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This article, Randall Boggs, contains information regarding a canonical subject from an existing feature film or franchise. However, the canon information has been mixed with "fanon" information (fan-made information). Therefore, the information in this article cannot be used for reference.

Protected Symbol
Randall Boggs
Randall Boggs Logo
Production information
First appearance Monsters, Inc.
Last appearance Frank in France
Character information
Full name Randall "Randy" Boggs
Other names Randall Boggs
Personality Evil
Species Monster
Home Monsters University (formerly)
Monsters, Inc. (formerly)
Prison (formerly)
Allies Mike Wazowski (formerly)
Roar Omega Roar (formerly)
Fungus (formerly)
Mr. Waternoose (formerly)
Enemies Mike Wazowski (formerly)
James P. Sullivan (formerly)
Professor Pericles
Gender Male symbol
Status Alive

"Your yacht is all mine now. You lost fair and square grey, you bet your yacht. Now give me the keys!"
—Randall after winning Frank's yacht

Randall "Randy" Boggs, better known as simply Randall, was the main antagonist in the 2001 Disney film Monsters, Inc. as well as the 2013 prequel Monsters University. Randall is set to be a character in the upcoming Life's a Fish and Then You Fry film Frank in France where he will be the film's secondary protagonist who begins as a villain who Frank loses his yacht to in a game of roulette. Randall and Frank become friends after he purchases a better yacht with the money he makes from Frank's scheme. Randall returns with a protagonist role in Mind of Evil.


Randall is very lizard-like and has eight thin limbs with three bulbous fingers on each limb. Randall has a salamander-like head with two sphere shaped eyes with green irises and black pupils of which seem to have bangs underneath them. Randall has sharp shark-like teeth and three fronds that stick out from the top of his head of which appear to be a bright red/pink color at the top. Randall's facial expressions are usually evil and scheming with a large evil smile baring his sharp shark-like teeth. Randall's eyes seem to squint on occasion while he is angered. Randall also has a blue forked snake-like tongue.

Randall's primary skin color is bright purple with small streaks of aqua blue. Most of Randall's tail is aqua blue along with some of his back. Randall has the power to change his skin color to his surroundings of which makes him completely invisible, as well as change his skin color to whatever he pleases and seems to change color without control if he is surprised or beaten up. Randall's ability to change skin color at will is similar to that of a chameleon like that of his other reptile-like characteristics such as his overall body shape and salamander-like head.


In Monsters University, Randy is kind, shy, gentle, and eager to be friends with the "cool kids". Randy wanted to major in scaring and was particularly nervous about the subject because he had problems controlling his habit of changing color and turning invisible. After Randy lost to Sullivan in the Scare Games, he was kicked out of his group (Roar Omega Roar) and swears revenge on Sullivan. Thus, becoming cold and devious, as well as extremely bitter to become better than Sullivan in every way possible.

In Monsters, Inc., Randall is cunning, devious, selfish, crafty, intelligent, and easily annoyed. Randall is also revengeful and demanding, threatening to put his assistant Fungus through the door shredder. Randall hates to be compared to Sullivan, as he gives Mr. Waternoose a growl when he states "Sullivan is twice the scarer you'll ever be." As a display of his hatred towards Sullivan, Randall turns himself invisible and begins violently attacking Sullivan after he destroy's Randall's Scream Extractor. Randall also turns visible for briefs scenes after this, deliberately to taunt Sullivan. Randall is sadistic and especially enjoys scaring, taunting, and torturing Boo.

In Mind of Evil, Randall becomes even more revengeful towards Professor Pericles. This is because Pericles kidnapped Randall seven years ago to study his color-changing skin and develop a cloaking device for the Raptor headquarters. When Randall has to type in a password into a computer system to gain entry into the Raptor headquarters, he reveals that he is extremely tech-savvy by his ability to get past a firewall in approximately one minute and 27 seconds. Randall also reveals that he has been an expert in software programming, writing script code, etc., since he was young but did not acknowledge this to anyone else out of fear or being viewed as a geek among his classmates in school and Monsters University. Randall is still cunning and devious, although sees Frank as somewhat of a true friend. Some of Randall's tech skills had faded over the years from working at Monsters, Inc. and his discontinued use of glasses.


