with parrot talons.


Professor Pericles is perhaps the most intelligent avian being in the world. Pericles is very evil and diabolical; having only care for himself and his plans. Pericles places the success of his goals before the lives of others, and he is not afraid to "eliminate" all who stand in the way. Pericles' quote "One cannot make a genius omelette without breaking a few worthless eggs" seems to be a reference to this. Judging by the way he speaks, Pericles seems to be German and will use German phrases on occasion, such as dummkopf. Pericles also refers to to the Mystery Incorporated group as kinder, which is German for children.

Pericles is also very manipulative and psychopathic, and will not hesitate rising to the occasion of persuading others to do his work for him given the chance. Pericles appears to possess the ability to use his brain to move solid objects from one spot to another without even using his talons or wings. This suggests that his brain is capable of producing enough watts to move solid objects. In addition, Pericles displays traits of possessing telepathic powers. Although Pericles has clearly shown that he possess all of these powers, he ironically does not use them throughout the remaining episodes of Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated. In addition, Pericles also failed to take notice of Galvatron disguising himself as one of Raptor's many Freightliner Argosy models and his hacking into the Raptor mainframe. This suggests that Pericles was distracted by his plan to destroy Earth's satellites and replace them with his own.

Professor Pericles was once a joyful, positive, and bright bird when he was a member of the original Mystery Incorporated. However, Pericles soon became psychopathic and evil after being betrayed by Fred Jones, Sr., as the two struck a deal to find the Planispheric Disc which resulted in Jones taking the piece of the disk for himself and leaving Pericles to be imprisoned in an animal asylum. The concept of Pericles once being positive is shown in a flashback when Ricky Owens releases him back into the wild after nurturing him from a crash into a tree. Soon after Ricky releases him back into the wild, Pericles returns for Ricky as an example of his compassion for friendship.


Professor Pericles was an associate of Abigail Gluck in Bavaria in the 1930's. Years later in Crystal Cove, Pericles crashed into a tree and injured his wing, making him no longer able to fly. The young Ricky Owens came to Pericles' rescue upon hearing him crash into the tree. From this point on, Ricky nurtured Pericles and fed him until he was able to fly again. When Ricky released Pericles back into the wild, Pericles came back for Ricky and became his lifelong companion. Pericles also became the mascot of Ricky's mystery solving club "Mystery Incorporated" at the Crystal Cove High School.

When Mystery Incorporated came upon a picture of the Planispheric Disk in the Old Spanish Church, Pericles was the only member of the group who was aware of what they had discovered. Mystery Incorporated came to Fred Jones, Sr. for help on what they had discovered. After discovering that Pericles was the only member of the group who knew of the Planispheric Disk, Jones and Pericles secretly struck a deal to find the disk together and drive the rest of Mystery Incorporated out of Crystal Cove.

After driving Mystery Incorporated out of town using fabricated documents involving their parents in various crimes, Jones met with Pericles and gave him a piece of the Planispheric Disk found by Mystery Incorporated in the Crystal Cove Caves. However, Jones wanted the piece of the disk for himself and betrayed Pericles by burning his right eye with a cloth soaked with alcohol and knocked him unconscious. Jones placed an anonymous call to the police and blamed Pericles for Mystery Incorporated's disappearance. By the time Pericles awoke, he was imprisoned in the Crystal Cove Animal Asylum for the Criminally Insane.

Mind of Evil

19 years ago, Professor Pericles was freed from captivity in the Crystal Cove Animal Asylum for the Criminally Insane by his henchman Eduardo Perez. Pericles and Eduardo escape in a black van and leave behind several smoke grenades to hide the scene. Pericles is taken to Raptor, where he assumes his rightful position as leader and founder of Raptor. Pericles contacts a Russian astrophysicist named Ivan Vanko to develop a cloaking device for the Raptor lair. Much to the anger and discomfort of Pericles, Vanko is arrested a year later. Pericles soon kidnaps Randall Boggs and takes a scale from his skin to study, designing his cloaking device after Randall's color-changing skin. Pericles is constantly seen perched on a bird stand with a set of built-in wheels controlled by buttons built into the perch, acting as Pericles' main method of transportation by ground.

In Mind of Evil, Professor Pericles' shadow is seen in his secret headquarters in Miami on a bird perch instructing Eduardo Perez to schedule a flight for Rio de Janeiro in Brazil to capture Nigel from Tulio's aviary. Eduardo agrees and begins booking the flight on a large computer. Pericles' shadow is seen again informing Eduardo that weapons for him to use will be shipped to Brazil on a private plane soon after he arrives in Rio. Eduardo shuts down the computer and leaves the large room as Pericles' shadow diminishes from Eduardo closing the door.

