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The Milky Way Triangle
Chronological information
Previous story Quest of Time
Next story The Space Getaway


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Story written by Chakor Channing
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The Milky Way Triangle is a 2013 Life's a Fish and Then You Fry fan fiction story.


Frank and his fellow aliens prepare for a voyage to return to their home planet Mars. However, Frank and the other aliens end up with their ship caught in an asteroid field. The mysterious Scroop then appears on the alien's ship and tells Frank that he has entered the Milky Way Triangle. Scroop then disappears from nowhere.

Frank and the other aliens try to get out of the asteroid field. However, this causes the aliens'ship to crash on a distant planet in the heart of the Milky Way Triangle. The aliens are then captured by cannibal aliens, which try to eat Frank and the other aliens for dinner. Frank then attempts to escape the cannibals by making of beam of light with his ray gun that the cannibal aliens had yet to take. The cannibal aliens are attracted by the beam of light which allows Frank and the others to escape.

Frank and the other aliens return to their damaged ship and attempt to repair the vessel. After awhile of trying to work the ship, Frank finally removes a piece of metal from the motor and the aliens take off. They soon escape the Milky Way Triangle and prepare to land on Earth, much to Frank's pondering why. His fellow aliens explain to Frank that trouble always follows him, and that they would be better off if Frank were to never return to their voyages through space. In short term, another alien tells Frank that they are going to leave him on Earth, banishing him once again. Shortly before landing on Earth, Scroop appears and tells Frank that he had a fortunate streak of luck to have survived his voyage through the "Triangle". Scroop then once again disappears without a trace.

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