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This article, The Truth, contains solely original content written by Chakor Channing. Therefore, the content is a copyright of Chakor Channing and no other users are permitted to change the content or use the content on any other websites. If you have any questions, please contact me. For more information, see the guidelines.

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The Truth
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The Truth (final title is still in the works) is an upcoming Life's a Fish and Then You Fry fan fiction story prequel. The story will tell the complete history of the main characters in the series before the events in the previous stories. The story's plot will primarily revolve around the rivalry between Kamalia Phellan and the vicious Chakor Channing.


This section is an unfinished synopsis, not the entire story. It is a written copyright of Chakor Channing.

The beginning

Whilst attending college, Chakor Channing and Kamalia Phellan meet once again (having previously attended the same grade school and high school) as close friends, this time working together in science on a biological experimentation of mixing human and animal DNA, using samples of DNA extracted from the common gray wolf for their experiment. Months after they began their experiment, Chakor finally gains the courage to tell Kamalia how he truly feels about her (having kept his romantic attachment to her a secret since grade school). When Chakor meets with Kamalia on the premises of the school, he finally confesses to his true feelings, only for Kamalia to reject his proposal. Chakor is heartbroken and enraged by having been rejected, and this also brings an end to their friendship and their experiment in science.

Chakor's scheming

Weeks after Chakor confesses to Kamalia, a severe lightning storm hits the area and forces the college to go on lockdown, having the students locked in their fraternity houses and the faculty locked up on campus as well. Chakor, who is observing the storm from his fraternity house, spots an unusually large strike of lightning hit the steeple of the campus church across from the house. Slightly frightened, Chakor backs away from his window and continues to observe the aftermath of the lightning striking the church. An idea then comes to Chakor's mind, although he does not admit to the multiple ideas crossing his mind at the moment.

The next morning after the storm, Kamalia meets with her friend Kyhthia, who is disappointed to find that Kamalia ended her friendship with Chakor because he admitted to his true feelings. Feeling slightly guilty, Kamalia admits out loud to Kyhthia that she may consider starting over with Chakor and apologize to him.

Contacting Vanko

Later the same day, Chakor looks up electrical physics on a computer via the internet during student break time. Chakor finds records of several physicists who were influential in the subject, and he eventually stumbles upon Anton Vanko. Discovering that Anton was a Russian physicist who helped Howard Stark create the Arc Reactor but was later deported, Chakor also finds information about his son Ivan, who was recently released from a 15 year sentence in prison. Chakor finds his time for research having to be continued when student break time ends. Throughout the remainder of the day, Chakor finds himself in constant annoyance from his unfinished research.

Later the same night, after lights out and all of his fraternity house brothers are asleep, Chakor sneaks out of his fraternity house and breaks into the library to continue his research, easily able to reprogram the computers that were set to shut down during the night. Chakor continues his research on Ivan Vanko and finds an easy means of contacting the physicist himself: via e-mail. After exchanging several messages back and forward, Chakor cuts Vanko a deal: he will pay Vanko top dollar for blueprints to an electrical device that he can use to win the college science fair and show up Phellan as his revenge. Vanko agrees to begin creating blueprints for the device. Before leaving the library, Chakor leaves the backpack of another fraternity brother by the computer where he was working at, therefore framing the other student for breaking into the library during the night.

The next morning, Mark, the student who was framed by Chakor, is taken to the college office for suspension. Despite Mark's claims of being innocent, they are denied by the faculty. Mark is left with no clues as to who framed him, leaving him helpless.

The science fair

Later the same morning, Chakor meets with his fellow students who are attending the science fair, including Kamalia, who he simply ignores. The faculty in charge of the science fair explain that the task is to create a functioning form of electrical power, similar to a Tesla coil. Chakor remains confident in his plans, as he had already designed a copper rod laced with electrified fishing wire when he first attended college. All he needs is the blueprints for his more advanced device from Vanko to win the science fair. Chakor's confidence is drawn into question when one of the faculty states that each contestant's entry in the science fair must be authenticated as their own original work.


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