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This article, Scroop, contains information regarding a canonical subject from an existing feature film or franchise. However, the canon information has been mixed with "fanon" information (fan-made information). Therefore, the information in this article cannot be used for reference.

Protected Symbol
Production information
First appearance Treasure Planet
Last appearance The Milky Way Triangle
Inspiration Israel Hands from Treasure Island
Character information
Full name Scroop
Other names Mr. Scroop
Spider Psycho
Species Unspecified extraterrestrial
Home RLS Legacy (formerly)
Allies John Silver (formerly)
Space pirates
Enemies John Silver
Jim Hawkins
Captain Amelia
Mr. Arrow
Gender Male symbol
Status Alive

"Sssso, you're lost in a fog? You're probably in the Milky Way Triangle."

Scroop, also known as Mr. Scroop, was the secondary antagonist, and later the true antagonist of the 2002 Disney animated film Treasure Planet and a minor character in the 2013 Life's a Fish and Then You Fry fan fiction story The Milky Way Triangle.


Scroop's face is insect-like with large yellow eyes baring star-like pupils, two large white fangs, and a lower jaw with slim red fangs. Scroop also has long gray hair, which is possibly an attribute that he is elderly. Scroop's long gray hair also appears to be a reference to the character Israel Hands from Robert Louis Stevenson's novel Treasure Island.

Scroop attributes a spider-like lower body complete with six slender legs which grow from an abdomen with a black shell and a red underbelly and no cephalothorax, unlike real spiders. Scroop also has fang-like red spikes at the tips of his legs. In place of a spider's head is Scroop's hunched and muscular upper body with red claws strongly resembling that of a scorpion or crustacean. Scroop wears a tethered purple jacket, a purple belt, and a pirate hat.


Scroop is extremely devious and sadistic, having little or no moral character or concern for the others around him. Scroop is intimidating and speaks in a deep chilling hiss, making his mysterious character and his appearance all the more frightening to those around him. Scroop is defensive of his authority, as he is not above killing and threatening those who challenge his judgement. Scroop seeks control in any situation and will do whatever it takes to gain authority, or at least a sense of control.

Scroop closely observes the events around him to determine whether he should continue to allow the situations to unfold or change the outcome to his advantage. In addition, Scroop closely observes the individuals around him to search for their strongest spots and mental weaknesses, in order to use their soft spots against them. This can also assist in changing the outcome of the event. Scroop did this to John Silver in Treasure Planet to turn his crew against him and take control. Scroop is indeed a strong physical fighter, although he is more often a psychological abuser.


Treasure Planet

Scroop made his first appearance when he caught Jim Hawkins eavesdropping on three of Silver's crew planning a mutiny. Scroop crawled down from one of the masts nets of the R.L.S. Legacy and told Jim "Cabin boys should learn to mind their own business". When Jim calls him "bright eyes", Scroop grabs him by the throat and tells him "Maybe your ears don't work so well". When Jim says "To bad my nose works just fine", Scroop raises his grip as the rest of Silver's crew come to watch. The crew encourages a brawl between Scroop and Jim, but Captain Amelia's right hand man, Mr. Arrow, arrives and forces them to stop. Arrow later harasses Scroop for threatening Jim and Silver aims his cyborg on on him as warning for his disobedient behavior. The minute Arrow turns his back, Scroop gives him a scowling look and a low hiss.

Scroop later appears when the R.L.S. Legacy enters a black hole and appears helping Mr. Arrow tie the lifelines so that the crew members do not float away into space. Scroop later, seeing this as an opportunity for revenge on Arrow and Jim, cuts Arrow's lifeline and sends him into the black hole. Scroop took Arrow's hat, reported his loss to Captain Amelia, and framed Jim Hawkins for his death by removing Arrow's entire lifeline to make it seem as if Jim forgot to tie up the lifeline. Amelia and the rest of the crew blame Jim for Arrow's death. But, when Silver and his sidekick Morph notice Scroop's evil grin, Silver becomes suspicious of Scroop. Scroop later appears spying on Silver and Jim as Silver tries to tell Jim that Arrow's death was not his fault. This is when Scroop learns that Silver is developing a weakness for Jim.