Monsters University

Randall first appears when Mike joined Monsters University and introduced himself to Mike as "Randy Boggs" shortly before being surprised and turning invisible while still having his glasses floating in mid air. Mike told him to loose his glasses after turning back to his normal skin color because his ability was good for scaring. Randall and Mike ended up as roommates.

Randall later appeared with Mike several times in the film before joining Roar Omega Roar in the school's Scare Games. Randall later appears near the end of the film when he and Sullivan compete in the final match of the Scare Games of which the task was to scare a robotic version of a human child. Randall turned himself invisible soon before Sullivan's roar caused him to fall to the ground on a carpet which was pink with red hearts. The shock caused Randall's skin to turn the pattern of the carpet and made him loose the match. Randall later claimed that this would be the last time he would loose to Sullivan. This explains is hatred for Sullivan in Monsters, Inc..

Monsters, Inc.

Randall first appears in the locker rooms with Mike and Sullivan when he reveals himself after turning invisible in an attempt to scare Mike, of which works. Randall then comments on how he can scare both little kids and little monsters. Although, Mike claimed that he just had allergies. Randall responds skeptically saying "Yeah, sure."

Randall later appears with the rest of the scarers in Monsters, Inc. where he soon breaks the scare record and becomes the new scare leader. However, Sullivan once again keeps the record by scaring an entire slumber party, leaving Randall as he was before; second best next to Sullivan. Randall orders his minion Fungus to bring him a new door to the human world and threatens to throw him into the door shredder. Randall appears later when Sullivan finds a door left in the scaring room and stops Randall's shadow through the windows outside soon before trying to hide human toys after opening the door to check to see if there was another scarer inside. Randall appears coming out of the door while Sullivan is hiding behind to hide the human child that escaped from the door while he had it open. The human child, Boo, makes a noise and Randall stops, seemingly suspicious of the noise. But, in reality, Randall only sneezed. Randall was the one who left the door in the room because he was trying to cheat and boost his scaring numbers.

Randall later appears in the bathrooms after being harassed by members of the CDA about whether he saw anything of the human child in the factory. Randall stops by the sink to wash his hands while Mike, Sullivan, and Boo are hiding in the stall behind him. Randall hears Mike's foot in the toilet as Fungus enters the room. Randall silences Fungus and turns invisible and later visible as he punches the stall doors open. Just as Randall is about to open the door where Mike, Sullivan, and Boo are hiding, Fungus shows him a picture of the child in the newspaper and both Randall and Fungus depart. Before departing the room, Randall mentioned Fungus starting a machine which was actual Randall's invention known as the Scream Extractor.

Randall then appears bumping into Sullivan later on in the film while Mike and Sullivan were looking for the escaped Boo. Bumping into Sullivan caused Randall's skin to change the color of Sullivan's fur. Randall turned his skin back to normal and asked Mike and Sullivan what they were doing there. Randall soon asked Sullivan what he thought of the escaped human child soon before Mike told him to question a multi-eyed monster named Waxford about the child. Randall attention is caught by Mike for second while he is arguing with hid girlfriend Celia Mae. Randall then looks in his newspaper and sees Mike in the background of a picture of Boo, automatically given Randall the knowledge that Mike was indeed responsible for the human child. Randall hid within a portrait of Mr. Waternoose right behind Mike and then revealed himself to question Mike about the child. Randall made Mike an offer to bring the child back to the door before a certain period of time. Mike obeys Randall and brings Sullivan and Boo to the door. But, Sullivan disagrees and tells Mike that Randall is after Boo. Mike enters to room to try and prove that Randall's is not in the room. But, Randall was in the room and captures Mike, thinking that he is Boo.

