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This article, The Mandarin, contains information regarding a canonical subject from an existing feature film or franchise. However, the canon information has been mixed with "fanon" information (fan-made information). Therefore, the information in this article cannot be used for reference.

Protected Symbol
The Mandarin
The Mandarin Logo
Production information
First appearance Iron Man 3
Last appearance Frank's Adventure of Ninjago (part II)
Inspiration The Mandarin from Marvel comics
Fu Manchu
Osama bin Laden
Character information
Full name Trevor Slattery
Other names The Mandarin
The Master
Personality Merciless
Hateful of America
Species Human
Home England (formerly)
Miami (formerly)
Seagate Prison (formerly)
Allies Aldrich Killian (formerly)
Extremis soldiers (formerly)
The Ten Rings
Frank (formerly)
Kamalia Phellan (formerly)
Enemies Pythor
Gender Male symbol
Status Unknown

"Ladies, children, sheep. Some people call me a terrorist. I consider myself a teacher. Lesson number one: heroes, there is no such thing. You know who I am. You'll never see me coming. Today is the first day of what's left of your life. I'm going to offer a choice: do you want an empty life, or a meaningful death?"
—Quotes from The Mandarin in a trailer for Iron Man 3
"Remember Frank, the deal is you bring Pythor to me. Or your friend here dies."
—The Mandarin

Trevor Slattery, also known as The Mandarin, was set be the main antagonist of, although later revealed to have no antagonistic role in, the 2013 film Iron Man 3. The Mandarin returned as the main antagonist in the second part of the 2013 Life's a Fish and Then You Fry fan fiction story Frank's Adventure of Ninjago.


The Mandarin wears a pair of dark sunglasses and has samurai hair and a terrorist's beard resembling that of Osama bin Laden, only longer. The Mandarin has a tattoo on the back of his neck which resembles the Captain America shield, only with an "A" for "anarchy" in place of the star.

The Mandarin wears a dark green royal Asian-style robe with gold and flower detailed embroidery, and a large hood, which he wears over his head on occasion. The shirts in which The Mandarin wears under his robe vary throughout Iron Man 3. In most of the scenes, The Mandarin wears a belt with a pistol and a thin golden yellow vest with black embroidery. Underneath the vest, The Mandarin wears a Decisions, Decisions 7.62 Design t-shirt, emphasizing his love for guns. The Mandarin wears ten rings on his fingers to symbolize his organization, each with different symbols. The Mandarin also wears large, green, camouflage pants with golden dragon embroidery exclusively on his left (right) leg and dark green/black military-style boots.


The Mandarin is portrayed as having an intense hatred for the United States and President Ellis. The Mandarin despises nearly anyone or anything originating from America. The Mandarin also has little respect for his own people, selecting men from The Ten Rings to be killed for no explained reasons. The Mandarin is very dark and fearful, wearing dark sunglasses to cover his eyes. The Mandarin displays no mercy and will go against his own requests and threaten the lives of others to achieve what he wants. The Mandarin speaks in a long, deep, Asian voice to add to his fearful appearance.

The true identity of The Mandarin, Trevor Slattery, speaks in a typical English accent and is addicted to drugs, as Aldrich Killian used his addiction to bribe him into playing The Mandarin. Slattery also displays far more cowardliness than his alter ego of The Mandarin. Slattery is also believed to be clumsy, as no one would allow him to use real guns while he was working for Killian. As time progressed during Slattery's sentence to prison, he grew more and more desperate for freedom and went mad. This provoked him to become a real terrorist and he slowly lost his fear of others, making him just a merciless and fearful as his alter ego.


Iron Man 3

The Mandarin was set to be the main antagonist in Iron Man 3 claiming to be the leader of a terrorist group known as The Ten Rings, who earlier captured Tony Stark (Iron Man) in the first film and helped Ivan Vanko with his revenge on Stark in the second film. The Mandarin is depicted as having an intense hatred for America along with The Ten Rings and has a mixed theme of iconography. To demonstrate this, The Mandarin surrounded himself with dragons and symbols of warlords.

The Mandarin first appears as Tony Stark is narrating the beginning of the film. The Mandarin appears in a broadcast signal intrusion with his followers of The Ten Rings where he silently selects two of his men to be shot for no explained reason. As The Mandarin walks away drinking from a bottle, the two men are shot dead by his orders. The Mandarin then explains his hatred for America telling the story of the 1864 Sand Creek massacre. The Mandarin also claims that the president of the United States, Matthew Ellis, had resisted The Mandarin's attempts to "educate" him. The Mandarin is the seen burning a stuffed figure in the president's likeness with his followers cheering for him. The Mandarin's last words in the broadcast are "You know who I am. You don't know where I am. And you'll never see me coming." in his long, deep, Asian voice.

The Mandarin appears again in another broadcast signal intrusion where he explains that fortune cookies are actually an American invention, not Chinese. The Mandarin then compares this to other concepts of American origin claimed to be Chinese. The Mandarin then explains that his disciples have destroyed another "cheap American knockoff", Mann's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood. The Mandarin then, by the chances of President Ellis listening to the broadcast, informs President Ellis that this must be becoming frustrating for him, and not be worry because his "graduation" is coming. The Mandarin's term "graduation" refers to him killing President Ellis. The Mandarin is then seen shooting another stuffed figure in the president's likeness as a warning.

