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This article, Skales, contains information regarding a canonical subject from an existing feature film or franchise. However, the canon information has been mixed with "fanon" information (fan-made information). Therefore, the information in this article cannot be used for reference.

Protected Symbol

Skales Warrior

Skales CGI-2

Skales Serpent

Production information
First appearance The Space Getaway
Last appearance Frank's Adventure of Ninjago (part I)
Character information
Full name Skales
Other names Second-in-command
My Lord
Bright eyes
Snake in the Grass
Personality Sadistic
Species Hypnobrai Serpentine
Allies Slithraa (formerly)
Fangtom (formerly)
Pythor (formerly)
Space smugglers (formerly)
Scrawll (formerly)
Grey (formerly)
Enemies Sensei Wu (formerly)
Kai (formerly)
Cole (formerly)
Jay (formerly)
Zane (formerly)
Lloyd Garmadon (formerly)
Gender Male symbol
Status Deceased

"Bright eyessss? Why you little runt, you need to learn resssspect!"
—Skales to Frank

Skales was one of the main antagonists in the television series Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu and appeared in the first season Rise of the Snakes up until the end of the second season. Skales is the main antagonist of the 2013 Life's a Fish and Then You Fry fan fiction story The Space Getaway.

Skales began as the secondary antagonist in The Space Getaway alongside the space smugglers' leader Astrogon. After Skales killed Astrogon, he was revealed to be the main antagonist. His main ally seemed to be the Deacon alien named Scrawll. Skales later returned in Frank's Adventure of Ninjago Part I as the main antagonist yet again.


Skales was first seen as a clone of the Hypnobrai warrior rank design. He, like the other Hypnobrai, resembled a cobra and his primary colors were dark blue and a yellow underbelly that continued over the top of his head, along with gray markings and swirl-like designs in his cobra hood. The individual yellow scales on his underbelly also had black swirl markings. Skales' eyes were a glowing red with small pupils, of which swirls circled around.

When Skales took leadership of the Hypnobrai, he and Slithraa traded appearances. Skales now had a long tail in place of his legs. The gray swirl markings in his hood turned yellow and his underbelly changed as well, with the gray markings being replacing by more "pronounced" yellow markings and the yellow scales were now white with black outlining. Also the dominant gray color of his arms were now blue with gray hands.

When Skales attempted to use the power of the Hypnobrai staff to free himself from the Stone Army's tomb, he lost his arms and was turned into a serpent-like creature. Skales retained the same mass as he had before, as his head and tail were the same size. The distinct larger portions of his underbelly torso area were now consistent with the rest of his body, which was now only a tail.


Skales has always been desiring of leadership of the Serpentine and never seems to be truly happy with his position, such as how he took control of the Hypnobrai tribe after their former leader Slithraa accidentally hypnotized himself and later when the last of the Anacondrai tribe, Pythor P. Chumsworth, took supreme authority of the Serpentine, as Skales was appointed "second-in-commanded" of the entire Serpentine. However, Skales still did not seem happy with his position. This makes Skales seem power hungry and more ruthless than most of the other Serpentine. Like all of the other Serpentine, excluding Pythor, Skales puts an extra emphases on every "s" when he speaks.

After Skales' power was drained by misusing the Hypnobrai staff, escaping from the Stone Army's former tomb, and joining a group of space smugglers, his power hungry personality remained and he had an extreme dislike for the smugglers' leader Astrogon, who Skales pretended to obey and respect, when in reality his plan was to kill Astrogon.


Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

Skales was once a warrior of the Hypnobrai tribe of Serpentine in Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu. When he sees the Hypnobrai tribe's former leader Slithraa fall under the control of Lloyd Garmadon by accidentally hypnotizing himself, Skales sees it as an opportunity to take control of the Hypnobrai tribe. Eventually, Skales succeeds and takes the Hypnobrai staff from Slithraa.

Skales returns when Lloyd sends the rival Serpentine tribe, the Fangpyre, to attack the Hypnobrai as revenge for betraying him. However, the Fangpyre leader, Fangtom, is actually best friends with Skales. This leads to the Fangpyre allying with the Hypnobrai and betraying Lloyd.

Skales returns once again when the last of the Anacondrai Serpentine, Pythor P. Chumsworth, tries to unite all of the Serpentine tribes, which fails. In the following episode, he and Pythor discover the Lost City of Ouroboros and once again attempt to unite all of the Serpentine tribes. Skales hands Pythor the Sacred Flute which was used to drive the Serpentine underground to Pythor during his fight with the other generals to be their leader. Since Pythor gave Skales earplugs so that he would be the only one not to hear the flute, he pretended that he could not stand the sound of the flute to make it seem as though he was not allied with Pythor, hence Pythor made him "second-in-command" of the entire Serpentine.

