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Protected Symbol
Scar Logo
Production information
First appearance The Lion King
Last appearance TBA
Character information
Full name Taka (birth name)
Other names Scar
Prince Taka (formal)
Personality Jealous
Species Lion
Home East central Africa
Allies Mufasa (formerly)
Shenzi, Banzai and Ed (formerly)
Zira (formerly)
Enemies Mufasa
Gender Male symbol
Status Deceased

Scar, formerly known as Taka and King Taka in an altered reality ("Taka" meaning "dirt", "garbage", and "want" in Swahili)[1], was the main antagonist in the 1994 animated Disney film The Lion King. Scar made brief appearances, as well as mentioned, in the sequel The Lion King II: Simba's Pride. Like many famous Disney characters, Scar also made appearances in various Disney specials and television programs, along with several cameo appearances. Scar will be the main antagonist in the 2015 Life's a Fish and Then You Fry fan fiction story Quest of Time III. The events in the story will also take place years before the events in The Lion King.

Scar is most well known for his jalousie over his late brother Mufasa, who was chosen by their father Ahadi to be king of the Pride Lands over Scar. Since then, Scar planned to take back his birthright and became the acquaintance of the three hyenas Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed. Scar also came to meet Zira along the way.


Scar has brownish-orange fur and a slick black mane, as well as patches of black fur on his elbows to match the appearance of his mane. Scar also has whitish-yellow fur on his underbelly, muzzle, and paws. Scar has a thinner posture than the other lions, as well as a longer muzzle. Scar has two almond-shaped yellow eyes with green irises and black pupils. Scar has a thin red gash on his left (your right) eye, hence his namesake. Brown and black fur also surrounds Scar's eyes, whereas the rest of his body bares the lighter orange fur. Scar, unlike the other lions, has fangs for teeth while his canine teeth are seemingly sharper than most other lions. Scar has long whiskers and sports a goatee beard under his chin.

Scar bares a slightly less muscular posture than other lions, while he is also elegant and poised. Scar has large black claws always bared from his paws, which are never retracted as well as makes an addition to his menacing appearance. Scar also has a patch of black fur at the tip of his thin tail, seemingly to match his mane.




Scar as Taka.

In 1970, Taka was born as the son of Ahadi, the former king of the Pride Lands, and the younger brother of Mufasa. With Mufasa being chosen to be heir to Ahadi's throne, Taka began to slowly hate his father and older brother. Taka also resented his father for choosing to attend to his duties as king instead of spending fatherly time with Mufasa and him, leaving Taka and Mufasa to often hunt alone.

Taka once set a cobra on Mufasa as an attempt to kill him, but a baboon named Rafiki, who Ahadi and Mufasa had earlier rescued from the hyenas in the Pride Lands, foiled his plan. The next day, Taka began to resent his father even more when he promised to take Taka and Mufasa on a hunting trip but chose to attend to a group of angry Pridelanders instead, leaving Taka and Mufasa to once again hunt alone. Taka's furious protests led Ahadi to explain that Mufasa understood the responsibility of being a king, which Taka seemingly did not.

Taka plotted with the hyenas, Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed, to get Mufasa into trouble during the hunt, hoping to lead Ahadi to chose Taka as heir to the throne instead of Mufasa. Taka and Mufasa went to a water hole where a buffalo named Boma was hogging one of the only water sources left during a drought. Taka tricked Mufasa into angering Boma, and the buffalo began to chase Mufasa. Taka hysterically laughed while watching Mufasa being chased, but it wasn't long before some of the other buffalo of Boma's herd started attacking him. One of the buffalo lashed Taka's left eye with its horn, creating Taka's scar.

After this incident, Taka requested to be called "Scar" from now on, as a reminder of what he had done to himself so that he would never forget.


Mufasa's son Simba is born, and this automatically leaves Scar with no chance of replacing Mufasa as king of the Pride Lands. Not long after Scar is scolded by Mufasa for not attending Simba's birth ceremony, Scar finds the Staff of Time hidden away in a cave. After realizing the staff's powers, Scar uses it to travel back in time to kill Mufasa.

Altered 2015

Scar succeeds in killing Mufasa and later becomes king of the Pride Lands, now known as "King Taka" since he never got his scar in this reality. As part of his deal with the hyenas, Taka offers them food to eat, leaving very little for the Pridelanders to feast on. Taka's reign as king is ultimately an apocalypse of the Pride Lands filled with droughts and starvation.

The aliens, who traveled back to Earth after an automatic silent alarm was set off by the Staff of Time after Scar removed it from its hiding place, travel back in time to stop this reality from happening, as they knew Scar had traveled back in time.

Altered 1970's

Scar Meets Himself

Scar meets himself.

Scar goes back in time and meets his younger self. Scar, disgusted with his younger self for knowing that he failed to kill his brother the first time, reveals himself to Taka and attempts to convince him that his attempt to kill his brother with a cobra will fail, and that he needs to use another means of killing Mufasa. Taka asks about Scar's scar, and Scar explains that it is the result of another failed attempt to kill his brother, having been lashed in the eye by a water buffalo. Scar explains that he is what Taka will become if he fails to kill Mufasa, frightening Taka. Now trusting Scar, he and Taka scheme up another means of killing Mufasa. Scar decides that they will kill Mufasa by simply making sure they aren't around when they trick Mufasa into angering Boma.

Little are Scar and Taka aware that the aliens traveled back in time as well, to stop Scar from killing Mufasa.

Scar lets Taka take Mufasa to the watering hole and watches as he tricks Mufasa into angering Boma, eventually resulting in Boma chasing Mufasa as before. Taka immediately flees the scene to avoid being scarred by the buffalo and Scar meets with him as they watch Boma chase Mufasa.

The aliens arrive and meet Scar, who confronts the aliens despite his fear of their unusual presence. Scar explains that he assumes the aliens created the staff that allowed him to travel back in time and thanks them, but also explains that he will unfortunately have to kill them as well. One of the aliens named Mike aims a ray gun at Scar, but his cat-like reflexes allow him to simply swat the gun from Mike's hands. While the other aliens are distracted by trying to save Mufasa from Boma, Mike is left to battle Scar. Eventually, Scar lashes Mike's left eye with one of his claws, claiming that it's someone else's time to be scarred. As they are approaching a cliff, Mike forces Scar off the cliff, which kills the elder Scar.

The other buffalo in Boma's herd notice the battle, and one of them attacks Taka and lashes his left eye, restoring reality back to the way it was before.

The Lion King

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The Lion King II: Simba's Pride

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The Lion King ½

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  • In The Lion King, Scar is voiced by Jeremy Irons and the last lyrics of Be Prepared are voiced by Jim Cummings, who also voices Scar in The Lion King II: Simba's Pride.
  • Scar is similar to Nigel in two ways.
    • Both Scar and Nigel force groups of other animals to do their work. For example, Scar made friends with a trio of hyenas in the outlands to cause a stampede of elk and Nigel recruited a group of marmosets to find Blu and Jewel.
    • Both Scar and Nigel have Shakespearean references. For example, Scar is seen holding an animal skull in his paws when he has Zazu trapped in a cage made from animal ribs and Nigel is seen holding a bird skull in his talons in the opening of Rio 2.
  • Scar makes a cameo as a throw rug in the 1997 Disney film Hercules.


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