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This article, Scarab, contains information regarding a canonical subject from an existing feature film or franchise. However, the canon information has been mixed with "fanon" information (fan-made information). Therefore, the information in this article cannot be used for reference.

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Protected Symbol
Scarab Logo
Production information
First appearance The Mummy: Secrets of the Medjai
Last appearance Battle for the Scarab Jewel
Character information
Full name Unknown
Other names Scarab
Angry bug
Bug-ugly (to Jack O'Connell)
Bug-breathe (to Rick O'Connell)
"Motherfucking Insect" (to Leslie Chow)
Personality Ruthless
Species Unknown
Crossed between scarab beetle and human
Home Ancient Egypt (formerly)
Allies Imhotep (formerly)
Enemies Jack O'Connell (formerly)
Rick O'Connell (formerly)
Alex O'Connell (formerly)
Kamalia Phellan
Leslie Chow
Gender Male symbol
Status Alive

"I have forced gods to their knees, and you think you can defeat me?"
—Scarab to Rick and Jack O'Connell

Scarab was a major antagonist in The Mummy: Secrets of the Medjai episodes Like Father Like Son and Just Another Piece of Jewelry. Scarab will be the main antagonist in the Life's a Fish and Then You Fry film Battle for the Scarab Jewel.


Scarab is a large being resembling a humanoid scarab beetle. Scarab has a violet purple shell with a dark brownish-purple carapace. Scarab has large triangular shaped aqua blue eyes with reptilian pupils. Above Scarab's eyes is a large part of his carapace protecting his head with violet purple antennas growing out from atop the carapace. Scarab has two sets of fang-like mandibles that appear as single bones, rather than individual teeth. Scarab has two sets of pincers matching the color of his carapace: one set small and closer to the mouth while the other set is extremely large and menacing with two sharp ridges on each pincer. Scarab's mouth can open to a great extent, resulting in the appearance of a sinister smile a fair portion of the time.

Scarab has six limbs like that of a scarab beetle: four humanoid arms and two legs, both with sharp claws sharing the same texture and color of his shell rather than nails. All of Scarab's limbs are violet purple with grayish-white bracelet-like objects mounted around both his arms and legs. Scarab has sharp edges on the shoulders of his arms and on his knees, representing splits in his shell. Scarab also wears a striped royal Egyptian-style skirt with a silver buckle. The stripes on Scarab's skirt are a dark brown to match his carapace and dark yellowish-orange.


Scarab's original name is unknown, although he was at one point human. In 3,000 B.C., Scarab was a high-ranking member of the Pharaoh Ay of Akhmim's Royal Guard who secretly sought to steel the Scarab Jewel, an extremely powerful artifact with the power to destroy entire civilizations at the user's command. Scarab planned to use the Scarab Jewel to overthrow the pharaoh and rule all of Akhmim, as well as Egypt. In order to obtain the Scarab Jewel, Scarab hired a group of criminals and thieves to start a riot in Akhmim and rewarded them with food, water, and clothing. The riot in Akhmim allowed Scarab time to break into the Scarab Temple, a location unknown to Pharaoh Ay in which the Scarab Jewel was hidden. Scarab succeeded in making off with the Scarab Jewel, although unfortunately for him, Pharaoh Ay quickly saw through his plan and prepared for Scarab's return to Akhmim.

Scarab 3,000 BC

Scarab terrorizing Egypt in 3,000 B.C.

Scarab returned to Akhmim with the Scarab Jewel and used it to threaten the lives of everyone in the city. Scarab's knowledge of how to use the Scarab Jewel was so little, that it was easily seized from him by the Royal Guard. Pharaoh Ay, who knew more of the Scarab Jewel than him, used the artifact to transform Scarab into a humanoid creature baring resemblance to a scarab beetle as punishment for his betrayal, hence his new name "Scarab", which he chose as a reminder of his betrayal. The transformation made Scarab stronger, and he used this to his advantage and terrorized Akhmim. Even Pharaoh Ay was now no match for Scarab's power. Scarab became feared throughout all of Egypt and caused so much destruction, that the god of the underworld himself Osiris used his manacle to imprison Scarab into a jewel known as the Scarab Amulet. From this point on, Osiris left his manacle with Pharaoh Ay and his Royal Guard to use in case Scarab were to ever return. The Scarab Amulet was sealed away inside of the Scarab Temple.