The next morning, inside the ship, Scroop appears with Silver as they are discussing when to start their mutiny. When Scroop suggests that they kill the remaining non-pirates, Silver grabs him by the throat, threatens to make Scroop join Arrow if he ever pulls another stunt like that again, and throws him into a barrel of purps. Scroop then grabs a purp with one of his claws and begins harassing Silver about his weakness for Jim Hawkins in the presence of the crew. Silver then explains that he was pretending to have a soft spot for Jim in order to gain his trust and make him unaware of the crew's attempted mutiny, unaware that Jim was actually hiding in the purp barrel at the time. When the crew finally arrives at Treasure Planet after their semi-successful mutiny, Scroop stayed behind on the ship to keep lookout while Silver and his crew try to obtain the map to the treasure from Jim, who stole the map earlier only to find that it was actually Silver's pet alien Morph.

When Jim returns to the R.L.S. Legacy along with the robot B.E.N. and Morph to obtain the map, Scroop catches Jim and begins to chase him while B.E.N. attempts to disable the Legacy's laser canons. Morph turns himself into a pie and throws himself at Scroop's face, but Scroop throws Morph into the ship's pipes. Jim hides behind a corner of a corridor and points a gun at Scroop, which forces him to stop. When B.E.N. accidentally disconnects the ship's lights, Scroop takes advantage of this and hides on the ceiling. When the emergency light come on, Scroop prepares to attack Jim. But Morph comes out of one of the pipes, turns himself into a glove and pokes Scroop in the eyes, which forces Scroop to grunt and thus alerts Jim of his presence. Scroop punches Jim to the floor which makes Jim to lose grip of his gun. Scroop and Jim start a physical fight until B.E.N. accidentally deactivates the ship's artificial gravity, causing both Scroop and Jim to float through the ceiling and onto one of the ship's masts above.

Jim then grabs onto the flag and loses his gun, while Scroop climbs to the rope in which the flag is tied to. When Scroop reaches the top, he begins to cut the rope, planning on sending Jim into space just like Mr. Arrow, and says "Do say hello to Mr. Arrow for me". Jim tricks Scroop to lunging at him and says "Tell him yourself!". Scroop takes a lunge at Jim and becomes tangled in the flag, which rips off of the mast. When Scroop notices that he is floating in space, he yells in agony and floats off into space whilst still tangled in the flag.

Printed media

In a printed storybook adaption of Treasure Planet, which does not follow the film storyline, both Scroop and Mr. Arrow survive, as the RLS Legacy never enters the black hole, nor does Scroop battle Jim Hawkins on the ship.

Scroop is illustrated in the book with a much larger upper torso and arms, whereas his animated model used in the film seems to have a much smaller upper torso and larger and longer legs. In addition, the tips of Scroop's legs remain black, while his model in the film has them red.

Scroop also appears on the cover of Beware the Cyborg.

The Milky Way Triangle

Albeit there is no explanation or evidence of Scroop surviving his voyage into space, he appears on board Frank's ship when Frank and the other aliens fly into a violent field of asteroids. When Frank notices a thick mist approaching the ship, Scroop appears from nowhere and lectures to Frank that he and his crew have entered the "Milky Way Triangle". At the split second Frank turns away from the conversation, Scroop is nowhere to be seen. This leaves Frank extremely disturbed, and he attempts to warn his crew of the mysterious Scroop's presence.

Later in the story, Frank and his fellow aliens escape from a crash landing on a planet of cannibalistic lifeforms. This leads to the other aliens concluding that "trouble always follows Frank" and they decide to leave Frank on Earth, banishing him once more. Before Frank is left on Earth, Scroop appears from nowhere again and tells Frank that he had a streak of luck to survive his voyage through the "Triangle". Scroop then disappears without a trace.


For more images of Scroop, click here


  • In Treasure Planet, Scroop is voiced by Michael Wincott.
  • In Treasure Planet, Scroop's demise is ironically similar to that of Mr. Arrow's.
  • Scroop was also the main antagonist in the Treasure Planet video game. In the game, Scroop has a minion called "Zoff".[1]


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