Vice President Litch
Production information
First appearance Life's a Fish and Then You Fry: The Movie (only appearance)
Last appearance
Character information
Full name Unknown
Other names Vice President Litch
Species Human
Gender Male symbol
Status Deceased

Vice President Litch is a decedent of those who put Chakor Channing in charge of letting souls cross over to the Underworld. He was also Chakor's arch rival.


Life's a Fish and Then You Fry: The Movie

Litch arrives at Chakor's house on Nightmare Hill after a flying saucer crash involving Frank the alien. Litch orders that Chakor keeps the crash a secret. However, Chakor instead kicks him out and slams the door. Litch later returns after Chakor finds Frank and summons the Ghost Train. Litch at first chases the Ghost Train in a government limo. However, his limo falls off of a cliff when Chakor puts the Ghost Train into flight mode. Litch is then rescued by a government helicopter and chases after the Ghost Train once more. When he fires one of the helicopter's missiles, he accidentally crashes the Ghost Train in Area 51. Litch then chases Chakor and Frank to Area 51 where he has his final battle with Chakor. However, when Chakor's shadow staff runs out of power, Hannah the dog's ghost appears and chokes Litch to death.

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