The Mummy: Secrets of the Medjai

Like Father Like Son

Somewhere between the years 1920 and 1934, Jack O'Connell, a treasure hunter of Ancient Egypt, and his grandson Alex O'Connell discover the temple in which Scarab is imprisoned as the Scarab Amulet and free the amulet from its cage-like prison. As Jack holds the amulet in his hands, the amulet bites him, forcing Jack to drop the amulet to the ground in surprise. The Scarab Amulet then begins to glow in an bright pink color, nearly driving Jack and Alex off the chasm where the Scarab Amulet was located inside the temple. The amulet then grows into a large humanoid scarab-like creature. Scarab ponders around the room and lets out a fearsome growl at Jack and Alex. Scarab then demands to know why Jack and Alex have released him from imprisonment of the amulet. Alex explains that the situation was not intentional, to which Scarab orders for Jack and Alex to serve him, stating that if they fail to do so, they are expendable. Scarab then throws Jack aside, representing his disrespectful personality. Alex brandishes the Manacle of Osiris at Scarab, who cowers behind a pillar. Scarab then explains that the Manacle of Osiris "imprisoned" him before, ensuring that it will never happen again.

Jack and Alex proceed to climb the rope attached to both sides of the chasm. Scarab observes this and ponders why Alex wears the manacle yet does not do battle. Scarab then cuts off the other side of the rope with his mandibles, forcing Jack and Alex to fall into the chasm. After Scarab observes Alex's father Rick O'Connell pull Jack and Alex up from the chasm while holding onto the rope, he jumps a great leap over the chasm and lands in the abyss on the other side. Scarab then realizes that Alex does not control the manacle and proceeds to scale up the abyss in pursuit of Rick, Jack, and Alex. As Scarab is chasing them through a corridor, Rick pulls out two sticks of dynamite and throws them at Scarab. This crushes Scarab beneath two tons of rock, which traps, Rick, Jack, and Alex inside of a dead end corridor.

Alex then discovers a wall of hieroglyphics depicting Scarab in ancient times warding off the people of Egypt among a great fire. The hieroglyphics also depict Scarab being imprisoned into the Scarab Amulet by the god of the underworld Osiris himself. This explains why Scarab feared Alex at first, believing that he would use the manacle to imprison him again. Scarab then bursts through the wall, claiming that he is not truly free so long as the Manacle of Osiris exists and that the manacle must be destroyed. Rick then attempts to whip Scarab, who simply grabs his whip and begins throwing Rick about. Jack then uses his poncho as a bullfighting trick to lure Scarab away. Scarab then charges at Jack, who dodges Scarab. Scarab's mandibles and antennas become stuck in a rock, allowing Rick, Jack, and Alex time to escape through the tunnel that Scarab made.

Rick, Jack, and Alex escape into another chamber within the temple, where, shortly after they escape, Scarab bursts through the ceiling and spits a blob of purple fluid at Rick and Jack. The fluid Scarab spits acts as a hardening cocoon which binds Rick and Jack together back-to-back. Scarab then proceeds to corner Alex, threatening to make him the first of his many sacrifices. Alex tries to save himself by claiming that he shares the same hatred for the manacle as Scarab, to which Scarab attempts to corner Alex and remove the manacle from his wrist. Alex then kicks Scarab in the chest, knocking him to the ground. Rick and Jack, while still stuck back-to-back in the cocoon, jump on Scarab's back, allowing Alex time to escape. Rick then taunts Scarab to provoke him into squeezing he and Jack while they trapped in the cocoon. Scarab begins squeezing them, causing the cocoon to break off. As Scarab continues to squeeze them, Rick wedges a lit stick of dynamite into Scarab's shell. In surprise, Scarab loses his grip of Rick and Jack, who escape with Alex as Scarab is panicking in fear of the dynamite exploding. Scarab then proceeds the chase Rick, Jack, and Alex through the chamber as they escape.

After Rick, Jack, and Alex escape, the dynamite explodes. Shortly after the explosion, Scarab proceeds to scale the canyon walls which the temple is located as he is in pursuit of Rick, Jack, and Alex. Rick, Jack, and Alex make their way to a large blimp known as the Zephyr and escape, blowing Scarab away with the blimp's vertical acceleration. As soon as Rick, Jack, and Alex believe they have finally escaped, Scarab's voice screeches out that their nightmare has only begun. Scarab then breaks through the Zephyr's windshield and grabs Alex, throwing him off the blimp. Alex then grabs the mooring rope and makes his way back up to the balloon. Scarab then chases after Alex, climbing up the blimp's side as he uses his claws to tear holes in the balloon. Scarab then corners Alex when he reaches the top of the balloon. Scarab grabs Alex by the leg and dangles him above a great drop into the canyons below them. Rick then whips Scarab, forcing him to loose his footing as he takes Alex down with him. Scarab then holds onto a fragment of the balloon and comes at Alex, who is hanging onto a rope. Alex takes a Medjai dagger and cuts the fragment of the balloon Scarab is grasping, forcing him to fall into the canyons below. Scarab lets out a loud growl as he falls into the canyons.