Pericles makes his full appearance several weeks later when Eduardo returns to Miami after capturing Nigel and the lovesick frog Gabi, who is in love with Nigel. Eduardo brings the cage Nigel and Gabi are trapped in to Pericles' computer room in his secret headquarters where Pericles destroys the lock with a laser and introduces himself to Nigel. Nigel is at first disgusted with Pericles' method of kidnapping him from the aviary. Pericles then explains his plan to Nigel: to launch forty laser satellites into space to destroy the other satellites powering GPS systems, computers, cell phones, etc. After destroying the satellites, Pericles plans to use his satellites to power all of these. This will make everyone in the world at his mercy, as Pericles believes that people of the internet and others are greatly "dim-witted" and dependent on technology, which is rightfully true in some respects. Pericles also explains that the Raptor lair is being hidden from sight by a cloaking device he designed. After Pericles explains his plan, Nigel is more than happy to help him. Pericles appoints Nigel the secondary leader of Raptor and the two shake talons.

After this, Gabi continues to follow Nigel where ever he goes, as she is still in love with him. Nigel, annoyed by this, asks Pericles if he could keep Gabi under control. Pericles agrees and locks Gabi in a containment facility within the Raptor headquarters. After Gabi threatens Nigel in heartbroken revenge, Pericles and Nigel simply ignore her warning and continue about their conversations.

Professor Pericles later watches Frank and Randall Boggs infiltrate the Raptor headquarters and orders Nigel and Eduardo to capture Frank. After Nigel and Eduardo return to Pericles with Frank, Pericles interrogates Frank and demands to know where Randall is hiding. After Frank answers that he is unaware of Randall's whereabouts, Pericles points a gun at Frank's head to force him to tell out of disbelief that Frank is actually unaware of Randall's whereabouts. Before Frank has time to answer the question, an alarm goes off from a computer in the room and Nigel informs Pericles that the security cameras in the satellite launch control room are malfunctioning. Figuring that Randall is behind this, Pericles leaves the room to investigate on his mobile bird perch.

Pericles enters the launch control room and forces Randall, who is attempting to reprogram the launch commands, to reveal himself. Pericles ties Randall to a chair and begins rewriting the launch commands. After Pericles is finished rewriting the launch commands, Frank (who escaped from the custody of Nigel and Eduardo) enters the room and demands Pericles to free Randall while pointing a gun (obtained from the interrogation room) at Pericles. Pericles offers a choice: either Frank allows Pericles to launch the satellites and Randall lives or Pericles kills Randall with his gun and Frank can continue his attempt to stop Pericles. Frank drops his gun to the floor and declares that Pericles has won.

A large smile grows upon Pericles' face as he lets out an evil laugh of triumph and presses a button on his remote control to charge the satellites. Meanwhile, unknown to Pericles, Galvatron hacks into a computer connected to the Raptor mainframe in the basement. After the satellites finish charging, Pericles declares "Raptor shall rain supreme!" and presses a button on his remote control to launch the satellites. Over forty satellites takeoff for space from the launchpad as Pericles watches from a set of large wall windows in pure delight and triumph.

As the satellites launch, they all stop motionlessly and begin to crash land into the Raptor headquarters. Pericles lets out a scream of horror as he escapes along with Frank, Randall, and the now conscious Professor Z and Eduardo. With Frank, Randall, Pericles, Professor Z, Eduardo, Nigel, and Gabi having escaped from the Raptor headquarters, the satellites crash land into the headquarters one at a time in a firework-like explosion. Pericles and his henchmen watch in horror as the lair is destroyed. Professor Pericles is later arrested by Miami authorities. Shortly afterwards, Pericles is transported back to the Crystal Cove Animal Asylum for the Criminally Insane, having Pericles declared far to intelligent and dangerous to be kept in a normal prison. Before being transported back to Crystal Cove, Pericles declares that this is not the last the world will ever see of him.

Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated

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  • In Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated, Professor Pericles is voiced by Udo Kier.
  • Professor Pericles shares the same name as a Greek general during the Fifth-century Athens.[1] However, a connection between the two has yet to be uncovered. It is presumed that Professor Pericles was given his name because of its first three letters baring the same, or similar, pronunciation of the word "parrot".


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