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The Raptor headquarters, also known as Pericles' lair, was a secret location in the city of Miami and served as the domain of Raptor. The location has no real name, and the names "Raptor headquarters" and "Pericles lair" were only used by Frank and Randall Boggs. The headquarters was the lair of the evil Professor Pericles, the main antagonist in Mind of Evil. The lair was also the home of the villains Nigel, Professor Z, and Eduardo Perez when they were working for Pericles.

The inside of the lair has many rooms large and small, including a large computer room which serves as Pericles' base of operations, several cell rooms resembling a common prison, a small factory that manufactures electronics for Raptor, garage-type rooms where Pericles' private vehicles are stored, a satellite launch control room, a network mainframe room, etc.


It was mentioned that Professor Pericles contacted Ivan Vanko prior to the story and asked of him to design a cloaking device for the lair. Unfortunately for Pericles, Vanko was arrested for selling Soviet-era weapons-grade plutonium to Pakistan shortly after. Pericles later kidnapped Randall Boggs and stole one of his color-changing scales to design a cloaking laser.

Mind of Evil

After seeing Eduardo Perez in an Applebee's restaurant, Frank and Randall followed him to the lair and infiltrated the headquarters using Randall's knowledge of bypassing computer firewalls. Randall eventually tried to reprogram the laser satellite launch controls, but was caught and tied to a chair by Professor Pericles. After Pericles threatened to kill Randall upon Frank's arrival in the room, Frank allowed Pericles to launch the satellites so long as he allowed Randall to live. Pericles accepted and launched the satellites, only for Galvatron to hack into the Raptor mainframe at the same time (unknown to anyone else), which caused the satellites to run off course and crash into the lair one by one. This destroyed the Raptor headquarters while Frank, Randall, Professor Pericles, Nigel, Gabi, Eduardo, Professor Z, and Galvatron (unknown to anyone else) escaped.

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