Protected Symbol
Production information
First appearance
Last appearance
Character information
Full name Scrawll
Other names
Allies Skales (formerly)
Astrogon (formerly)
Enemies Astrogon
Gender Male symbol
Status Alive

Scrawll is a Deacon alien and a member of Astrogon's space smuggler gang. He is the tertiary antagonist of the 2013 Life's a Fish and Then You Fry fan fiction story The Space Getaway next to his close ally and best friend Skales and Astrogon. Scrawll aided Skales in his plot to kill Astrogon, which succeeded in the end.

His name comes from the fact that he is always eager to start and finish his tasks, so his fellow space smugglers called him "Scrawll", which is the word "scrawl" with an extra "l". Scrawll is a no-nonesense type of worker, although he is not above engaging in frivolous activity while in the middle of a mission himself.


The Space Getaway

Scrawll first appeared when he gave Astrogon a scowling face after he harassed Skales about his hostility toward Frank, who had recently been captured by Astrogon and his gang. After a talk with Skales (who was trying to think of a way to kill Astrogon), Scrawll came up with the idea to raid Mars in the hopes that Astrogon would attempt to get the job done himself, leaving him vulnerable to be killed by Skales.

When Astrogon and his gang raided Mars, Skales killed Astrogon by cutting off the line to his oxygen tanks, leaving his dead body adrift in outer space. Skales escaped soon after, leaving Scrawll on the ship with Frank. After Frank escaped as well, Scrawll was never seen again.


  • Scrawll is a spawn of Deacon, hence his similar appearance.
  • Scrawll was originally intended to escape with Skales in The Space Getaway and return in We Are Not Alone with Grey.

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