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Protected Symbol
Professor Z
Professor Z
Production information
First appearance Cars 2
Last appearance Mind of Evil
Character information
Full name Professor Zündapp
Other names Professor Z
The Professor
Personality Sadistic
Species Zündapp Janus car
Home Baden-Baden, Germany (formerly)
Pericles' Lair in Miami
Allies Miles Axlerod (formerly)
Grem (formerly)
Acer (formerly)
Lemons (formerly)
Professor Pericles
Eduardo Perez
Enemies Finn McMissile
Holley Shiftwell
Lightning McQueen
Gender Male symbol
Status Alive

"I can't believe I am working for animals."
—Professor Z commenting on his partnership with Professor Pericles and Nigel

Professor Zündapp, also known as Professor Z, was the secondary antagonist in the 2011 Disney film Cars 2. Professor Z is a minor antagonist in the 2014 Life's a Fish and Then You Fry fan fiction story Mind of Evil along with Professor Pericles (the main antagonist), Nigel (the secondary antagonist), and Eduardo Perez (the quaternary antagonist). Albeit Professor Z has such a little role in the story, he is labeled as the tertiary antagonist.

Professor Z is the lead scientist at Pericles' secret organization Raptor. Professor Z is a 1957 Zündapp Janus "micro-car", hence his name. Since Zündapp is a Germany company, the writers for Cars 2 decided to incorporate German ancestry into the character of Professor Z. Walt Disney Studios and Pixar Animation Studios also confirmed that Professor Z is from Baden-Baden, Germany.[1]


Being a Zündapp Janus micro-car, Professor Z is very small in comparison to other cars and vehicles. Professor Z's upper body is a pale turquoise color with a darker cadet blue on his lower body and a metallic silver finish, which is now severely rusted due to age and mistreatment. Underneath the cadet blue in the rear of the car, Professor Z continues to sport turquoise. Professor Z's bumper, wheels, and roof rack are very rusted. The rack is as well broken and severely dented, giving Professor Z the appearance of a comb over. Professor Z also bares small circular headlights and small tires.

Professor Z is given the face of the stereotypical German evil scientist in secret agent fiction, and often bares depressed or angered facial expressions. Professor Z has gray irises with black pupils in place of his windshield and wears a large monocle over his right eye. Professor Z also has large teeth with minor malocclusion.


Professor Z is evil and sadistic, primarily coming from being regarded as a "lemon" in the Cars universe, with his maximum speed only being 50 miles per hour and 55 downhill. Professor Z is as well seemingly dull and easily angered. Professor Z also displays a sensitive side upon shedding tears at being reminded of the names he and the other lemon cars have been humiliated with. Since he was humiliated most of his life, Professor Z finds pleasure in reminding others of their failure or opportunity to succeed that was not taken. Professor Z is also cowardly and has no taste for fighting himself, as he drives on the wrong side of the road in London when trying to avoid being captured by Finn McMissile.


Cars 2

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Mind of Evil

Professor Z first appears after Eduardo Perez kidnaps Nigel and Gabi from Tulio's aviary in Rio de Janeiro at the order of Professor Pericles. Eduardo smuggles Nigel and Gabi on board a plane which lands in Miami, and Professor Z meets Eduardo at the airport and drives him back to the Raptor headquarters, along with Nigel and Gabi.

When Frank and Randall Boggs infiltrate the Raptor headquarters, Professor Z guards the satellite launch control room. While invisible, Randall sneaks into the launch control room and knocks Professor Z unconscious. Professor Z later regains his consciousness when the laser satellites are about to crash into the Raptor headquarters. After escaping from the headquarters along with Frank, Randall, Professor Pericles, Eduardo, Nigel, and Gabi, Professor Z is once again arrested and taken into Miami custody.


For more images of Professor Z, click here


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