Protected Symbol
Raptor Logo1
Production information
First appearance Mind of Evil
Last appearance
Character information
Full name Raptor
Other names
Home Pericles' lair in Miami
Allies Professor Pericles (founder and leader)
Nigel (secondary leader)
Eduardo Perez
Professor Z
Enemies Frank
Randall Boggs

Raptor is the name given to a group scientists and villains founded by the infamous Professor Pericles. Raptor serves as the main antagonistic force in Mind of Evil. The name is not an acronym and refers to a bird of prey, as chosen by Pericles. Raptor also consists of their secondary leader Nigel (a Sulphur-crested cockatoo) and Pericles' henchmen Professor Z and Eduardo Perez.

The Raptor headquarters is located in Miami, albeit the exact location is currently unknown. Raptor's lair is hidden by a cloaking device designed by Pericles after kidnapping Randall Boggs several years ago to study his skin, which has the power to change color according to exact surroundings. Pericles based the cloaking device after Randall's skin and even took a scale from him to study.


Mind of Evil

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