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This article, Pythor, contains information regarding a canonical subject from an existing feature film or franchise. However, the canon information has been mixed with "fanon" information (fan-made information). Therefore, the information in this article cannot be used for reference.

Protected Symbol
Pythor 2016
Production information
First appearance Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu ("Never Trust a Snake")
Last appearance Ninjago: Day of the Depated
Inspiration Possibly the Pythor from Power Rangers
Character information
Full name Pythor P. Chumsworth
Other names Pythor
The Snake King
"The Stranger"
Personality Revengeful
Species Anacondrai Serpentine
Home Anacondrai tomb (formerly)
Allies Lloyd Garmadon (formerly)
Skales (formerly)
Serpentine (formerly)
Arcturus (deceased)
The Overlord (presumed deceased)
General Cryptor (spirit, deceased)
Samukai (spirit, deceased)
General Kozu (spirit, deceased)
Chen (spirit, deceased)
Morro (spirit, deceased)
Master Yang
Enemies Ninja (formerly)
Kamalia Phellan
The Mandarin
Gender Male symbol
Status Alive

"Rise and serve your master again, for I have returned!"
—Pythor to the Serpentine after being freed from the Anacondrai tomb

Pythor P. Chumsworth, commonly known as simply Pythor, was the main antagonist in the first season of Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu and the last of the Anacondrai tribe of Serpentine entombed underground by the people of Ninjago. He succeeded in releasing a giant snake known as The Great Devourer in order for his revenge, but was unassumingly eaten by the beast along with the Ninja's master Sensie Wu who was later revealed to be alive after The Great Devourer was destroyed by Lord Garmadon. Pythor was never seen again in the series, which suggested that he had died.

However, Pythor appeared in the Life's a Fish and Then You Fry film Frank's Adventure of Ninjago Part II, where he began as an antagonist but later became a protagonist. Pythor later appears in Ninjago: Rebooted as a mysterious robed figure known only as "The Stranger". Pythor later reveals himself, and his bleached skin, to Lloyd Garmadon and attacks Borg Tower to assist The Overlord in his scheme to become the Golden Master.


Ninjago: Rise of the Snakes

Pythor was released from his tomb by Lloyd Garmadon who wanted revenge on the Hypnobrai and Fangpyre Serpentine tribes for betraying him. Pythor offered to help Lloyd in an attempt to steal the Map of Dens from him to release the other Serpentine tribes. When Pythor and Lloyd set up traps for the Sensie Wu's ninja at a boarding school for misbehaved boys, Pythor steals the map from Lloyd and reveals that was just using Lloyd to get the map. Pythor turns invisible and leaves Lloyd for the ninja.

Pythor later attempts to unit all of the Serpentine tribes after freeing them. He and the rest of the Serpentine meet in the sewers under Ninjago City where the ninja begin making fun of the Serpentine and trick them into thinking that the other snakes are saying these words. This angers Pythor and he later captures Kai, Cole, and Jay after Skales spots Zane in a pink uniform. When the ninja escape Pythor becomes even more angered when he loses the alliance of the other Serpentine. Pythor attempts to find the Lost City of Ouroborus, of which he and Skales succeed. Pythor then sends out Skales to gather all of the Serpentine to Ouroborus where he challenges the other generals for the loyalty of the Serpentine. Pythor wins the battle as a result of he and Skales setting up an agreement: Skales gives Pythor the Sacred Flute that Pythor stole from the ninja back when he freed the other Serpentine tribes and Pythor uses it win the fight while he gave Skales earplugs so that he could not hear the flute's music. Pythor then notices Lloyd in the crowd when he is exposed from being dressed in a Hypnobrai scout suit and locks Lloyd in a cage.