Randall exits the room while having captured in a fake pack of scream cans. Randall then hears Sullivan while he is hiding and turns himself invisible while searching for Sullivan. As Randall reveals himself right next to Sullivan, a bell rings right before Randall could notice him and Randall leaves the scaring room. Randall takes Mike back to his secret lair in the factory where he and Fungus find that it is not Boo that Randall captured, but it is actually Mike. Randall seats Mike and chuckles after Mike tells Randall that he won't boost his scaring numbers. It is at that point in the film that Randall reveals that he doesn't care about the scaring and that Monsters, Inc. will no longer need scarers. Randall then introduces Mike to his invention known as the Scream Extractor and prepares to test the machine on Mike. However, the Scream Extractor stops working and Randall follows the machine's plug only to find that the plug had simply been unplugged. Randall returns to his lair where he finds Fungus in the seat of the machine having his screams extracted. Randall asks where Mike went and Fungus points to the right before falling out of the seat and seemingly fainted.

Randall then later appears opening the door to banish Mike and Sullivan after turning visible. After Mr. Waternoose (who was in with Randall's plot to kidnap children) banishes Mike and Sullivan, Waternoose harasses Randall for having to banish his best scarer, Sullivan, and that it was all Randall's fault. Randall responds that Sullivan got what he deserved before Waternoose says that Sullivan was twice the scarer that Randall will ever be. Randall becomes angered at this and gives Waternoose a scowling look while he is seating Boo in the Scream Extractor. As Randall is about to use the Scream Extractor on Boo, Sullivan destroys the machine as Randall and Waternoose cower. Randall turns himself invisible and starts to beat up Sullivan before being hit with a snowball by Mike which caused Randall to reveal himself and falls to the floor. Randall wakes up and chases after Mike and Sullivan as they attempted to return Boo to the human world. Randall follows them on the sliding door to the human world on the cieling until he captures Boo and tries to kick Sullivan off of the door that he is holding onto. However, Boo overcomes her fear of him and beats him up, causing his skin to change different colors until later, Mike and Sullivan capture Randall and throw him into a door to the human world where he ends up in a trailer with a hillbilly family. The son of the family explains to the mother that the gator got inside and Randall is beaten with a shovel. Mike and Sullivan later destroy the door.

Monsters, Inc. Laugh Factory

In a Disney comic, Randall escapes from the human world and frames Mike and Sullivan for assault on a Monsters, Inc. employee named Waxford, though he is eventually arrested by the CDA.

Frank in France

Randall escapes from the CDA prison and back into the human world, figuring that no monster would dare follow him there. Randall appears first in the film in a gambling establishment in Monte Carlo where he meets with Frank to play a game of roulette where they are very ambitious to beat each other. Frank runs out of money and decides to bet his yacht in which he loses. Randall calls him sucker and asks for the keys. Frank gives Randall the keys and introduces him to the yacht's crew who will now work for Randall. Randall, thinking that if he were to simply leave Frank homeless that he would be just as cruel to him as he felt when he wanted the respect that Sullivan had, decided to let Frank continue living on the yacht if Frank were to be his personal assistant.

Frank agrees and the two soon head to another casino in Monte Carlo where Randall begins a game of poker with another yacht captain. Randall bets his yacht and Frank decides to use his alien powers to make so that Randall wins. Sure enough, Randall wins and also gains ownership of the other captain's yacht. Frank does not tell of using his powers to make Randall win and the two continue going to new casinos and betting on yachts. Later on in the film, Randall is challenged by Frank in the Great Monte Carlo Yacht Race where Frank actually uses his powers to make Randall loose. Randall, however, cheats by taking a short cut off the track that the racers are not supposed to use and wins the race.

Mind of Evil

Randall Boggs returns in Mind of Evil with a protagonist role alongside Frank yet again. Frank meets with Randall in an Applebee's restaurant, where Randall explains that Professor Pericles kidnapped him seven years ago and pulled a scale from his skin to create a cloaking laser for the Raptor headquarters. While held hostage at Raptor, Randall learned of Pericles' plan to destroy the Earth's satellites and replace them with his own. Randall explains this to Frank, who agrees to help Randall stop Pericles from destroying the world's satellites.


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  • In Monsters, Inc. and Monsters University, Randall is voiced by Steve Buscemi.
  • In Disney INFINITY, Randall is voiced by J. P. Manoux.[1]
  • Randall being featured in Frank in France is a reference to him being seen in front of the Eiffle Tower while he was chasing after Mike, Sullivan, and Boo in Monsters, Inc..


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