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Protected Symbol
Production information
First appearance Quest of Time
Last appearance Quest of Time II
Inspiration The Overlord from Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu
Character information
Full name Unknown
Other names Shadow
"The Entity"
Personality Evil, ruthless, cruel, cunning, smart, revengeful
Species Ghostly entity
Home Great Chamber of Time (formerly)
Allies Gremlins (formerly)
Mohawk (formerly)
Brown gremlin (formerly)
Venom and Carnage (formerly)
Brak (formerly)
Enemies Frank
Gender Genderless
Status Unknown

Shadow, also known as "The Entity", was the true main antagonist in the 2013 Life's a Fish and Then You Fry fan fiction story Quest of Time. Shadow returned as the main antagonist in 2015 fan fiction story Quest of Time II.

Shadow's origins and the entity's intentions are unclear. All that is known of Shadow is that it released a horde of gremlins under the command of Mohawk to seize the Staff of Time. Shadow's longing for possession of the staff is unknown. Two years later, Shadow created Venom and Carnage to steal the staff. Shadow also hired a space pirate named Brak to distract the aliens.


Shadow is a ghostly purple orb with a glowing center. Shadow can make itself invisible whenever it desires and can pass through physical objects. When Shadow speaks, its orb form vibrates and its glowing center shrinks and grows as it speaks. When not speaking, Shadow's glowing center maintains a consistent size. Shadow can also change its entire orb form's physical size to a certain extent.

Shadow's appearance is the source of its nickname "The Entity".


Shadow is a scheming mastermind. Shadow's reasons for wanting to posses the Staff of Time are unknown, but Shadow is without doubt determined to stop at nothing to gain the power of the staff. Shadow seems to have no trouble gaining the loyalty of its minions, though the entity was once betrayed by the psychopathic symbiote Carnage.


Quest of Time

Shadow creates an army of gremlins and resurrects Mohawk to steal the Staff of Time. After the gremlins are defeated by Frank, he sends Mohawk to get the staff alone. Much to Shadow's chagrin, Mohawk is defeated by Frank and the staff is returned to the alien planet where it is being hidden.

Quest of Time II

After having had his army of gremlins fail him the first time, Shadow creates Venom and Carnage, two symbiotes, to steal the Staff of Time. With Frank banished to Earth, Shadow hires a space pirate named Brak to start an attack on the spaceway (a futuristic vision of a highway) as a distraction for the other aliens, leaving the Staff of Time unguarded.

After proving himself unable to be defeated by the aliens who arrived at the spaceway due to a distress call sent by the space police, Brak makes communication with Shadow regarding the status of the Staff of Time. Shadow replies that Venom and Carnage have arrived on the planet where the staff is hidden, and that he needs Brak to hold off the aliens a little while longer.

After Venom and Carnage stole the Staff of Time from the chamber where it was hidden, Venom made contact with Shadow via a portal that allowed them to see each others' location. Shadow told Venom to return to the Chamber of Time with Carnage via the portal they used to transport themselves to the planet, to which Venom agreed.

When Venom and Carnage arrive at the chamber, Venom reports their success in retrieving the Staff of Time, but Carnage, who has the staff, decides to betray Shadow and Venom by taking the staff for itself. Carnage uses the staff to open a wormhole. Shadow tries to stop Carnage from escaping through the wormhole, but Carnage uses the power of the staff to overpower Shadow. Carnage is eventually defeated by Venom, much to Shadow's delight.

When the aliens arrive at the chamber, Shadow starts opening another wormhole with the staff while Venom fights the aliens. The aliens use Brak's sonic boom canon to weaken Venom, leaving Shadow to battle the aliens. Shortly after the battle between Shadow and the aliens, Venom and Carnage recover and fight each other, leaving them distracted, so the aliens throw the two symbiotes into the wormhole opened by the staff, leaving Shadow with the aliens.

Shadow claims that the aliens won't stop the entity this time, but Shadow also makes its plans unclear. The aliens attempt to stop Shadow by shooting at the entity with Brak's sonic boom canon. The sonic booms seem to weaken the entity and the aliens take the staff, but the wormhole still remains open. Not knowing how to close the wormhole, the aliens have to continue using the sonic boom canon to hold off Shadow. Eventually the wormhole closes by itself and Shadow seems to disappear with it. Whether Shadow is defeated for good is currently unknown.

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