Just Another Piece of Jewelry

Imhotep arrives in a dungeon in Venice to steel the Medallion of the Medjai. As Imhotep is to steel the medallion, a Minotaur (first seen in an episode from season 1) arrives and attempts to stop him from stealing the artifact. Scarab then arrives and fights with the Minotaur, buying Imhotep time to steal the medallion.

Rick, Evy, and Alex O'Connell, along with Alex's uncle Johnathan Carnahan and the Medjai Ardeth Bay, arrive at the dungeon, only to find that Imhotep has stolen the Medallion of the Medjai. Scarab then makes himself known from his hiding place on the ceiling and spits a pink fluid at Evy and Johnathan. Ardeth brandishes his sword at Scarab and demands to know what Imhotep has done with the medallion, to which Scarab responds that he has no interest in Imhotep's plans and that he only helped Imhotep to exact his revenge on Alex. Scarab then tries to attack Alex, who dodges Scarab's jump at him. Alex then kicks Scarab in the face multiple times, forcing him through the wall and into another chamber. Scarab then uses an artifact known as the Nasr Nullifier to drain the powers of the Manacle of Osiris from Alex. Scarab then explains that the manacle is now useless as he corners Alex and forces him against the wall. Rick then whips Scarab, tying the whip around Scarab's neck. Rick the throws Scarab to the floor with his whip. Alex takes a cage hanging from the ceiling and knocks it to the floor, upon where Alex and Rick attempt to lure Scarab into the cage. Scarab charges at them and he finds himself in the cage, which Rick locks shut. This allows time for Rick, Evy, Alex, Johnathan, and Ardeth to escape in a speedboat.

Scarab breaks free from the cage and jumps at the boat before it takes off. Scarab lands in the water and proceeds to chase them while jumping from wall to wall of the buildings surrounding them. As the boat enters a clearing in the ocean, Scarab jumps from a small bridge and continues to chase after them while jumping on the water. Scarab leaps onto the boat, using his claws to gain a grip. Ardeth attempts to fight off Scarab with his sword, but Scarab easily throws Ardeth aside. Scarab attempts to attack Alex again, until Rick kicks Scarab into the back seats and throws him a stick of lit dynamite. Rick, Evy, Alex, Johnathan, and Ardeth abandon the boat as it explodes, only to find that Scarab has survived the explosion. Scarab then declares that nothing can destroy him and continues to chase after Alex and the rest of the group through the water. The Minotaur then arrives and fights off Scarab, attempting to drown him in the water. The group then makes it back to the Zephyr and throws down a rope ladder for the Minotaur to climb. Scarab then leaps from the water and climbs up the ladder after the Minotaur. Ardeth throws the Minotaur his sword and the Minotaur uses it to cut part of the ladder, forcing Scarab to fall back into the water.

Scarab later appears at the Rock of Gibraltar where Imhotep is opening a portal to the underworld using the Medallion of the Medjai. Scarab corners Alex and attempts to attack him again, until Rick grabs Scarab by the antennas. Scarab then throws Rick to the ground and corners him, until Alex kicks Scarab in the back. After Imhotep enters the portal, Scarab appears from behind a rock and corners Evy and Johnathan. Alex then jumps on Scarab's back and scales the rock. Scarab follows Alex and scales the rock, where he corners Alex at the top. Scarab then tries to punch Alex, forcing one of the man-made tiles beneath Alex to fall into the hollow caves within the rock. Alex uses this to his advantage and jumps on the tiles surrounding Scarab. The tiles fall into the hollow caves along with Scarab. Rick then throws Alex a stick of lit dynamite, which Alex throws into the caves along with Scarab. Scarab helps himself up from the group and takes notice of the lit dynamite. Scarab lets out a loud screech right before the dynamite explodes, seemingly destroying Scarab once and for all. Although, Scarab has survived many explosions, therefore leaving the possibility of his survival open.

Battle for the Scarab Jewel

Many decades later in the year 2013, construction begins on the Rock of Gibraltar. As a group of construction workers are digging through the caves, they discover the great heaps of rocks caused by the explosion of the dynamite. The construction workers then begin to remove the rocks from the caves, which leads to their discovery of Scarab's wounded body. The construction workers order the body to be removed, although Scarab revives from his unconsciousness and attacks the workers.

After the workers are severely wounded, Scarab uses the tunnels they created to escape from Gibraltar. Scarab's revival brought back memories from his past, and he sets out in pursuit of the Scarab Jewel. Scarab swims out to sea and boards a cargo ship bound for China.


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