Skales later appears constantly with Pythor during Pythor's quest to find the Four Silver Fangblades to awaken The Great Devourer and in the Serpentine's underground fortress where the Fangblades were guarded until Pythor and the Serpentine (along with Skales) boarded a Ninjago tour bus to get back to Ouroboros. Skales was soon after knocked off of the bus by the ninja Cole.

After The Great Devourer was awakened, Skales was seen with his former best friend Fangtom in the graveyard where the Fangpyre were entombed and where the Serpentine hide from The Great Devourer. After The Great Devourer was defeated by the ninja, Skales was seen inside the Fangpyre tomb when he said "Someone has to lead now.", implying that he was trying to take control of the entire Serpentine.

Skales was later seen in the second season of Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu when he tried to convince the Serpentine to let him lead and be their king in place of the deceased Pythor P. Chumsworth. However, the Serpentine did not think that he was a good leader and went to ally with Lloyd Garmadon's father, Lord Garmadon, leaving him and the other Serpentine generals behind. Skales then decides to blackmail Garmadon into letting him lead the Serpentine by kidnapping Lloyd from the ninja. However, the ninjas' leader Sensie Wu appears which forces Skales to stop and is sent to jail.

During the Ninjaball Run in the following episode, the other Serpentine generals break Skales free from jail in the tour bus that the Serpentine had used before, which is now dubbed the "Serpentine Bus". Skales later decides to race in the Nijaball Run by using the Serpentine Bus. Skales does not win the race, but rescues Lord Garmadon when he is about to be arrested by police for trying to destroy the ninja.

During Lord Garmadon's quest to find the Island of Darkness, Skales believes that Garmadon has gone crazy and talks the other Serpentine into betraying Garmadon. He and the other Serpentine generals kick Garmadon off of the Serpentine vehicle dubbed the "Rattlecopter" and Skales is later declared the Serpentine king at Ouroboros.

Skales then decides to attack the people of Ninjago as revenge for entombing the Serpentine underground by taking an underground rout to Ninjago City. Skales and the other Serpentine come to a dead end and the Constrictai tribe general Skalidor tells Skales that there is a picture on the wall that looks like him. Hence the Serpentine open the wall which was in reality a door to an underground chamber. Skales and the other Serpentine discover stone statues (which are actually the Stone Army created by the entity known as The Overlord) which are awakened to venom of The Great Devourer and escape from the tomb, which leaves Skales and the rest of the Serpentine trapped in the chamber.

The Space Getaway

After being trapped in the Stone Army tomb, Skales tried to use the power of the Hypnobrai Staff to destroy the wall. However, he misused the staff's power which resulted in draining Skales of his immortal powers and caused him to turn into nothing more than a simple cobra. His Hypnobrai-style appearance remained. However, he lost his arms. His red swirly eyes remained, but he no longer had the power to hypnotize. Skales then decided to slip through the cracks of the chambers' structure, escaped, and became a member of an alien space smuggler crew.

When the alien Frank tries to escape from a ship that was sent to take him home from Earth and lands on the space smugglers' ship instead, Skales catches him and tries to squeeze him to death after Frank insults him. However, when the space smugglers' leader Astrogon appears on the deck, Skales stops and pretends that nothing ever happened. In disbelief of Skales' claim, Atsrogon warns Skales of his behavior.

Later when the space smuggler crew arrives on the planet Mars, Astrogon puts on a spacesuit with an air hose attached to it to avoid losing oxygen. While Astrogon is heading for the planet while Skales is in charge of operating his air hose, Skales turns off the air hose on purpose which causes Astrogon to lose oxygen and finally die. Skales cut the air hose to be rid of any evidence and later escaped from the ship in an escape pod when Frank saw him kill Astrogon. Skales slithered into the escape pod as Frank chased after him. Skales quickly ejected the escape pod and flew away laughing maniacally.

We Are Not Alone

Skales returns, as it seems, to be working for the leader of the aliens Grey (who is actually Chakor Channing posing as the leader of the aliens). Skales appeared announcing Grey to the other aliens in the seen where Frank and Kamalia Phellan were brought to Grey during an alien assembly in the Mothership.

Skales later appeared with Grey in his office room inside the Mothership after he was feeling threatened that his true identity may be leaked if Frank and Kamalia remained on board the Mothership. Skales saw this as a weakness to Grey and threatened to expose his identity if Grey did not appoint him the new leader of the aliens. Naturally, Grey refused and instead pulled out a ray gun and threatened to shoot Skales if he did not quit his attempted mutiny. Skales cooperated and made a scowling face a Grey the minute he turned his back.

