Protected Symbol
Scarab Jewel

The Scarab Jewel.

The Scarab Jewel, also known as simply The Scarab, is a powerful Egyptian ruby that glows aqua blue, like that of Scarab's eyes, and has the powerful to destroy any object through the use of mental communication. Scarab is after the jewel to destroy his rival countries.


The Scarab

Scarab tried to steal the Scarab Jewel from it's home in a museum in China until he accidentally triggered the alarm system which alerted the guards. Scarab hid on the roof until the guards left and escaped from the museum to keep from being found.

After Frank and Kamalia Phellan allied with the escaped criminal Leslie Chow, all three of them attempted to break into the museum and steal the jewel before Scarab could steal it. Since Chow is a criminal, he knew ways to sneak into the museum without triggering the alarm. However, just as Chow was about to grasp the jewel from hanging on a rope, Scarab leaped at Chow in which they both fought until the alarm system was triggered. Scarab escapes from the museum without the jewel leaving the three to be arrested.

After Frank, Kamalia, and Chow are busted from jail by two of Chow's goons, they return to the museum the next night where they successfully steal the jewel.

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