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The Ten Rings Logo

The Ten Rings logo.

The Ten Rings were a terrorist group and antagonists in the 2008 film Iron Man, as well as its two sequels. The Ten Rings were also the secondary antagonists of the Life's a Fish and Then You Fry fan fiction story Frank's Adventure of Ninjago Part II, with their leader The Mandarin (the now insane Trevor Slattery) being the main antagonist.

The Ten Rings logo features two crossed katana blades surrounded by ten rings representing those worn by The Mandarin, and hence their namesake. The Ten Rings were situated in Afghanistan, albeit they made a new headquarters in China when Trevor Slattery took control of the organization.


Iron Man

The Ten Rings kidnapped Tony Stark and held him hostage in a cave in Afghanistan until he escaped using the Iron Man Mark I suit.

Iron Man 2

An agent of The Ten Rings is seen in Moscow secretly giving Ivan Vanko a passport to the United States. The passport is under the name of "Boris Turgenov".

Iron Man 3

Trevor Slattery, who was hired to dress up as The Mandarin, claimed to be the leader of The Ten Rings and a color test pattern with The Ten Rings logo was used for each of his broadcast threats. In reality, Slattery was currently unaware of The Ten Rings' existence.

Frank's Adventure of Ninjago Part II

Trevor Slattery goes mad in prison and escapes using a riot as a cover. Slattery later meets with the real Ten Rings and becomes their leader, adopting the identity of The Mandarin and becoming a real terrorist. Later on, members of The Ten Rings capture Frank and Kamalia Phellan in the Sea of Sand and take them to The Mandarin. The Mandarin and The Ten Rings force Frank to find Pythor and the alien-technology powered bombs Skales planned to use to bomb Ninjago. The Mandarin and The Ten Rings hold Kamalia hostage until Frank finds Pythor.

Frank gives them a location on Pythor and The Mandarin and The Ten Rings head to an oil platform where Frank is waiting for them. To their surprise, Frank and Pythor attack them at the oil platform, Pythor having eventually killed The Ten Rings using metal polls. The Mandarin falls into the ocean, presumably dying as well. Frank, Pythor, and Kamalia throw the dead bodies of The Ten Rings into the ocean.

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