Pythor and the Serpentine set out to find the Four Silver Fangblades to unleash the Great Devourer for revenge on the people of Ninjago after they reveal the map to their locations by using the venom from the snake staffs. As Pythor and the snakes find each Fangblade one by one, they are visited by the ninja each time, who eventually recapture Lloyd when Pythor finds the Fangpyre Fangblade in the Fire Temple. Pythor finds the Venomari Fangblade and returns to the Serpentine's underground fortress where he captures the ninja who tried to steal the other three Fangblades. When Lord Garmadon arrives at the fortress with the Skeleton Army, Pythor turns invisible and sneaks on board the Destiny's Bounty where he later ties Lloyd to a pole and sabotages the engine. Pythor then escapes with all four Fangblades that the ninja had stolen from the underground fortress and is rescued by Skales on the "Rattlecopter". Pythor, Skales, and the other Serpentine capture a Ninjago tour bus to return to Ouroborus. The ninja chase after them and Sensie Wu eventually arrives to stop Pythor. Pythor and Wu fight until the tour bus, now mutated by the Fangpyre into the "Serpentine Bus", crashes at Ouroborus.

Pythor makes his way out of the crashed remains of the bus and places the Fangblades in the teeth of the Great Devourer statue. The ground begins to shake as the Great Devourer is released. Wu arrives and tries to talk Pythor out of releasing the Devourer. But it is too late. The statue of the Devourer crumbles into rubble to Pythor's surprise shortly before Pythor learns that the Devourer is actually underneath Ouroborus. Pythor tries to escape, but Sensie Wu grabs him by the neck and they are both eaten by the Great Devourer.

Frank's Adventure of Ninjago Part II

Pythor was encountered by Frank the alien along with Kamalia Phellan after they defeated Skales who bombed the Ninjago beach on the first day of summer. Frank and Kamalia planned to return to the United States in the Rattlecopter that they stole from Skales and the Serpentine. However, they found themselves running out of fuel which caused them to crash in the Sea of Sand. Frank and Kamalia explored the desert until they came upon the Anacondrai tomb where they met Pythor who was hiding in the tomb to avoid being eaten by The Great Devourer. It is revealed that Pythor survived being in the stomach of The Great Devourer, although his skin was bleached white in the process.

Frank did not know anything of The Great Devourer was, but told Pythor that he had nothing to fear because there was no sign of a giant snake. Pythor then leaves the tomb shouting "So long suckers!" and locks both Frank and Kamalia inside of the tomb. Pythor then set out to find the rest of the Serpentine.

In his search for the Serpentine, Pythor found some of them inside the Hypnobrai tomb where they explained Skales' terrorist acts and his plan to bomb the beach of Ninjago with alien technology-powered bombs which were left on an oil platform after Skales was defeated. Pythor tells the Serpentine that if they take him to the oil platform, he will operate the bombs as revenge on the people of Ninjago for entombing the Serpentine underground. The Serpentine agree to Pythor's offer and head for the oil platform in multiple Rattlecopters. Little did Pythor know that the terrorist known as The Mandarin had captured Frank and Kamalia after Kamalia used her great strength to break free of the Anacondrai tomb.

After Frank and Kamalia are captured by The Mandarin and The Ten Rings, Frank sets out in search of Pythor. Pythor has allied with the Serpentine again, and plans on taking revenge on the people of Ninjago once and for all. However, Frank arrives in a helicopter (given to him by The Mandarin) and informs Pythor that Kamalia is being held hostage by The Mandarin, and that he has been sent to capture him to gain information as to where Skales hid his alien-technology powered bombs. Pythor explains that knows nothing of the bombs, and he and Frank make a deal to destroy The Mandarin once and for all. Pythor also apologizes for locking Frank and Kamalia in his tomb.

Frank guides Pythor and the Serpentine back to the oil platform where Skales supposedly hid the bombs, and Pythor orders Frank to call The Mandarin to give him a location. When The Mandarin and The Ten Rings arrive at the oil platform, Pythor jumps out at them along with Frank. Pythor begins fighting members of The Ten Rings, eventually killing them. Pythor also brandishes a large metal pole at The Mandarin, causing The Mandarin to loose his footing and fall into the ocean below. Pythor, along with Frank and the freed Kamalia, throws the dead bodies of The Ten Rings into the ocean. Pythor says farewell to Frank and Kamalia and dawns a large white robe with a crossbow in his belt, abandoning the Serpentine.

Ninjago: Rebooted

To be added.

Ninjago: The Tournament of Elements

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Ninjago: Day of the Departed

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