Skales later sneaked into Grey's private chambers where he stored his power staff while Grey and Kamalia were dueling on the Mothership as it was crashing into Mars due to Frank short circuiting the ship's main motor with a glass of wine. Skales stole Grey's power staff which was disguising him as an alien and revealed Grey's true identity as Chakor Channing while he and Kamalia were fighting. Skales then escaped in one of the Mothership's escape pods and returned to Earth.

Skales returns to the Hypnobrai tomb in the Northern regions of Ninjago where he used Grey's power staff to regain his power. This restored Skales back to normal. Skales then allied with the remaining Serpentine and became there leader once again. Skales became one of Ninjago's most feared terrorists and was responsible for the bombing of the second Ninjaball Run. He and the other Serpentine continue there roll of terrorism as revenge on the people of Ninjago for locking he and the Serpentine underground.

Frank's Adventure of Ninjago Part I

Skales will return in his terrorist role as the main antagonist in Frank's Adventure of Ninjago.

After Frank and Kamalia Phellan escape from the crashing alien Mothership in an escape pod and crash land in the Northern regions of the land of Ninjago, Skales sends two of his Serpentine, Mezmo and Bytar, to investigate the crashed object near he and the Serpentines' lair. Fearing that the object may be of alien origin, Skales planned to have more Serpentine destroy the object if this were true after Mezmo and Bytar returned. Skales was seen for a short time after Kamalia and Frank escaped from escape pod when he was seen in one of his first terrorist threat videos on all of the television screens in Ninjago, which he somehow mysteriously hacked. Skales warned the citizens of Ninjago that they were all soon to die. But, naturally Skales did not tell them how.

Mezmo and Bytar found the escape pod and returned to the Hypnobrai tomb where they reported the object to Skales. They also reported that no lifeforms were anywhere to be found such as Frank and Kamalia, hence, Skales ordered them both back to the landing site of the escape pod so that they could bring back some of the pod's alien technology which Skales planned to use for one of his final terrorist acts on Ninjago. Skales was originally planning on bombing the beaches of Ninjago as his original plan which he and the other Serpentine would attempted on the very first day of summer in Ninjago, when the beach is always crowded.

Mezmo and Bytar returned to the Hypnobrai tomb and brought back part of the escape pod's navigation system which Skales re-engineered into a powerful bomb which could destroy all of Ninjago. This became Skales' new plan rather than using a regular bomb. Frank and Kamalia learned of Skales' plan from a Venomari Serpentine soldier named Spitta who escape from the Hypnobrai tomb to avoid assisting Skales in his bombing plans, of which Spitta thought that Skales was crazy.

Frank and Kamalia later arrived on the beach where nearly all of Ninjago's population was waiting for the beach to open for the summer. Skales and the rest of the Serpentine arrived in a flock of Rattlecopters shortly after Frank and Kamalia tried to warn the citizens of Skales plan. Skales landed in his Rattlecopter and had his pilot, a Fangpyre Serpentine warrior named Fangdam, take both Frank and Kamalia on board the Rattlecopter to avoid the beach goers learning of Skales' plans to bomb Ninjago on that day. He and the other Serpentine flew in the Rattlecopters over the ocean and dropped their alien bombs which were not set to go off for more than an hour after they had landed. He and the Serpentine landed on an oil platform where he planned to drop more bombs and forced Frank and Kamalia to watch. Frank, however, uses his mind control powers on the not so well witted Constrictai Serpentine that were holding he and Kamalia prisoners to escape while Skales and the Serpentine were filming another of Skales' live terrorist threat videos.

An alarm on the oil platform sounds off after Skales is finished with his video and goes along with the Venomari general, Acidicus, and the Constrictai general, Skalidor, to investigate his prisoners' escape. Skales turns his back while Kamalia sneaks up on the two generals and hits them on the heads, knocking them out. Skales turns to find his generals unconscious and Frank and Kamalia escaping to a Rattlecopter. Skales slithers after the two in a fit of anger and hissing and leaps on board the Rattlecopter. Skales tries to stay on board the Rattlecopter, but finds himself struggling to stay on board the outside of the vehicle. Skales finally loses his grasp and falls into the waving ocean, screaming in agony, presumably to his death.


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  • Skales' name was frequently misspelled in the end credits for episodes of Ninjago. Instead of being spelled "Skales", his name would be spelled "Scales". Interestingly, "Scales" is actually the proper spelling of the word.
  • In a promotional image from LEGO, Skales incorrectly appears with the same decal printing as Slithraa, which continues onto his tail. This also happened a couple times in the "Rise of the Snakes" story arc and at least once in "Rebooted".

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