Tony Stark, angered at The Mandarin, tells the press his home address during a short interview in an attempt to lure The Mandarin out of hiding. The Mandarin then destroys Stark's mansion in Malibu, California with three helicopters in response. Stark is presumed dead after the mansion is destroyed.

Aldrich Killian, the leader of a think tank known as A.I.M, is seen talking to another person on a cell phone who informs him of Stark's presumed death. Killian then explains that "The Master", referring to The Mandarin, is about to record and that he must drop the call. The Mandarin then arrives at an unknown location in a large, black, van with several other vans surrounding the vehicle transporting The Mandarin. The Mandarin then walks down a path with guards surrounding him and enters a mansion where Killian records him and sends out the next broadcast. The Mandarin is assisted to a Chinese-style chair with the help of two Chinese-looking women.

The Mandarin is then seen in another broadcast, which President Ellis views live from his television as he is being transported on a plane. The Mandarin threatens to shoot a man named Thomas Richards, who is an accountant for the Roxxon Oil Company, in the head if Ellis fails to call him within the next thirty seconds. The Mandarin informs Ellis that the number of his dial phone is in the president's cell phone, revealing that The Mandarin had somehow hacked Ellis' phone off-screen. Although Ellis complies with the request, The Mandarin ignores the call and shoots Thomas in the head. The Mandarin then informs Ellis that his death is coming soon by saying "I'll see you soon."

Unknown to The Mandarin, Tony Stark survived the attack on his mansion. With the help of Harley, Stark traces The Mandarin's broadcast signal to Miami and infiltrates his base using a variety of homemade weapons. Stark finds The Mandarin in his bedroom, where it is revealed that The Mandarin was just an English stage actor named Trevor Slattery. Slattery explains that he had an addiction to drugs and was forced to the streets, where Killian approached him about playing the role of "The Mandarin" as a distraction from Killian's illegal work on the Extremis virus. Slattery agreed to the offer on the condition that Killian gave him more drugs. According to Slattery, Killian gave him drugs, plastic surgery, the mansion, etc.

Trevor Slattery is later arrested for his portrayal of The Mandarin near the end of the film with crowds cheering for him, seemingly making Slattery happy for being famous for who he is.

Frank's Adventure of Ninjago

Trevor Slattery decides to become a real terrorist and escapes from the Seagate Prison by starting a riot between the other prisoners as a cover-up. Slattery joins with his terrorist group, The Ten Rings, once again and hears of Skales' bombings on Ninjago. Jealous and worried of Skales becoming a better terrorist than him, The Mandarin prepares to send his followers to assassinate Skales. The Mandarin soon hears of the news that Skales is dead and orders his followers to postpone the assassination.

Later on, other members of The Ten Rings find Frank and Kamalia Phellan while they are traveling in the desert of Ninjago, right on the border of China where The Mandarin's headquarters is located. The Ten Rings capture them and bring them to The Mandarin in a helicopter. The Mandarin soon meets with Frank and Kamalia in his headquarters and Frank tells of his adventure of defeating Skales and later meeting Pythor. The Mandarin suspects that Pythor may know of where Skales hid his alien technology-powered bombs are hidden. The Mandarin threatens to kill Kamalia if Frank does not help him to kill Pythor and steal the bombs for his ultimate terrorist plan. Frank agrees and The Mandarin sends him in one of his helicopters to find Pythor. The Mandarin was right, Pythor did go after the bombs along with the other Serpentine.

The Mandarin later appears on an airplane that is about ready to take off as he is waiting for Frank's location on Pythor. Frank calls The Mandarin from his cellphone after capturing Pythor at a nearby oil platform (where Frank had earlier defeated Skales) and The Mandarin, along with his followers, head for the oil platform with Kamalia on board the plane. The Mandarin and The Ten Rings arrive at the oil platform in a helicopter where The Mandarin finds nothing and no one in sight, much to his confusion and suspicion. Frank and Pythor jump out at The Mandarin and his followers in an attempt to attack them, to their surprise. The Mandarin pulls out a shotgun, disgusted at Frank's betrayal to him and shoots Frank with no mercy, instead of shooting Kamalia. Pythor attempts to hit The Mandarin over the head with a large pole after killing the rest of The Ten Rings. Pythor fails to kill The Mandarin, although The Mandarin loses his footing and falls from the platform. Whether The Mandarin survived the fall or died is unknown. Frank survives because his species can withstand bullets.


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  • In Iron Man 3, The Mandarin is portrayed by Sir Ben Kingsley.
  • A majority of scenes and quotes from The Mandarin that were used in trailers for Iron Man 3 were never used in the finished film.
  • LEGO minifigure variants of The Mandarin differ greatly from the character seen in Iron Man 3. However, early concept artwork of The Mandarin does resemble the LEGO minifigures, excluding his short beard and longer hair seen in the concept artwork. In addition, there is a robeless variant of the LEGO minifigure not seen in the film. The robeless version of The Mandarin does, however, appear in the concept artwork. Also, in the concept artwork, a robed version of The Mandarin is seen with a silver circle shaped plate of armor closely resembling that of the LEGO minifigure. This suggests that LEGO may have created the minifigures before changes were made to the character in Iron Man 3, although this is unknown for sure.
  • A collectible figure of The Mandarin was released by Hot Toys in late 2013. There was also a Marvel Legends action figure of The Mandarin that was scheduled for release in fall 2013, although the figure has yet to be released and most likely was cancelled for currently unknown reasons.

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