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Protected Symbol
Venom and Carnage
Production information
First appearance Quest of Time II (only appearance in this universe)
Last appearance
Inspiration Venom and Carnage from Marvel Comics
Character information
Full name Venom and Carnage
Other names Symbiotic Duo
Personality Ruthless, sadistic, violent, mindless
Species Symbiotes
Home Chamber of Time (formerly)
Allies Shadow
Enemies Frank
Gender Genderless
Status Alive

Venom and Carnage are two extraterrestrial symbiotes created by the mysterious dark entity called Shadow in a second attempt to steal the Staff of Time. Using random humans captured by Shadow as hosts, the Venom and Carnage symbiotes often work together because Carnage is often easily distracted by its lust for destruction and chaos, while Venom is the much more serious leader.

The grey aliens, who protect the Staff of Time, call them the "Symbiotic Duo".




  • Appearance: As a symbiote, Venom is nothing more than a puddle of black goo capable of changing its shape, such as creating a face with large white eyes and a mouth full of sharp teeth with a long tongue. Depending on its host, Venom is often humanoid and very muscular. It maintains the face with white eyes and teeth, but also sports a white Spider-Man symbol on its chest and back. Venom has sharp black claws on its fingers and occasionally has feet with the same claws. The rest of Venom's body remains solid black with some areas appearing blue depending on light.
  • Personality: Venom is focused on one thing: destruction. Venom is far more serious and sane than the chaos causing Carnage, and as such is often the symbiote that gets the work done. Venom is sadistic and has proven more than enough times that it is willing to destroy anyone and anything that gets in its way. While some of Venom's personality is dependent on its host, the symbiote itself is often in dominate control. Most of Venom's ruthlessness comes from its intelligence, as it knows that it must have a host to survive. To Venom, life is a fight for survival, even if it means doing the bidding of Shadow. Knowing this, Venom is loyal to Shadow.




"I wasn't born to serve under your shadow papa! With this staff, I'm going to paint the whole world red!"
—Carnage, betraying Shadow and Venom
  • Appearance: Being the spawn of Venom, Carnage is very similar to Venom in appearance. As a symbiote, Carnage is a puddle of black and red goo capable of creating a face with white eyes and a mouth full of teeth, though lacks Venom's tongue. Bonded to a human host, Carnage is humanoid though often less muscular than Venom. Carnage is mostly red and black and does have claws like Venom, though it creates longer claws from its normal human fingers. While Venom is capable of creating weapons with its symbiotic powers, Carnage often appears with its hands turned into large axes.
  • Personality: Carnage is nothing but insane. It was the offspring of Venom, and it inherited Venom's lust for destruction, but it also gained the desire watch the destruction that it had created for amusement. As such, Carnage is more sadistic than Venom; believing death is everything. However, due to its insanity, the Carnage symbiote does not have any concern for what it destroys or kills. Carnage often strays away from focus on its mission to find something more entertaining to destroy. In addition, while Venom is loyal to Shadow, Carnage only sees Shadow as a distraction from its goals and would sooner destroy the entity than be loyal to it.


Quest of Time II

Venom and Carnage were created by Shadow as symbiotes without hosts, and Shadow provided them each a random human who had been captured by Shadow earlier. The humans were forced to become the hosts of the two symbiotes, and once bonded to their hosts, Venom and Carnage tested their new powers. Venom simply by spinning a web of black goo over a column in the Chamber of Time and Carnage by actually destroying another column, which almost made the chamber collapse.

After Venom and Carnage proved themselves dangerous opponents, Shadow sent them to the alien planet where the Staff of Time was hidden. Shadow also hired a space pirate named Brak to start an attack on a nearby spaceway to distract the grey aliens, leaving the staff unguarded so that Venom and Carnage could steal it.

Venom and Carnage arrived on the planet via a portal opened by Shadow, where they unexpectedly found two remaining grey alien guards who immediately opened fire on them. The laser guns used by the guards proved to have no effect on the two symbiotes and Venom killed them both, suffocating them by forcing symbiote ooze down their throats.

Much to its disliking, Venom found Carnage attempting to destroy what appeared to be a monument built for extraterrestrial religion. Venom, disgusted with Carnage straying away from focus on its mission, started arguing with Carnage and ordered him to continue searching for the Staff of Time. Unwillingly, Carnage agreed and the two continued their search.

Venom and Carnage soon found the Staff of Time hidden in an underground chamber on the planet, and Carnage immediately tried to steal the staff. Venom stopped Carnage and warned its partner that there might be traps. Venom decided to steal the staff and dodged the traps set by the aliens. Having made it past the traps, Venom took the Staff of Time and escaped from the chamber with Carnage.

Now on the surface of the planet again, Venom made contact with Shadow via a portal that allowed them to see each others' location. Shadow told Venom to return to the Chamber of Time with Carnage via the portal they used to transport themselves to the planet. Venom agreed, and it was not long before Carnage started to destroy the monuments again. Venom simply grabbed Carnage by the throat and dragged its partner into the portal with him, returning them to the Chamber of Time.

When they arrive at the chamber, Venom reports their success in retrieving the Staff of Time, but Carnage, who has the staff, decides to betray Shadow and Venom by taking the staff for itself. Claiming it has a future of more "potential", Carnage uses the staff to open a wormhole. Where Carnage plans to escape to through the wormhole is never revealed. Venom fights Carnage for the staff, only for Carnage to destroy a column in the chamber which collapses on Venom. Shadow tries to stop Carnage from escaping through the wormhole, but Carnage uses the power of the staff to overpower Shadow. Venom recovers and throws the column that collapsed on it at Carnage. The column collapses on Carnage, and Venom takes the staff for Shadow.

The aliens arrive at the chamber, who had earlier defeated Brak and realized he was a distraction. Shadow starts opening a wormhole with the staff while Venom fights the aliens. The aliens' ray guns have no affect on Venom, who easily knocks multiple aliens unconscious. One of the aliens stole Brak's sonic boom canon, and he uses it on Venom. Vulnerable to the intense sound, the Venom symbiote is weakened when the canon is used, allowing the aliens to get closer to Shadow. Shortly after a lengthy battle between the aliens and Shadow, Venom recovers. But Carnage recovers from his earlier battle with Venom and the two symbiotes fight again. While Venom and Carnage are distracted by fighting, the aliens throw the two symbiotes into the wormhole opened by the staff, leaving Shadow with the aliens.


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  • In the Marvel Comics, Venom's host is Eddie Brock and Carnage's host is Cletus Kasady. In the Life's a Fish and Then You Fry fan fiction universe, their hosts are random humans captured by Shadow.
  • In Marvel Comics, Carnage's insane personality comes from its host; the serial killer Kasady. In this fan fiction universe, Carnage is born with an insane personality.
  • Their species, often called the symbiotes, was supposedly originally known as the "Klytnar".

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